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Biggles 10-23-08 04:52 PM

The frontlines in Italy are collapsing! American tanks managed to break throguh and advance towards this german airfield. The squadrons based there barely made it, two of the last 109s got shot down by gunfire.
I must say, that the Italy campaign is more interesting than any other I've played in a very long time.
This is one of my favourite pics....

Kratos 10-26-08 02:23 PM

:cry: The end of my Mareth line campaign

Awe damn it i got to start again :lol:

Raptor1 10-26-08 02:34 PM

Serves you right, traitor! :p

sergbuto 10-27-08 01:50 PM


Originally Posted by TarJak
Which Ubi sim is this shot from SH4 or IL2?

The same question. ;)

Convoy escort.

Raptor1 10-27-08 03:14 PM

Commie tanks get a taste of the Panzerknacker:


Not anymore

Last survivor

Total score, Raptor 4 - Russkis 0

kenijaru 10-27-08 03:19 PM

i've read a lot about IL2's AI, but i never actually believed what you said, at least not a 100%, until i saw this:
let's see... 1, 2, 3.. 4... 4 engines? those are twin engine planes :nope:
(it happened twice, the 2nd just seconds after the first one)
"Hey Jack, please close the window, it's too windy"

Raptor1 10-27-08 03:22 PM

Pfft, don't doubt whatever preposterous thing you hear about the AI, it's probably all true

Valantine 10-31-08 11:42 PM

A few new JG53 Posters for you all, starring several of the subsim lot:

Check out the new URL: and feel free to visit as we are always recruiting!

Oberon 11-01-08 08:23 PM

Lolwaffles Deathmatch tournament extravaganza!

Team Red in round one
Front to back, left to right
Oberon, Task Force, Fin, Raptor
Fin, Oberon, Task Force

Eh, how did this happen?

The Red Team, Round Two, Aircraft pre-1940.
Or.... Take off - You're doing it wrong!
Front to back, left to right
Oberon, Task Force, Fin, Raptor

It's only a flesh wound!

TarJak 11-01-08 09:42 PM

From the Blue side:

Hunter uses his powers of observation and numeracy to good effect:

The blue forces prepare for take off:

And it all ends situation normal

TarJak 11-01-08 10:06 PM

Round 2 saw some intense dogfighting with Hunter being hotly persued by Fincuan:

Until Oberon obligingly cleared his six with this team kill:

The traitorous Raptor1 decided to flee in his Stalin carrier and crank up the Lag cannon which made Hunter a bit cross:

Meanwhile TaskForce, Schroder, Oberon and Hunter made a game of it on the Round Table:

Oberon got caught by Hunter and lost a wing tip and his rudder:

And dove for cover until Schroder delivered the coup de gras:

TarJak 11-01-08 10:08 PM

Round 3 saw some interesting aircraft choices:

But because of the rocket stunt we never found out how it would end.:cry:

Fincuan 11-02-08 12:17 AM

Great shots Oberon and TarJak, and thanks! It's always a pleasure to go over the sorties again while looking at the screenies :up:

Jimbuna 11-02-08 05:37 AM


Originally Posted by Fincuan
Great shots Oberon and TarJak, and thanks! It's always a pleasure to go over the sorties again while looking at the screenies :up:

They look like the auditions for Billy Smarts Circus :lol:

Task Force 11-02-08 09:42 AM

I remember all this, I enjoyed the bi plane round, I think I shot 2 people down, in the second round I shot one person down before I was. If I remember it correctly.:lol:

Task Force 11-02-08 09:43 AM

I also remember the second flight, I had raptor (taxi way commet) pulling up behind me.:huh: Thank god he didnt gun it.:lol:

Raptor1 11-02-08 09:49 AM

My PBN Nomad was a sure winner, if the thing could take off... :damn:

Sorry again for busting the game yesterday

Task Force 11-02-08 10:03 AM

cant wait for tonights flight.:arrgh!:

Raptor1 11-02-08 12:04 PM

Weirdest dogfight ever, Nomad vs. Emily (Sorry for the low-quality, damned Fraps):

Nomad draws first blood (or avgas) by cracking the Emily's fuel tanks (Which seem typically fragile)

Nomad sprays the Emily with .50- and .30-cal machineguns while the Emily's 20mm cannons cannot hit the quick and nimble Nomad (:p)

I think the pilot must've been dead at this point (Probably of laughter)... the Emily soon crashed into the sea

Biggles 11-02-08 12:43 PM

An interesting dogfight...


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