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Onkel Neal 04-13-21 06:11 PM

I'm pressing for a "field day" activity in the game, so the boat can get cleaned up. One member of the crew lays in his bunk flicking buggers at the rest of the crew cleaning.

Torpex77 04-13-21 08:22 PM


Originally Posted by Onkel Neal (Post 2742145)
I'm pressing for a "field day" activity in the game, so the boat can get cleaned up. One member of the crew lays in his bunk flicking buggers at the rest of the crew cleaning.


les green01 04-13-21 10:14 PM

werner mention they wasn't clean in iron coffins,Goebeler said the same thing in steel boat,book das boot said the same thing i work maintance at wal-mart for 4 years i seen people miss the john there and it wasn't even moving so what you think going happen trying to hit a pail and they wasn't the size of a 5 gal bucket going up and down and sideways food was moldy working on engines going to be greasy grease the eels you going be greasy eggs would get rotten

derstosstrupp 04-13-21 10:43 PM

Certainly not clean by definition of standard living conditions, thereís no doubt about that. But Iím not lying to you when I say, cleaning happened aboard. When 7 AM hit for the daily Reinschiff, they werenít just dicking around. All I am trying to say is, it wasnít absolute squalor on board, and all of the stains etc. shouldnít be there either. If something could be wiped off, it would be wiped off. Yes, **** buckets were around, and sure they did spill, but they just didnít leave that laying around.

At this point, I donít care if the hanging sausages are hanging turds 6 feet long, as long as itís an update. :O:

Pikes 04-15-21 04:31 AM

Yes, to be fair, it takes no imagination whatsoever to work out the level of effort required to clean a uboat. As the parent of only one 18 year old, I can confirm, men in confined spaces, generate stench and mess :) And yes, the armed forces treat cleanliness in super high regard, especially at the time penecillin was new and in limited supply.

I suggest the crews did clean, furiously, and in the endless entropy, they fought a losing battle so concentrated on the things that really mattered, rather than superficial looks. I dont think they had enough time to go through basic grime, think of all those oily handmarks on walls. Oil doesnt shift easy. And cleaning comes second to battle, so you can fall behind.

I shudder to think.

Usurpator 04-16-21 02:09 PM

Hello everyone!
This week I have been working on integrating the water, and fixing bugs. I have added a torpedo mesh that is visible, and that will leave a trail in the water. I have also updated the lighting and buoyancy model. Einar is texturing the machine room, Axel is tinkering with the new network protocol, and Koji is continuing his work on the new merchant ships.

snak3gam3r! 04-16-21 07:37 PM


Originally Posted by Usurpator (Post 2741413)
Yes! Check out the latest development update on Steam:

Thank you so much for sharing this. The ship looks splendid. Every single detail of it looks real as hell.

kozel1 04-17-21 04:26 PM

Thanks for another update. I might grab a copy of the game for my friends as well!

Usurpator 04-23-21 12:14 PM

Hello everyone!

This week I've been working on texturing the new interior, mainly the engine room. Work in progress-video and screenshots posted below.

Oscar has been reworking the character controller.
The new turbulent water was shifting the sub at extreme angles, causing the character to get stuck, and to sometimes glitch through the walls and fall to their death.
A number of other smaller character related issues have also been fixed.
Axel is testing the new netcode and fixing bugs.
Koji is working on the new merchant ships.

Lost At Sea 04-25-21 11:28 AM

Wow, that is some outstanding work :up:


Pisces 04-25-21 11:32 AM

It looks awesome. But I fear my framerate will be dripping at the rate the bilge fills at.

Torpex77 04-26-21 07:37 AM

Damn! This is awesome work!! :up::up:

Usurpator 04-30-21 09:08 AM

Weekly update
Hello everyone!
This week Oscar has been working on rendering optimization and refactoring the code. Axel is working on netcode bugs and edge cases, as well as laying the groundwork for chat and voice functionality. Koji is modeling new merchant ships. I'm working on textures for the new compartments.

Usurpator 05-07-21 09:21 AM

Weekly update
Hello everyone!
This week I've been working on the new interior. The aft torpedo room is now modeled and basic texturing is finished. I have also made minor adjustments to the other new compartments. Work in progress-video posted below.
Koji is working on the new merchant ships as well as detail work on the corvette.
Oscar has added curvature to the water and object placement in the world, so that far away objects disappear behind the horizon.
Axel finished the developer console, integrated it with the netcode (for stuff such as remote server administration) and is preparing to wrap up initial netcode and to start writing user tests in the coming weeks.

Lost At Sea 05-07-21 10:21 AM

Looks fantastic once again !
Can't wait to be standing right next to those roaring diesels and humming (?) electrics :03:


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