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Dowly 09-13-13 07:24 AM


Originally Posted by Herr-Berbunch (Post 2113601)
Look, you get what you pay for. :O:

But I didn't.. you.. uh.. I'm confused.. :dead:

Herr-Berbunch 09-13-13 07:35 AM

Just keep taking screenshots (successfully!) and posting them.

Dowly 09-13-13 10:02 AM

I call that a success. :hmmm:

Herr-Berbunch 09-13-13 11:01 AM


Originally Posted by Dowly (Post 2113658)
I call that a success. :hmmm:

Definitely. That also saves the groundcrew from having to tow it in to the hangar to repair it, well done you. :yeah:

Dowly 09-13-13 11:22 AM

Btw, a good way to land, if you are in a situation where you need to go down
(safely) asap is to make a hard right-hand turn and put the nose up slightly.

That does two things: 1) it kills your speed quickly and 2) as your
speed drops to the area when the shaking starts, the right-hand turn eliminates
the need for left rudder.

Also, play with the collective right and you can drop quite a bit of altitude too. :yep:

If done correctly, you should be almost hovering stationary.

Tchocky 09-13-13 12:02 PM

Important to pile on collective before VRS kicks in. I've not managed a proper hover yet, but landings are...getting there.

I have most fun zipping between the buildings at fifty feet.

Dowly 09-13-13 12:58 PM

Here's a cockpit view /w input indicator of me doing the turn and landing:

NOTE: That was just after take off, so my speed wasn't very high. But you just
need to bleed some out on your way to the turn point if you have high speed.
Don't do the slow, shallow bleed, but once or twice a steeper pitch up.
Imagine if you'd be under fire, you don't want to be a slow*, easy target.

This maneuver applies quite universally, you can practice this even in the Armed Assault
series (done it in ArmA 2 and 3 (Little Bird)) and in DCS: Black Shark.

The aim stays the same no matter the game/sim: 1) bleed airspeed and
2) get to almost stationary hover. In other helos, you can make a left-hand
turn if you want of course.

Hope it helps!


EDIT: * I mean't to say predictable. I remember seeing a Vietnam War documentary years ago,
talking of how the VC and NVA took out US helos. They had charts that would show where to
aim if a US helo was doing a shallow landing, it was pretty accurate by the looks of it and they
had these attached to trees around their lines, so they could check them quickly.

Herr-Berbunch 09-16-13 04:45 PM

1. Really low level from Sochi-Adler to the viaduct just up the coast at Kudepsta. Once there I tried to coerce my wingmen to follow me through the arches but they were all chicken. In fact two were still playing catch-up, so . . .

2. & 3. I went to go head to head with them, the first one I cut quite fine - it's all practice, the second . . .

4. I really thought I missed him by quite a margin, even though I was turning toward him. It's all his fault for killing all his speed. First I knew was just a big bang.

5. Then I realised I couldn't see my rotors. :cry:

I'd watched Dowly's video prior to loading which reminded me to use TIR (d'oh! to every flight previous), which help immensly with the low stuff. :yeah:

Dowly 09-17-13 09:43 AM

Herr-Berbunch 09-17-13 09:53 AM

On the ground, all bits intact, smoke that isn't from a fire? I'm confused, what's going on? :doh:

Dowly 09-17-13 11:42 AM

Magic. :O:

EDIT: It's a bit broken...

HunterICX 09-18-13 04:14 AM

That's not broken it's just combat wearing :03:


Herr-Berbunch 09-18-13 06:39 AM

A description of how that 'combat wearing' occurred would be appreciated. :hmmm:

Dowly 09-18-13 08:09 AM

Gentlemen do not kiss and tell. :O:

(date gone wild with Ms. Earth)

Herr-Berbunch 09-18-13 08:38 AM

:haha: Now there's a surprise.

I'm hoping that DCS will update to include the Sochi Olympic Park (and F1 circuit) just outside the airfield. I'm not asking for Nevada, not in this sentence at least, but just a slight change to roads and buildings near a very popular airfield.

This is the sentence asking for Nevada! :hmph:

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