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ivanov.ruslan 06-02-16 04:03 PM

Reinhard,nice story,heh,heh ;)

Benzin1973 06-05-16 10:02 PM

Task force groups... What would i do without them?

January 1941, 19th patrol. Going arround on the AM* grids looking for convoys, It had been going slow so far. Only found a lone "medium cargo" (RIP). Then i got my favorite radio message "Enemy task force..."

Since they were almost on intercept course to me, it dint take much manouvering to intercept them.
Several Destroyers, and two or three huge battlecruisers, going 24knots.
Since they were going very fast i barely had time to come up with a solution. Dint even identified the ship. Got all data from plotting.
4 shot salvo to his port and...

subir foto

It was the HMS Hood! :rock:

I guess they dint take too kindly of me sinking their hero ship, they bombed me for quite a while. But i managed to escape (and discovered my Type VII can safely dive to 240 meters!).

Some time later i surface again, start reloading my tubes, and start heading back to my convoy huntung grounds when...
subir imagen

Its the same Task force coming back! :woot:
Either they still have the grudge for me, or are heading back home. Either way, lets pay them another visit...
My last 4 bow torps go into the other battlecruiser (again dint even identified it). This time one doesnt detonate, but 3 connect solidly on its starboard.

Crash dive to 230 meters, some more bombing but for a far shorter time compared to last time. Maybe they ran out of dept charges? (or they have learned to fear me??? :har:)
The task force (whats left of it) has gone on its way, and the event cam hasnt poped up to show me the ship sinking, nor have i heard the crew cheering. Maybe it dint sink? (i had disabled external camera for this patrol).
Periscope depth. Lets take a peek...

She is dead in the water. And obviously sinking.
I wait for a while, and still it doesnt sink. Lets give it a hand! but im all out of bow torpedoes, get him on our tail... good.
TDC... Set speed to zero, AOB is irrelevant, range about 2.5k, Tube 5, fire!
subir imagen

More time pases. Still no "shes going down" message!
By now i have hit her 4 times (5 actually if you count the one that dint detonate), but im tired of waiting. Since my aft tube is now loaded again... Fire 5!

"Shes going down!"... Finally! she took her sweet time! Lets take a look from the surface. No one on hydrophone, no one on visual, Ok. Surface the boat!

ahh, beautiful day. some smoke on the horizon...
imagenes gratis

Hhmm, i wonder what ship was this? I dint identified it previous to firing at it. :hmmm:

sube imagenes

HMS Renow this time!

Sweet! lets go home now.
"Ship spotted!" [Grins]
Well, no point in returning home with one (hopefully) perfectly good torpedo!
Its a freighter... [Enter usual attack proceedure here].Fire 5!
RIP :arrgh!:

Results: The most productive, successfull patrol ibe ever had!
subir fotos online

106,509 Tons! :rock:

They gave me medals, promotions for my crew, and promoted me to Kapitanleutnant!
share image

Task force groups... What would i do without you? :har:

ivanov.ruslan 06-06-16 01:51 AM

This is a successful hunt!:up:

Fahnenbohn 06-06-16 04:12 AM


Originally Posted by Benzin1973 (Post 2409703)

Its the same Task force coming back! :woot:


Leoz 06-08-16 07:56 AM

November 1940 west of Gibraltar
Been using stock SHIII a lot. Now just into GWX3. Love it.

One thing I like about it is the white right-screen mouse-over compass. Helps out a lot.

1st real patrol after solving some tech issues with the install (now stable).

West of Gibraltar, Nov 1940, with a very green VIIB crew out of St Nazaire.

A small passenger / merchant, periscope attack, 485M, 1 G7e, (contact pistol), hit aft of dead center on the starboard side. Sank from the stern in 10 minutes.

UKönig 06-08-16 08:20 PM

March 3rd, 1945

U-802 under the command of kapitanleutnant Johan konig was lost with all hands off the coast of Freetown, Africa, approximate grid reference ET59.

The news was supplied by the American task force that took credit for the kill. Apparently, u802 moved to engage a Casablanca class escort carrier and was ambushed by the USS die nazi slime and the USS punk ass bi*ch. A hail of depth charges came down, and U-802 never came up again.

*I have now started a new campaign from September 1939 aboard the type II U-5. And am trying to keep an actual pen and paper captain's log. See where this one takes me...

