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Catfish 03-26-2019 03:55 PM

Solved: IL 2, Windows 10 and Sidewinder FFB 2 ?
Solved, see last post

I would like to play IL 2 (the old original one) in Windows 10, with the old MS Sidewinder FFB 2 USB stick.

I can install IL2 with all its bells, whistles, updates and patches, it works.

The MS FFB stick is recognized alright in Windows 10 pro, i can use all buttons, views, movements, twist and so on.

But FFB is not working. I can use the stick, but the force is too strong with this one, it is as if you push against a kilogram in all directions, and i have no means to get either FFB working, not can i reduce the force itself to less resistance. The automatic driver in Win 10 does not allow to adjust ffb or decrease the resistance forces.
Trying to adjust it from within IL2 does not work either. Same with MS Flight simulator X b.t.w. in WIn 10. Too strong resistance to use it.

Is there any solution for this. There are no good ffb sticks produced anymore, and the FFB 2 is really a very good one - Is there any driver, idea or workaround to get the stick adjusted, or even the ffb working in IL2 under Win 10? If, i would love to hear from you!

Thank you :salute:

P.S. ffb works alright in every aspect in e.g. Rise of Flight, or WOFF, in Win 10.

Catfish 07-09-2020 07:21 AM

So i downloaded IL2 B. of Stalingrad, and while all else works alright i cannot get the MS sidewinder 2 USB force feedback to be less strong, i do not find force feedback settings or they do not exist. Was already the same in the old IL2 series up to 1946.

Any suggestions for the "new" IL2 , or which other FFB joystick would you recommend? :hmmm:
Thanks and greetings,

Catfish 07-10-2020 02:38 AM

Hello, ok found something that maybe will help, did not try it yet but will at the weekend.
First IL2 seems to have patched a few issues regarding some joysticks, also you can edit some files (it is easy) that make the MS sidewinder II ffb work in all kinds of strengths without making the sim stutter - as said will have to try it..

So the old MS Sidewinder II with USB and electric motors still seems to be the best if you want FFB in 2020. It works very well in RoF and it seems now also in IL2.

I was looking for a new ffb stick and was wondering why there is none.
Seems there is no ffb gear on the market because a company called "Immersion" bought the patents and wanted to make a cash cow out of it. But the js producers were not willing to pay the obviously insane price, so no money for the "immersion" company, and no new ffb gear for us.

This is really insane, i wonder how much ideas and developments in general cannot suceed because of some greedy !"$%&/() :nope:

Upside is the MS SW2 ffb is still working almost everywhere.

edit: update it seems there are a few ffb sticks apart from the old MS, does anyone have one and which type? Does i work?

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