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kpt.hamburger 07-08-12 02:15 PM

30 august 1940

U-52 patrolling near scapa flow, weather is bad and wery foggy.
03.00 am royal navy destroyer founded us, luckly escaped thanks to good torpedo shot into his rudder, ship got alot of damage were using our last fuel to reach Kiel. end of report.

next report 09.00 am

LemonA 07-08-12 03:01 PM

artao 07-09-12 12:26 AM

My current "campaign" over the last several days has been preparing for and freshly installing SH3 under Win 7 Pro on my new(ish) computer. Lots of new (to me) stuff, and lots of reading to catch up on to make sure I get my mod-soup to work right.
Also sadly discovered that my archive of mods was corrupted, so I had to re-download largely everything. .. Turns out there were some newer versions of stuff anyhow, so all good.

I WAS in a 1st patrol. Left port Nov. 2, 1939, in my VIIB from Wilhelmshaven, headed for the E.Coast of Britain, grid AN52.
A game-week later, and the weather was still clear skies, 4m/s winds from 0 degrees, and i'd seen only 1 ship, an 11,000 ton lg. merchant, which I sunk -- and THAT was from a radio contact. Also one plane chased me under.

Somethin just didn't seem right, so I decied to do the full install dance .. you see, I'd been running the very same GWX 3 install I'd been using on my older XP system. Just copied it over to my Win 7 system and it seemed to run fine ... til I played it for awhile that is.

Soon. .... Soon back to patrol.

the mod-soup needs some good stirring first tho.
also trying multi-sh3 for the 1st time. I plan on trying NYGM, LSH, and WAC as well prolly. .. now that my load times are under 1/2 hr. LOL


sublynx 07-09-12 05:05 AM


Originally Posted by LemonA (Post 1906782)

Nice to have the knowledge that BdU really inspects our patrol reports :) It would be frustrating doing all that paper work if the reports would go straight to the Kriegsmarine archives unread :arrgh!:

sublynx 07-10-12 05:49 AM

U-331, patrol 3, the 16th of December, 1941
U-331, VIIC
23. Flottille, Salamis Theodor Wald

12.12.1941 0100 Salamis. Departure from Salamis. Orders are to patrol grid CO69

15.12.1941 0214 CO6948 ONO 8, cloudy, sea 5, medium visibility. A 1600 GRT merchant and a V&W class destroyer sunk in two surface attacks from a distance of 3000 meters. The ships didn't notice us at all. We kept a depth of 7 meters and a slow speed. Had difficulty in estimating enemy's speed. The speed of the ships was probably 4 knots. The ships travelled in a general course of 270 degrees making 30 degree zigzags every 15 kilometers. Now loading the G7a torpedoes. All other torpedoes expended because of the long range, course and speed changes by the destroyer and errors in speed estimation.

0236 Received radio message ordering a return to port.

17.12.1941 1016 Salamis Returned to base. Not much of a patrol, but at least some valuable experience in long range surface attacks.

sublynx 07-10-12 03:40 PM

U-331, Patrol 4, the 14th of January, 1942

Buhring 07-10-12 07:11 PM

About to peek into Lorient estuary. No, I'm not going home: it's dec. 1939 and France is still fighting against us. SH3 Gen sent me there in a reconnaissance mission. What's worse, I have orders NOT to attack anything...

Gute Jagd


sublynx 07-11-12 02:52 PM

U-331, patrol 4, the 16th of January, 1942

sublynx 07-12-12 01:29 PM

U-331 sunk January 1942

sublynx 07-13-12 04:51 PM

U-29, the 12th of September, 1939

U-29, VIIB
2. Flottilla, Wilhelmshaven
Lt Willy Schröter
Orders: Patrol grid BE35
Departure: 25.9.1941 Wilhelmshaven

3.9.1939 1147 BF1636 SO 9 m/s, cloudy, sea 5, medium visibility. Two torpedoboats course east speed fast.

1315 BF1634 An 11000 GRT merchant course 25 speed 9 sunk. A submerged shot from 1000 meters, MZ 10 meters. Shot when the aob was still stb 45 in order to give the magnetic pistol more time to react. There was no visible impact on the ship, so another torpedo was launched with an AZ pistol setting. This torpedo missed because the ship had slowed down from the first hit. Finished the ship with deck gun fire. Six G7e and four G7a torpedoes left inside the boat, 2 G7a's in outside storage. Fuel 81 tonnes.