Leoz 06-08-16 10:56 PM

My level of "bravery" in this game stops somewhere in 1943.

ivanov.ruslan 06-09-16 12:28 AM

Ha, ha, I tried to play through 45, but I dont get ;)

Apparently I'm not fast enough

Rather, I am not sufficiently silent and slow:D

One of the difficult insurmountable barriers

Leoz 06-09-16 05:56 PM

Spent hours in this forum trying to find out why my 1945 campaigns never make it to 1946.


Aquelarrefox 06-09-16 08:10 PM

a hunter asw is palying with me for 8 hours in my little viib at 41, and it doesnt finish infront portugal after attack damaged ships after a convoy. boy, too much deep charges, im like photographer in das bout.

The fix for hunter sensor of gwx polish version works realy good, very complex of discover by hydro, but when they start to ping, you are under the rain.

ivanov.ruslan 06-10-16 01:23 PM

Starting point Trondheim

The mission is to reach quadrant CF64

During the task, shortly after the Shetland Islands, is noted for purpose, an average trader and a erzatsfrahter
Attack from an underwater position, both torpedoes fell in goal
Ships severe headed to the bottom
During the rest of the campaign repeated attacks by airplanes and destroyers
After many serious sailing almost entirely with snorkel, we reached Quadrant
After 24 hours of duty, not to establish contact with anything, we decided to back
When we received a message large convoy moving towards the northeast at an average speed of about hundred kilometers from us
Forced motors, overtook the convoy during the night ,evolved storm, which plunged in just two ships

In the morning again we caught up with the convoy, which made large deviations from general course to the north and intensify speed
We moved almost entirely to snorkel in which achieves speeds of 12 kilometers, sufficient to keep constant contact with the convoy

In the morning we were able to get closer on and fired three torpedoes at the convoy of a large distance, and three exploded on the ship continued on course

In this mission, we managed to sink only four ships, but our adrenaline was high then

Good hunting!

ivanov.ruslan 06-13-16 01:17 PM

Coming "home" in Bergen

After 24 hours duty in quadrant AF 75 without any contact, except with the Liberators, we decided to change position in the quadrant AM 11

When we entered the quadrant AM 23, received message of a large convoy moving cross rate against us, with average speed and direction north, northwest After an hour, two intercept the convoy, consisting only of tankers and a ship to transport ammunition.
The convoy was guarded by nine destroyers who had traveled round
The head of the convoy moved a lone large tanker after it immediately three destroyers covering a large security perimeter.
Naturally, we missed the tanker past us and headed to rapprochement with the pre-selected targets.
We had two attacks, the first two tankers in the second three tanker and natural munitions ship, which not surprisingly flew into the air and only sighed heavily and took the bottom.
Between the two attacks of course had a series of depth charges.
Shortly after the second attack, the weather deteriorated much and it was impossible to maintain periscope depth without being detected
Losers often contact with the convoy, then again we establish it, etc.

The result of two attacks - five tankers and ship carrying ammunition and several hits without serious consequences, two torpedoes missed

Leoz 06-13-16 11:17 PM

Love that first "photo" !

Leoz 06-13-16 11:37 PM

The Fritz-Julius Lemp Award for: "maybe this is a bad idea"...
OK what is done is done.

Love my new GWX3.0 after a gazillion hours of stock SHIII

First patrol in a IXB in 1940. On the way up south of Iceland / West of Ireland.

Beautiful morning...just went submerged a few hours before; pick up a sound contact for a fast merchant.

Try and move to intercept but you know how it is with fast ships. Early in the war so I will take risks with aircraft.

Lost the contact with sound before surfacing.

Surfaced; did some educated guesses at flank speed (with battery recharge disengaged for top speed).

After an hour: spotted. Large tanker, range 6000 meters about 45 degrees to starboard and about 50 degrees port AOB. Moving fast. Initial speed predictions start at 16 knots and after a few more tries gets down to 13-14 knots estimated speed. Course about E.

I am going 18 knots.

Darn. Neutral...American flag.

OK, well good effort on the intercept. But I decide to turn it into a training event. I will just hit it with a few shots from the deck gun to let them know our displeasure.

GWX as you know has more realism with deck gun so it is close or nothing. No observed deck gun on the ship.

Eventually get within 300 meters at the fantail of the ship and close to its rear starboard quarter a bit closer.

Fire a few rounds into the engine room and a few into the rear housing.

That'll learn 'em.

Pull away with a starboard turn off to the west. Clean up; put away the toys, send a radio report, submerge with the scope up to continue observation. Sound says contact is now moving slow.

Setting on the dive some 10 minutes later and sound tells me the ship is going down. "Say again funkmeister!".

Ship is going down.

Darn. Now I have to work off 10,000 tons in this patrol just to break even.

