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dertien 04-02-2008 03:03 AM

[REL] Men@work Uniform Mod - V. 2 Final Update
UPDATE/FINAL 07/04/2008

New clothing added - screenshots:

Read the readme for installation instructions and enjoy. There is an easteregg inside the download (no screenshot here) install and see.

Download Version 2 UPDATE


- New shirts and pullovers
- changed 'flat' looking checkered pattern with textures from real clothes pictures.

Fellow Kaleuns,

What is this ?

I was bored yesterday, so I opened up Photoshop and produced a uniform mod. There's not enough of them around, and I was getting a little tired of the same dresscode my fellow u-boat buddies always come up with, so I sent all their parade uniforms to the laundrette, and gave them some casual workclothes. Hence the Men@work clothes mod.


The red/green checkered 'lumberjack' shirt is based on the shirt in the 'dasbootclothes' mod, so I take no credit for the creation of it. As the dasbootclothes-zip file did not contain a readme with the author, I cannot credit by name the person who made the mod originally. But as this being said, you know who you are.

I just improved the look of the shirt with the use of a few filters in photoshop, made it look a little more 'dirty' and worn, plus added some extra colours. The rest is all original work.

The mod in detail

-It replaces the stock/GWX/NYGM/Other supermod uniforms with:

Generic white and blue stripe sailor shirt and a dark blue pullover with kriegsmarine insignia for the sailors and petty officers.

-It also removes all (yes all) badges, insignia and medals from the uniforms so you can safely deactivate the GWX - no medals on crew mod. This one does exactly the same.

- The hats of officers have been made more black-ish (ala Das boot) the petty
officers hats have been darkened.

I do not claim these uniforms to be historically accurate, but they are IMO a refreshing change.


None, everything works. If someone can tell me how I get the 'plastic' shine off the clothes when viewed from certain angles inside the u-boat I would be very greatful.


You can view targafiles using Photoshop, Coreldraw etc or 'XNview' if you want a free viewer that can handle a lot of diff file types. Google for it and download. Only about 4 megs.

-If you want to change the uniform an officer is wearing do the following:

-Load your game and write down the name of the officer you want to dress up.
-open up the crew_config_VII.cfg file and look up the name you wrote down in step one, if the name is not there, you're looking in the wrong config file.
- when you find the name:

for example

Name=Franz Linke-Stier
BodyTgaIdx=1 ;change this value with the number you will find in the uniform
+ add 1 (if uniform name = 06_OFF_Body01_D.tga) type 7 there.
HasHelmet=Yes ;change this value if you want a hat or not use 'No' or 'Yes'

Good Hunting.


Reece 04-02-2008 03:25 AM

Thanks, I don't like the WO jacket on the conning tower the rest are great, I will just remove the WO part, hope you don't mind!:yep:
Thanks again.:up:

dertien 04-02-2008 03:36 AM


YES I DO MIND !!!!!:arrgh!:

oops, it's the second of April, I am too late for silly jokes... just have to wait till next year :damn:


Nope not at all buddy, have fun. I removed Fonzie from the bridge too. :D

Venatore 04-02-2008 03:37 AM

I beg to differ my dear friend about the choice/amount of U-boat uniforms, I myself have created 10 x sets, there was the complete Elite series for starters.

But; more to the point; this mod is great and congratulations :up:

Reece 04-02-2008 03:50 AM

Actually most of mine to date have been yours Venatore, very good, what I want to do is to get all the uniform mods together & add to SH3 Commander, that way every few patrols I'll get a new set of duds!!:yep: Probably start with (early date) with formal stuff to very casual near the end, what we need is a final set of rags!!:lol:
Any volunteers!

dertien 04-02-2008 03:51 AM



I just took a look on your !gulp! filefront page. Sorry bout having said that Ven !!!

Mi apologisio !!!



Venatore 04-02-2008 04:00 AM


Originally Posted by Reece
Actually most of mine to date have been yours Venatore, very good, what I want to do is to get all the uniform mods together & add to SH3 Commander, that way every few patrols I'll get a new set of duds!!:yep: Probably start with (early date) with formal stuff to very casual near the end, what we need is a final set of rags!!:lol:
Any volunteers!

Mate this is a awesome idea :o if you thinking of doing this then don't ask just grab from the Drive Through :yep:


No need to apologise matey; I've still got another 6 sets to deliver [camouflage rigs]; I've grabbed your mod; because I really like the striped sets, bloody excellent choice of pattern :rock:

Graf Paper 04-02-2008 04:11 AM

Very well done, dertien! :rock:

I've always wanted a more authentic "workaday" uniforms set for my crew. Overall, Ubootsmen dressed more like sailors, rather than rigid military career men.

More! :up:

ichso 04-02-2008 04:22 AM

I think the clothing of the watch officer looks a bit awkward. But just because of the colouring, the contrast is a bit too strong. I will edit this one myself, I think.

The rest looks nice, I especially like the striped ones. They're something different for a change ^^.

dertien 04-02-2008 04:49 AM


The WO has a pullover like my granddad used to wear one when he was on southpole expedition. A Norwegian Pullover. The problem is that I don't know how to model a Turteneck, let alone if it can be done. It looks awkward in the screenshot, but quite good ingame IMO.

I will get some more clothes done, using pictures on this website as a base. I think that a Norwegian fisherman's pullover would not look bad on one of my crewmembers.

If I get the contrast down It looks like a Versace shirt, but you are welcome to change it and show me some screens of your result.

By making a work path in the tga around the checkered area, you can change the colour to whatever you like using the settings :

Image->adjustments->hue and saturation in photoshop. I use CS 2.

Brightness and contrast are located in that same menu as is colorize. So grab it below and make your own Lumberjack Collection.

Here is the photoshop file collection if you want to create your own. Just use the path over your existing tga files in your modfolder to change the colour with the settings above.

Reece 04-02-2008 05:10 AM

@ Dertien, how about a helmet set designed around the one in that picture!:88):lol:

ichso 04-02-2008 05:19 AM

I realized what you achieved there, it was just that on the screenshot the black white contrast looked a little bit strong to me. I like the pattern though.

I edited in gimp looking something like this now:

I didn't try it ingame yet. Perhaps I will let him wear his front like this and his back like your version to compare which one I like best :D

dertien 04-02-2008 05:26 AM

@ Reece, Yeah, with a face to match that same screenshot. Wouldn't mind taking her on patrol just to show her the ropes...

@ Ichso, looking great, up it for DL to share it or PM me so I can try it out also.

ichso 04-02-2008 05:36 AM

The edited tga-file is here:

dertien 04-02-2008 06:25 AM


Yep, looks good, have added it to the pool, looks little dirtier than mine, which is fine. very nice.

Thank you Ichso.

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