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Arclight 05-20-13 09:05 AM

Bird strike?

Crécy 05-20-13 09:31 AM

I have absolutely no idea. Was wondering the cause myself. I do have birds at around 120% or so but I don't know if that's a lot or not. I have the takeoff on video but that doesn't really tell much. Only indication on what happened was that the L-HYD PRESS, L-ENG OIL(?) PRESS and L-GEN lights were flickering in the caution light panel. Though I suppose those will flicker every time engine is on fire and doesn't really explain anything.

Arclight 05-20-13 09:42 AM

Another cause could be the random failures, provided you have those enabled. Low fluid pressure and no power from generator basically just indicates RPM was too low to sustain those.

Did the engine fail to light first time? Fuel can accumulate on failed starts. If you don't crank the engine afterwards to get rid of the excess fuel it can cause some havoc when it does light.

Dowly 05-20-13 10:03 AM

APU on?

Crécy 05-20-13 11:21 AM

Actually I first landed on that airfield and then took off so there can't be any problems due to failed start up procedure. And yes, random failures are on which might be the case here.

Oberon 05-24-13 05:28 PM
Busy skies over South Korea

Oberon 05-25-13 07:46 PM
The recon photos proved it, despite warnings from the UN Security Council, the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea had gone ahead with its program to produce an offspring of a truck and a SA-2 launcher, and then to add insult to injury, had mated the offspring of that with a Yak-41. :o

Biggles 06-01-13 10:53 AM

A truly shamefur dispray!

Dowly 06-01-13 12:04 PM


Originally Posted by Biggles (Post 2066114)
A truly shamefur dispray!


eddie 06-10-13 01:43 AM

A new toy for IL46 with the DBW mod package. The new Mig 21.

And it does get up and go!!

Herr-Berbunch 06-26-13 05:57 PM

DCS UH-1H 'Huey'
So, my first cack-handed sortie (hover, then transit the airfield at Tblisi, landing anywhere on the pan) is the top picture.

The lower picture is me flying over the dam at Jvari (Arc may remember our low level jaunts this way). Success. All down to watching the tutorials, although just a minute later I was swimming.

Herr-Berbunch 06-28-13 11:01 AM

Also tried FC3 - a quick flight in an F-15C. Lost part of tailplane to enemy action (that I never saw, only felt the effects!), still didn't deter my low level VFR through a valley, saw another aircraft and chased it down (for the fun of it), did my usual eject the canopy - then it started raining! And finally to prove how dumbed down FC3 is compared to other DCS titles - I landed, safely, no ballooning back into the air, no tyre-burst, no Arc already on the runway, no enemy airfield, just landed. Go me. :yeah:

Kptlt. Neuerburg 08-10-13 08:12 PM

I still like to go old school once and a while.

Cybermat47 08-10-13 08:38 PM


I love RoF :)

Kptlt. Neuerburg 08-10-13 09:48 PM


Originally Posted by Cybermat47 (Post 2098367)

I love RoF :)

So do I, so much so that I've a grand total of 8 campaigns (4 fighter and 4 recon/bomber) split between two different names.

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