I didn't think I hit it all that much. Maybe it was the few extra morale shots. Bringing the cook up to fire one; the youngest guy on the boat; the Bosun.

OK, a big mess, but not a career-ender. I'll will write it up to pass somehow.

Would have thought the merchants could have dealt with a half-wrecked engine room and a little fire on the poop deck.



Leoz 06-14-16 07:10 PM

Going up north (AL, AM areas) as there are multiple radio reports of U-boat convoy hunting success.

On the way, at night, in medium seas, run into a ship formally known as the C2 after patrolling in north BE.

Mouse on plotting board lagging. Save, restart, same. Reduced video settings on 3rd try and got better results. Looking at the plot, now kind of not concentrating well because of the tech trouble. Bad plot.

Wing it.

Speed of ship hasn't been found accurately because of the plot work. Have to work to get into position for a night surface attack.

Since I am off on speed, I fire a spread of two type 1s from 1000 meters.

Both hit forward. Ship sinks in 20 minutes. 5000 tons.

Get up north to AL and run east for a day. Don't find anything until AM.

Daytime, submerged, sound contact, lots of ships.

Run southwest on the surface. 1100 am, pick up the lead escort at 5000 plus meters. Try and stay further back. Observe for a while, push around to the south west and come back north and view part of the main body to the north at 6000 plus meters. Intention is to trail for the day and attack on the surface at night. Even though flooding the boat some and going slow, big waves can elevate you up where you can be seen. Off in the distance, see a trailing escort start toward me and pick up speed. Put in radio contact report and crash-dive. Some water bombs but from a non-threatening distance. Disengage. Back on the surface in an hour and a half.

Have not re-acquired them.

Leoz 06-15-16 05:29 PM

Update: dark morning surface attack on a new convoy in AM29. Approaching from the convoy's right side.

Launched 4x type IIs at a medium cargo @2000M AOB80s. 1 degree spread. Figured 1 may fail; 1 may miss. Wanted it done the first time. Turned around went out back the way I came. The usual slowness of type IIs.... then launched 2 stern type IIs at another medium cargo. Things happening too fast to calculate a proper I was moving away quick and the area was looking even more unfriendly. Guestimated 2500 meters being in the next column fired tube 5 aimed with dead-center lock. Unlocked and moved cross-hairs to forward hold; fire 6. Probably an AOB of 90s. Finally, still moving fast getting out of there...what seems like years later...3 hits on the first ship; explosion and sank quickly. 1 hit on the bow on the second one. Observed it slowing down before an escort pointed toward me; turn on search lights and fired flares.

Crash dive. Got away. Came back up 50 minutes later. Game gave me credit for sinking the second cargo ship.

2x medium cargo ships sunk for 10,000 tons. Now out of the hole for that tanker debacle some days back.

Saw a Nelson-class battleship further into the convoy when I came back to observe it. A deterrence. It was getting lighter. Convoy would be in shallow water for the next night attack. I had chicken for dinner.


lolballz 06-16-16 12:41 PM

w' GWX/SH3Commander...
Type IIB (historically), Type IIA (in-game)
First patrol, September 1, 1939...
rammed by German light merchant while leaving Kiel harbor
sunk with all hands
probably raised/recommissioned later ... x (

ivanov.ruslan 06-16-16 12:58 PM

grab new ;)

My favorite time to meet the convoy at dawn

Leoz 06-16-16 11:41 PM

Like that last one a lot.

Leoz 06-21-16 03:01 AM

Interesting. GWX isn't affraid to send a Type VII further away vs. the stock game.

St Nazaire VII boat started in 1940.

End a patrol toward the end of 1940 off of the AM area with almost 2 weeks of constant storms. :88)

Headed back home without much to show for the patrol except 4000-some tons before the storm.

Ran into a whale factory ship and an ore carrier which made the patrol numbers go good.

As mentioned at the start of this post.... Next patrol, started 1941 going down to Freetown. Got a 10,000-ton freight on the way down, got near the patrol area and messed up a night surface attack on a large convoy, no hits; an unhappy couple of escorts and a lot of water bombs. Like the night visability in GWX. Very cleaver.

Putting down marks on the map from radio reports of sinkings near my area of interest so as to draw up a patrol pattern.

A coupld of days, was careless and a destroyer caught me on the surface... lots of water bombs but it eventually lost interest.

OK, think I have all the glitches worked out of this patrol and hoping for some success.... now shows a large convoy coming out of the Freetown area....

This will be lots of work. Taking a break...

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