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Onkel Neal 09-05-21 09:20 AM

Should be enabled on all torps. If they strike, the impact fuse is detonated. If they pass under the keel within a certain amount, the magnetic will be triggered.

Lost At Sea 09-07-21 03:34 AM

oh ok, I see!
Thx for clarifying.


von faust 09-10-21 07:06 AM


Originally Posted by Usurpator (Post 2763964)
Hello! Not initially, but we've been discussing adding more playable roles.

Very good.
Initially you might think about starting with very basic actions like diesel on / off, electric motors on / off and other similar things.

(I know it's easy to say but hard to do :03:)

Usurpator 09-10-21 11:02 PM

Weekly update
Hello everyone!
Patch 0.25h is now available on the beta branch.

Patch notes:
The boat now sinks to the correct depth depending on buoyancy.
Flooding the ballast tanks with no negative buoyancy now takes extra time.
The negative tank is now flooded by default at the start of the mission.
The attack periscope now has less light intake than the observation periscope.
The escape key now correctly exits menus.
Color settings for the map are moved from the options menu to the map.
To set colors for a specific layer, click the corresponding layer color.
To set map foreground and background colors, press the buttons above the character portraits in the map.
Updated ship steering behaviour.
Replaced the flare shader for the lights in the U-boat interior.

Usurpator 09-17-21 06:30 PM

Weekly update
Hello everyone!

This week Oscar has been tweaking the behaviour of the AI escorts. The following things have been changed:

A maximum of three ships can now be assigned to hunt a specific U-boat (used to be max 2). Ships are assigned based on the number of known threats and the number of available escorts.

On medium and hard difficulty the escorts always use active sonar.

Small changes to the search pattern performed when looking for a U-boat.

Easy mode should be unaffected by the changes, while medium and hard mode are more difficult.

I'm making various improvements to the new U-boat interior, adjusting materials and creating textures. Koji is focusing on the corvette and Axel is working on the netcode.

Usurpator 09-24-21 02:56 PM

Weekly update
Hello everyone!
This week Oscar has been working on water effects. A new patch will be available next week. I've finished all the dials for the aft torpedo room. Koji is working on equipment for the corvette and Axel is working on the netcode.

Usurpator 10-01-21 09:33 AM

Weekly update
Hello everyone!

This week Oscar has been working on water effects. The effects needs some more tweaking, so the new patch will have to wait a few more days before we make it available. All effects will have quality settings, so you can reduce them or turn them off completely if they slow down performance on your system. Axel has worked with build tests for the netcode aswell as interactables for the network test implementation. Koji is working on the corvette and I'm adding all the missing dials to the engine room.

bracer 10-01-21 02:26 PM

Very cool! It looks great! :salute:

blackswan40 10-02-21 04:06 AM

Wolfpack just gets better and better top effort boys keep up the good work


Westbroek 10-06-21 03:07 PM

This is looking so nice.
Great work, guys.
For some reason my submarine starts flying when I play, so I'm gonna keep watching and waiting :) Can't wait!

Usurpator 10-08-21 01:20 PM

Hello everyone! This week Oscar found (and solved!) some problems with the wake simulation, and so the patch will have to be delayed until next week. Einar has been adding some more details to the new interior, Koji is detailing the Corvette, and Axel is tinkering with the netcode.

gurudennis 10-11-21 05:05 PM

Is there a plan for when the contents of the current beta branch can be stabilized and officially released? The existence of a divergent public beta branch splits the community and isn't healthy long-term in my opinion.

Usurpator 10-15-21 12:36 PM

weekly update
Hello everyone! This week Oscar has been sick (not covid!), and has not been able to finish work on the patch. What is left on the patch is dealing with boundary conditions between different LOD levels of the simulation, and adding some settings. Axel is working on game state serialising, intended for game saving and loading - aswell as build testing both normal and headless builds. I'm organizing assets for the new interior and Koji is working on the corvette.

Lost At Sea 10-16-21 02:20 AM

Get well Oscar !

Usurpator 10-22-21 04:18 PM

Hello everyone! This week we have finished patch 0.25J. This patch is live now in the beta branch. This patch adds water effects, and changes the water spectrum to be more dynamic and less repetitive. The next week will be spent fixing bugs.

Patch notes:

Patch 0.25j
Improved the wave spectrum dynamics.
Added foam trails.
Added water splashes.
These can be enabled in the video options.

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