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steel shark 09-11-2021 01:37 PM

CW~Enh-FTL-1 (Release)

Coldwaters Enhanced Flight 1

For ---{ CW 1.15g & PBS }---

As Per Usual its under :

Downloads/Coldwaters/Gameplay Mods

================================================== ======================================
This Mod its a attempt to bring the Original Coldwaters up to date More and also PBS for People that have never played em or want to Re-Play them Its also a good Choice for Beginners To Coldwaters.
================================================== ======================================

1.)------------------Audio Mod

This is a Expansive Audio Mod That Adds New AUDIO files to Coldwaters & PBS and also Improves Existing files for better Sound In Game.

2.)------------------Huds Mod

This is a hud replacer for Cold Waters & PBS its has Redesigned Panels and Improved UI Elements to add to game play Experience.

3.)------------------ABRV Mod

CW~Enh~FTL-1 - Abbreviations Mod

This Mod changes many Vessel Name Tags to shorter abbreviated ones to reduce

Contacts hud Text clipping and adds loads of new ones to replace the many Generic

Merchant Vessel Name tags I find this greatly helps with better understanding of what contacts you have on your map

Examples :

civ_ms_medium_tanker = Merchant

Now - civ_ms_medium_tanker = Tanker

civ_ms_roro = Merchant

Now - civ_ms_roro = RoRo

civ_ms_sl7 = Merchant

Now - civ_ms_sl7 = sl7

usn_los_angeles_flt3 = Flt-3 Los Angeles

Now - usn_los_angeles_flt3 = Flt-3 LA

you get the idear ....

these are my own abbreviations i used to use on a few of my older mods and new ones

ive made for Coldwaters & PBS specifically.

4.)--------Cold Waters reduced underwater visibility modification

by MekStark

What is this:
This is very basic modification of environment files that vastly decreases underwater visibility in Cold Waters.
It's aim is to increase amount of underwater "fog" to hide from player the objects further away thus decrease the situation awareness (SA)

"Ive Added this as its a Very Great Additional Mod For Coldwaters"


this mod requires ( Coldwaters 1.15g to be installed first For CW~Enh~FTL-1 )


Coldwaters 1.15g to be installed and CW-Playable-Subs-0-master-release to be installed
For CW~Enh-FTL-1_(PBS)_Ver
-----------------I RECOMMEND USING 7 Zip for the ZIP extractor -----------------------

simple put the -- CW~Enh~FTL-1 & CW~Enh-FTL-1_(PBS)_Ver -- folders

in to the MODS folder so :

once you have downloaded it ---UNZIP IT THEN put the Contents of the ZIP in to the

MODS folder

this is were your cold waters EXE file is Easy way is to RIGHT CLICK on your cold

waters icon on your desktop with mouse the go to Open file location

when this is done copy the Contents of the ZIP folder so

---CW~Enh~FTL-1 ---
---CW~Enh-FTL-1_(PBS)_Ver ---

into the MODS folder then Enable with JSGME The One You Want

Example of JSGME MODS folder.




Then Launch Cold Water as Normal


any problems just message me on Subsim

Steel Shark

goldmastersims 09-11-2021 09:36 PM

I may not be able to use this because I'm kind of annoyed by the torpedo evasion in vanilla, but it will surely be an amazing add-on for starters.

steel shark 09-17-2021 11:50 AM


Steel Shark

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