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Raptor1 02-01-10 10:10 AM

Schultz's secret box of doom!

BTW, that should be Сирена, or Russian for siren.

Task Force 02-01-10 03:28 PM

Lol, yea, didnt knotice them till yesterday...


OAH crap, out of fuel...:dead:

Kptlt. Neuerburg 02-12-10 01:03 AM

Just me dinking around with filters.
Let me know what you think.

Schroeder 02-12-10 06:20 AM

Wow, looks pretty cool.

One could almost call it art.:D

Raptor1 02-12-10 07:07 AM

Hmm, nice.


Originally Posted by Schroeder (Post 1265540)
One could almost call it art.:D

Clearly you have no understanding of art...

Dowly 02-12-10 07:26 AM

Crank that AA up! :O:

ajrimmer42 02-19-10 07:20 PM

Some recent FSX stuffs

joeljansson 03-01-10 10:16 AM

what is that ww1 sim?????????????????????????:06:

Raptor1 03-01-10 10:18 AM


Originally Posted by joeljansson (Post 1285716)
what is that ww1 sim?????????????????????????:06:

Rise of Flight?

joeljansson 03-01-10 10:33 AM

hmm... i want it give it to me!:D:D:D good grapichs too!:up::yeah:

TarJak 03-08-10 03:49 PM

Mossies come out at night:

My new II/JG53 Defence of the Reich skin:
Not strictly a screenie but WFC?

Stealth Hunter 03-15-10 05:34 PM

GSpector 03-15-10 09:20 PM

W:oW, Love the WW1 pics :up:

TarJak 03-18-10 06:36 PM

2010 SubsimMachFest
What is SubsimMachFest? It is our very own short film festival! Welcome to the second Annual Subsim Machinima Short Video Festival. Contenders for the awards will be posted on I'm looking for the best 7 minute machinima videos containing a submarine that you can create.

Being Subsim we need a theme for our vid fest and of course it is submarines. It doesn't matter if you don't use a sub sim to make your vid but in the 7 minutes you have to include at least one submarine whether it is simulated or otherwise.

So all you budding
machinima makers, crank up your skills for a chance to win one of the following awards:
  1. Best of the Fest
  2. Best Comedy
  3. Best Drama
  4. Best Director
  5. Best Cinematography
  6. Peoples choice

The rules for entries are simple:
  1. All entries must be received by 5pm AEST (Sydney, Australia) on 30 April 2010. Any entries received after this time will not be considered.
  2. All entries must be less than 7 mins long and must contain a submarine, simulated or otherwise. Other than that I don’t care what games or tools you used to create your entry.
  3. All entries should have ending credits which include the following text or voiceover: "Dive into the Web's #1 Submarine and Naval Resource:"
  4. Entries can be mailed on digital media or made available to me to download. To notify me of your entry by PM or e-mail. PM me to obtain my e-mail address.
  5. Individuals may submit as many entries as they wish
  6. All entries being considered for an award will be posted by me on the SubsimMachFest youtube channel.
  7. All entries must be your own work although using material from other sources is allowed as long as it is properly credited. I have no interest in holding the rights to the videos other than the right to post them on the SubsimMachFest site.
  8. All content must comply with the posting rules for Subsim, so no porn, racial or political vilification or abuse of any sort will be considered valid.
  9. This is my film festival and I am the judge so if you have any complaints about my judging talk to the hand cos it’s mine and the entries have to please me. :O:
  10. As the judge I cannot enter the competition in any way shape or form.
Post here if you are interested in taking part or know someone who would be. Any questions post ‘em here also.

iambecomelife 04-14-10 09:40 PM


Originally Posted by GSpector (Post 1317957)
W:oW, Love the WW1 pics :up:

I do too. I would post some from "Over Flanders Fields", but my pilots keep dying like flies. It's very depressing. :damn:

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