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[501]Otto 11-16-11 06:35 PM

CCIP 11-18-11 12:22 PM

Landing at DCA, taking a little breather, then off again!

Spike88 11-19-11 12:03 AM

@Otto, is that IL 1946?

@CCIP is that FS2004 or FSX, and is it payware or freeware?

CCIP 11-19-11 12:51 AM

FS9, and a mix of payware (Feelthere ERJ, Cloud9 DCA) and freeware (DC photo scenery + my own work of adding a lot of buildings and trees)

Spike88 11-19-11 01:19 AM


Originally Posted by CCIP (Post 1790203)
FS9, and a mix of payware (Feelthere ERJ, Cloud9 DCA) and freeware (DC photo scenery + my own work of adding a lot of buildings and trees)

Ah, that's the ERJ from Feelthere, didn't recognize it, despite owning the plane myself(FSX version) :doh:.

I think I saw one today, not sure on the exact plane but it looked like an ERJ, was landing at KMIA, also saw several Boeing's, mostly the medium to long range versions. The hour I spent stuck in rush-hour traffic in pouring rain at least had the benefit of plane spotting.

hawk2495 11-19-11 02:58 AM

This is what happens when you have a 2 yr old co-pilot who tries to take over during a night landing.....

[501]Otto 11-19-11 05:44 AM


Originally Posted by Spike88 (Post 1790192)
@Otto, is that IL 1946?

Yep, IL 1946 + UltraPack 3RC4 + Dark Blue World 1.6

[501]Otto 11-19-11 05:42 PM

Dolfo Galland

eddie 11-19-11 08:18 PM

The P-61 in IL46.

Dowly 11-19-11 08:42 PM


Originally Posted by eddie (Post 1790673)
The P-61 in IL46.

It's like Gerard Depardieu of aviation.

Spike88 11-20-11 04:27 PM
Flight from KMIA to KDCA, sadly the game crashed near Jacksonville. :cry:

Spike88 11-21-11 02:56 PM
Flying a short trip between Heathrow Airport and Zurich. In the distance you can see the English channel.
Starting descent over Germany, nice view of the moon.
I didn't realize until I was passing the airport that the FMC wanted me to add drag to the plane to slow down. :dead: While I was trying to figure out how to get the plane to go around I ended up crashing into a mountain, after a fight with the plane to turn off auto-pilot I came to a stop in this field. Good thing I had turned off crashing.

[501]Otto 11-21-11 04:57 PM

The chase

Herr-Berbunch 11-22-11 11:51 AM

Otto, I stand by all my previous comments about your posted pictures! :yeah:

[501]Otto 11-23-11 11:56 AM

Thank you, mate :smug:
Btw, surely you knew it already, but here you can find tons of amazing screenies and some really good tutorials for photoshop. Check it out, it worth!!

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