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Oberon 05-31-10 12:15 PM

Comes with a Co-op Battle of Britain campaign too.

Currently downloading. :rock:

Dowly 05-31-10 12:21 PM


Originally Posted by eddie (Post 1407716)
I guess that's the one you mention Raptor, get it here-


No links to mods, mate. ;)

eddie 05-31-10 12:24 PM

Once you download the map and if you want to check the scenery out, you could add 2 quick missions in. Only 1 mission per side, and the type of mission will be "None". (Instead of Strike, Scramble,etc)

But, you'll have to scour the internet to find them,lol

Kptlt. Neuerburg 05-31-10 01:01 PM

It didn't come from the 352ndVFG did it?

Oberon 05-31-10 02:09 PM


Originally Posted by Kptlt. Hellmut Neuerburg (Post 1407768)
It didn't come from the 352ndVFG did it?

It did :yep:

Kptlt. Neuerburg 05-31-10 02:17 PM


Originally Posted by Oberon (Post 1407838)
It did :yep:

I figured that I had been keeping an eye on their late war cross-channel map. Their BOB map is good but I seem to be missing buildings in the cities but they said its still an ongoing WIP so its ok.

HunterICX 05-31-10 05:28 PM

First flight where I manually started the Engine with the help of Arclight, flew around the base and landed again in one piece


Arclight 05-31-10 05:40 PM


Here's to hoping ED gets their localization worked out. ;)

Task Force 05-31-10 05:46 PM

Wait, if were training then can we get rid of the sams. :lol:

Arclight 05-31-10 05:55 PM

I could set radio-assist. Gives you voice warnings about what is going on, such as good conditions to fire or when enemy launches missile. And I've enabled crash-recovery, so you can respawn without having to do that switch on the selection screen. (Rctrl + Rshift + Tab)

HunterICX 06-01-10 03:15 AM


Originally Posted by Arclight (Post 1408023)

Here's to hoping ED gets their localization worked out. ;)

Indeed :)
can't wait to cause mayhem and destruction with you lot:D


HunterICX 06-01-10 03:57 PM


touched down a bit too hard....gonna need 2 new Bridgestones for this baby :D


Arclight 06-01-10 04:17 PM

Sure beats having the gear collapse. Some sturdy struts under this one. :yep:

Arclight 06-01-10 08:01 PM

Su-25 coming to help out. Has some trouble with the landscape, but gets the job done nicely. :yep:

Killed the pilot. Poor gunner was along for the ride as she flew of into distance... untill TF decided to put an end to his suffering. :lol:

Airfield assault succesfull. :yeah:

Note to self: don't try to sneak up on MBTs. :nope:

HunterICX 06-05-10 12:29 PM

Look ma! I can hover!

Thanks to Dowly of telling me about that very nice button that tells the Auto Pilot to back of a bit :yeah:

makes going from flight to hover mode a hell lot easier


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