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ET2SN 07-10-20 07:32 PM

Hey, its Gonky!

Rare video of F/A-18 vs SU-30 dogfighting over Malaysia.

Followers of C. W. Lemoine on YT should remember Gonky, for a while he flew Hornets as an instructor pilot for MD/Boeing and the Malaysian Air Force. He's also a good camera man. :yeah:

ET2SN 07-12-20 08:05 PM

Chapter 2, F/A-18D vs Mig 29. :up:

"Essay" means S A or Situational Awareness, basically finding the other guy before he finds you. :03:

ET2SN 07-22-20 03:57 AM

Chapter 3, how Gonky got to Butterworth AB and the RMAF. :up:

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