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Usurpator 07-30-21 04:37 PM


Originally Posted by Lost At Sea (Post 2759302)
Curious about Drift.
Does it mean ships and subs will be “pushed sideways” when hit by waves?
Also, there is no mention of particles anywhere anymore. What is status on wakes and bow splashes ?


Hello! Drift will affect the U-boat to some extent. We are not quite set on the severity yet and it may change later on. Wakes and bow splashes will be added as soon as the basic systems work! /Einar

Usurpator 07-30-21 04:38 PM

Weekly update
Hello everyone!

Version 0.25b was released to the testers last week. We still want to reimplement the custom mission editor and VoIP to the new version before releasing it. We'll work on this next week as well as fixing general bugs. We expect to make the new version public next week.

von faust 08-01-21 05:55 AM


Originally Posted by Usurpator (Post 2760300)
Hello everyone!

Version 0.25b was released to the testers last week. We still want to reimplement the custom mission editor and VoIP to the new version before releasing it. We'll work on this next week as well as fixing general bugs. We expect to make the new version public next week.

Great !!!

Usurpator 08-06-21 10:08 AM

Weekly update
Hello everyone!

Update 0.25 is now live on a new public beta branch!

Step 1:
Right-click Wolfpack in your Steam library.

Step 2:
Select “Properties” in the drop-down menu.

Step 3:
Select “Betas” in the menu on the left.

Step 4:
Select “beta” in the opt-in drop-down menu.

Steam should now prompt you to update Wolfpack to download the new version, if you wish to revert to another branch, you can use the same instructions.

Check out the Steam page for videos and what's next in development:

Pikes 08-06-21 12:17 PM

Finally Gratz to the team :)

WasteLord 08-06-21 02:28 PM

Great work guys, the new water looks spectacular! Me and my friends have been waiting for this for a long time, the waves really add a new level of immersion to the game. It's also very cool that the hatch can now be closed from the inside when water is pouring in.

However, regarding the camera controls of each station, I feel this update takes a bit of a step back. The fixed camera view you had previously was perfectly fine. Now, when using the trim tank air valve, for example, you cannot see the amount of water in the tank on the left while the cursor is over the wheel. Before you could see everything on one screen, same with the engine controls.

The hand animations are a bit strange and low-res as well, so I don't know about anyone else, but I preferred the previous view of the station controls. Maybe you could add the original view as an option in the game menu?

Invert mouse on the ladder doesn't work at the moment, but I guess that's an easy fix.

Keep up the good work!

Lost At Sea 08-06-21 09:58 PM

The new water update is absolutely stunning. Standing up there in heavy seas with walls of water coming at you is frightening LOL

Thank you

On a side note, the new instrument view system does not bother me a bit, on the contrary, it brings the sway and rolls into the boat, wherever you are.
I do understand some players may prefer the original system.


Nimmo55 08-07-21 06:32 AM

Kudos to devs
Just wanted to thank devs; the new water is fantastic and the heaving swell is extremely immersive. Not sure what you did with the optics but the view now looks hyper realistic when looking through UZO, bin is and periscopes. Well done, looking forward to foam, wakes and whitecaps.


Onkel Neal 08-07-21 08:36 AM

vickers03 08-07-21 09:10 AM

the quality of the new interior is insane:Kaleun_Applaud:

tmoncmm 08-07-21 05:49 PM

+1 on the new station views being obtrusive. You can’t see some of the important gauges while using the controls. This was most apparent to me at the hydraphone satiation. You can’t see the needle while operation the direction wheel.

Lost At Sea 08-07-21 10:06 PM

You do not need to directly look at the wheel while interacting with the hydrophone… The interactive “space” is large enough for allowing both at the same time.
Look up, stare at the needle while interacting, it works like a charm.

Why would you stare at the wheel anyway???? :-P


WasteLord 08-08-21 02:10 AM

Found a few more bugs in the 0.25e update:
- invert mouse doesn't work on the bridge rudder controls either (as well as the ladder)
- in the mission editor, when trying to add ships as targets, the ship browser window comes up completely grey, you cannot select any ships from the list

Looking forward to getting these fixed. Many thanks!

Aktungbby 08-08-21 10:25 AM

Welcome aboard!

Lignite 08-08-21 08:29 PM

I really like the look of the new ocean, it is great. I think the buoyancy of the u-boat needs more attention. The pitch and roll has a great feel, but the boat seems a bit 'light' to me (just an opinion, probably wrong).

I did prefer the previous 'stations camera' better, this one could be good if I was able to look around a little further (for example, I can't seem to see both engine controls at the same time, or have a good view of the gauges on the trim tanks).

Another thing I noticed, I can't exit out of the recognition manual by pushing 'c', I have to exit out with the mouse. I believe that was different previously, and better then.

Perhaps I never noticed before, but today I just noticed that in the dark, the rudder gauge is lit up way too brightly, I believe it should look like the compass in the dark. Somewhat of an immersion breaker (again, just my opinion, could easily be wrong).

Thanks for the wonderful update. I'm really looking forward to the boat's interior, thanks for the preview Neal. Keep up the good work guys, you are making a game lots of people can enjoy together.

Ulrich Kröpke 08-09-21 07:13 AM

Update 025
After the update 025 I played Wolfpack again. The stormy sea is like the stormy sea in "Das Boot". Great work! After I played about 1 hour in that rough sea I felt seasick. I wanted to go to the toilet, but then I remembered! This game is to play like"It was like this". So I stayed at my duty a bucket by my side. After spitting, ohh, what a smell. It was really "It was like this". Ha,ha. A joke!

Sparkcat46 08-12-21 02:21 PM

Water update is brilliant, thank you! makes the game feel more immersive for sure! brilliant work, well done!:Kaleun_Cheers::Kaleun_Cheers::Kaleun_Cheers:

Usurpator 08-13-21 05:02 PM

Weekly update
Hello everyone!

Last week version 0.25 was released on a public beta branch.
We're keeping a close eye on bug reports and suggestions and
we've received a lot of useful feedback.
When Oscar gets back from his vacation we'll get right on fixing bugs and refining the beta version.
Meanwhile, work continue as usual for the rest of the team.
I'm preparing the U-boat's new compartments, Koji is working on the corvette and Axel is focusing on the network test environment.

RuthBaillargeon 08-17-21 05:16 AM

Thanks for sharing:up:

von faust 08-17-21 07:57 AM


Originally Posted by Usurpator (Post 2762750)
Hello everyone!
I'm preparing the U-boat's new compartments, .....

(Excuse me for my english)

But will the new compartments be purely aesthetic or will it be possible to operate on some instrument (es. start diesel engine, electric engine...) ?

thank you

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