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Dowly 10-31-11 06:21 PM


Originally Posted by Spike88 (Post 1777494)
Hey! It's not cheating when everyone else(save dowly :O:) can kill things better than I can.

Dowly 11-01-11 07:40 AM




Note to self: Check APU switch prior to take-off :dead:

Spike88 11-02-11 02:39 PM

Today I decided to put my newly learned Mark Point/Maverick targeting knowledge to the test and loaded up the Sitting ducks mission(again).

I successfully took out the Shilka, two apcs, and a Ural with the Mavericks. I followed up with two or three gun runs and wiped out the soft targets. Feeling rather proud of my damage dealing abilities, I head towards the runway to practice landing. Things didn't go smoothly.

Yes I know I flew the runway the wrong way.
Came down hard and lost the right tire.

I'm close to coming to a stop when I the master alarm goes off. I'm wondering what's wrong. And then I see the left engine's fire handle is lit up. :rotfl2:
Guess the rough landing must've jostled something in the engine loose.

[501]Otto 11-03-11 10:35 AM

Crécy 11-03-11 11:56 AM



Nice, Otto!

Herr-Berbunch 11-03-11 12:02 PM


Originally Posted by Crécy (Post 1779875)


Nice, Otto!

It always is beautiful when posted by Otto. :yeah: I think he could post a screenshot of Tetris (original greytone) and it'd still be a work of art.

[501]Otto 11-03-11 01:59 PM

Thanks mates :oops: :oops:

TarJak 11-04-11 03:03 AM

Very nice work Otto!

Not coming home

Zoom & Boom


Easy kill


Wing over

GSpector 11-04-11 05:39 AM

Great pics Tarjak. Which Sim?

Spike88 11-04-11 09:17 AM


Originally Posted by GSpector (Post 1780374)
Great pics Tarjak. Which Sim?

Il2 Cliffs of Dover

Dowly 11-04-11 10:19 AM


Originally Posted by Spike88 (Post 1780499)
Il2 Cliffs of Dover

Actually, I think that's IL2. :hmmm:

Herr-Berbunch 11-04-11 10:57 AM


Originally Posted by Dowly (Post 1780542)
Actually, I think that's IL2. :hmmm:

I think you're right, pic #3, 5, and 6 certainly isn't anywhere near the Channel! :yep:

What mods then to get it so great? Ultrapack or HSFX? :hmmm: Or something entirely different?

Dowly 11-04-11 11:31 AM


Originally Posted by Herr-Berbunch (Post 1780558)
Or something entirely different?

Photo editor. ;)

GSpector 11-04-11 08:28 PM

I just do not recall IL2 ever looking that good. :o

[501]Otto 11-05-11 01:58 PM

Nice ones TarJak, have installed today DBW mod, but can´t get the same quality as yours :wah:. Really nice pics, indeed
A couple of them, here we have a rainy afternoon so nothing better to do than fly a little bit.

JG 54, Operation Barbarossa, summer 1941

Operation Galvanic, Tarawa, November 1943

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