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rohling 05-22-2020 03:41 PM

Have you ever been playing with friends solo in a wolfpack of four uboats and thought it would be nice to use a bullhorn to communicate with each other?

Maybe this could be even achieved with some kind of voice distortion making it sound like actually talking through a bullhorn.

Aktungbby 05-22-2020 03:46 PM

that might sound... discordant!!?:O:

rohling 05-22-2020 04:13 PM

yeah I see what you mean, but I think discord takes away to much of the subsim feeling. Today I had a nice encounter, I hosted a session and strangers joined my lobby. After a while we were four Uboats attacking a Convoi. Long story short after my initial attack I was forced to crash dive from two escort vessels, some time later I managed to escape, running out of battery and compressed air I raised to periscope depth.. nothing to see, surfaced started charging the batteries and compressing air. All of a sudden I was under attack by an escort that stayed behind probably still looking for me.. with little air and batterie crash dived again sending an emergency radio message to the other boats with my approximate position. Luckily two remaining boats came to help and sunk the flower class vessel. It was an intense battle, being cutoff from communication barely surviving at 180m depth, hoping that the full radio message with my position could have been send before the signal was cut off by the sea. With the little air in my tanks left, I barely managed to raise the boat to the surface, but there my friends who came to safe me where waiting, hoping they did not came too late.

It would have been very nice to end this patrol by reflecting on the situation through a bullhorn. And I strongly believe using discord would have killed that claustrophobic uncertain feeling immediately. The Voice chat is the step into the right direction!

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