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Usurpator 03-27-20 10:41 AM

Weekly update
Hello everyone!

This week we have finished work on the new radio system. The new system has two modes: Simplified and advanced. The mode is set in the lobby settings before starting the game. In simplified mode, players type in messages using the keyboard, but unlike before, the message can be typed out in full, without having to pause between each letter while it is being sent. In advanced mode, the morse key functions like it does in real life. Players will have to learn morse code in order to use this system. The new system uses fixed receive channels for each U-boat. Channel 1 is used to broadcast to all U-boats.

Other changes:
The diesel engine now stops working at 8 meters.
Increased underwater friction when running diesel engines.
Enemy ships are now more prone to ramming u-boats.
Periscopes can now be damaged by collisions.

Noobicum4Ever 03-29-20 01:46 AM


Usurpator 04-03-20 04:11 PM

Weekly update
Hello everyone!
This week we've added a few more features to the radio as well as fixing some of the recent bugs. A new patch will be released shortly.

Usurpator 04-10-20 06:53 AM

Weekly update
Hello everyone!
This week we have worked on the radio, and fixed some bugs. The new patch adds rebindable hotkeys for sending morse, and in game notepads for plain and cipher text. The patch also adds four rebindable iambic hotkeys. These will allow the player to send perfectly spaced dots and dashes. This patch also addresses some AI bugs that were present in the last patch.

Patch notes:
Added rebindable morse send key.
Added plain and cipher text input fields in morse key and Enigma use states.
Added iambic morse buttons with custom keybindings (thanks Folko).
Added ability to raise and lower direction finder antenna.
Added toggle for morse alphabet in send view.
Fixed escort not pursuing bug (thanks gurudennis).
All sunk ships now count towards objective completion, even if the responsible u-boat gets destroyed while the ships are sinking.
It is now possible to use the chat while looking at the map.
Fixed UI interaction bugs.
Reduced maximum compressor depth.
Reduced compressed air cost for torpedo firing .
Reduced compressed air cost for starting the diesel engines.
U-boats can no longer receive radio messages below send depth.

Onkel Neal 04-12-20 09:53 AM

Big new feature for Wolfpack coming soon :shucks:

Fidd 04-12-20 05:13 PM


Originally Posted by Onkel Neal (Post 2662586)
Big new feature for Wolfpack coming soon :shucks:

Playable escorts! Wahaaaaay! :Kaleun_Cheers:

derstosstrupp 04-12-20 06:09 PM


Originally Posted by Onkel Neal (Post 2662586)
Big new feature for Wolfpack coming soon :shucks:

Alright now Iím dying to know, is it the PvP escorts or something else?

Onkel Neal 04-12-20 09:43 PM


Originally Posted by Fidd (Post 2662740)
Playable escorts! Wahaaaaay! :Kaleun_Cheers:

Too soon for that, but it is something on the Roadmap.

Noobicum4Ever 04-13-20 04:40 AM

Naval Academy?

ceh 04-13-20 06:04 AM

Scapa Flow?

blackswan40 04-13-20 06:16 AM

1.More Missions for the rest of the war and more patrol areas ?

2. a Mission editor ?

ill drink to that :Kaleun_Cheers:

ChrisPhoenix 04-13-20 10:38 AM

I'm hoping for aircraft. But a use for the radio direction finder would also be nice. I'm guessing it is too early to hope for the "Scapa Flow update".
But maybe it is none of that and instead all our prayers are finally heard and we get an open toilet door and a flushable toilet!? (Come on, you know you want it.)

ElJammos 04-15-20 06:30 AM

Whatever it is, the testers seem to be very excited about it, so good times ahead.

Aktungbby 04-15-20 10:09 AM

welcome aboard!
ElJammos!:Kaleun_Salute: AFTER A LONG SILENT RUN!

Usurpator 04-17-20 03:35 PM

Weekly update
Hello everyone!
This week we've been working on adding voice chat to the game. So far it looks very promising and we hope to be able to release it soon.

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