3.9.1939 2104 BF1648 SO 9 m/s, cloudy, sea 5, medium visibility. New orders received. Patrol grid BE35.

4.9.1939 1120 BF1499 S 9 m/s, cloudy, sea 5, low visibility. Contact report received. A single merchant course ONO medium speed at grid BF1491.

1248 BF1467 A 4500 GRT tanker course course 30 speed medium sunk with gun fire.

1645 BF1491 A 5500 GRT merchant and a 12000 GRT tanker sunk course 85 speed 10 knots. A perpendicular submerged shot, MZ 10 meters and MZ 11 meters. No hits. One AZ 3 meters hit. Ships sunk by deck gun fire. Starboard diesel damaged by high revolutions per minute. Repairing. Loading torpedoes. Four G7e and three G7a torpedoes inside the boat. Two G7a outside. Fuel 79 tonnes.

2145 BF1457 Starboard diesel engine repaired.

5.9.1939 0330 BE3669 Contact report received. A single merchant course O slow speed at grid BE3663. Intercepting, course 316 speed 14 knots.

0427 BE3668 A 1900 GRT merchant course 275 speed 7 knots sunk by deck gun fire.

1730 BE3596 WSW 5 m/s, clear, sea 4, medium visibility. An American 12000 GRT tanker inspected. No contraband.

8.9.1939 0148 BE3517 S 11 m/s, clear, sea 6, good visibility. Contact report received. A single merchant course O slow speed at grid BE3573. Intercepting, course 115 speed 15 knots.

0530 BE3555 S 12 m/s, very cloudy, sea 7, poor visibility. A 1800 GRT merchant course 82 speed 7 knots sunk with a G7e torpedo AZ 3 meters perpendicular shot. Finished with deck gun fire.

12.9.1939 1736 BE3655 wind Ost 15 m/s, clear, sea 7, medium visibility One G7e AZ 4 meters launched at a 1800 GRT merchant course 88 speed 6. Perpendicular shot from 650 meters. The torpedo exploded on the surface nowhere near the target. Moderate waves might have had an effect. Four G7a's and 2 G7e's left. Fuel 63 tonnes. Provisions low. Started return trip to port via Orkneys and Shetlands.


sublynx 07-15-12 04:58 PM

U-29, the 29th of September, 1939

S/S Akinity's first and last searchlight

sublynx 07-18-12 07:49 AM

U-29, the 5th of November, 1939
I had a most fun and interesting mission while following the minelaying orders given to the actual U-29 in October 1939. I decided to show you the whole war diary I kept during the patrol. It's a really long one and does not really convey the suspense in simulating a mine laying operation in Bristol Channel. Do try that yourself! :arrgh!:

Uploaded with

Wolfpack345 07-18-12 02:30 PM

U-49 type VIIB
Year 1940 Patrol 4

Head to patrol grid nothig much of intrest happens.
Recive report of congvoy head to intercept.
find the congvoy and imobilize a empire freighter.
avoid escorts no damage..
about 1 hour later i surface and perpare to deck gun the ship.
i realize that the congvoy is still neer and dive to use a stern tube.
While im reloading i use the time compression and see it drop to 8.
Raise scope and see destroyer heading right twards me..crash dive.
about 1 hour later they are still after me and i dive deeper........
the lights break and my men are screeming like crazy.
Blow ballast-then U-boat destroyed by pressure:/\\!!:/\\!!

Im playing 100% DID unless killed by time compression....should i reload or start over? just want a 2nd opinion :yeah:

sublynx 07-18-12 04:51 PM


Originally Posted by Wolfpack345 (Post 1911112)
Im playing 100% DID unless killed by time compression....should i reload or start over? just want a 2nd opinion :yeah:

I think I would let the boat and the commander die. This time TC8 was bad luck. Bad luck is something that happens in war: the hydrophone man didn't do his job or the hydrophone had a malfunction in a crucial moment. I wouldn't go back to 1939 though. I would start a new career where this one ended.

Jimbuna 07-19-12 04:14 AM


Originally Posted by Wolfpack345 (Post 1911112)

Im playing 100% DID unless killed by time compression....should i reload or start over? just want a 2nd opinion :yeah:

In the early days of playing I would simply reload but soon changed to starting over again...and learning from my mistakes.

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