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ZeeWolf 03-23-10 04:59 PM

That is excellent eddie,:know: I will save the bridge in the image for a mission
that will suit it's use. I truly appreciate your concise account, that is very
good. It's obvious you are very interested in this subject matter of WWII
That is a tremendous driving force behind my work and long term plans for
T34 vs Tiger and likewise with my other Kamraden. I look forward to your research results. :salute:


frinik 03-23-10 11:46 PM

Zee by all means keep that bridge for future misisons it's majestic and I can image the fighting and fun we could have :

A) destroying it

B) shooting it out and trying to storm that bridge

C) trapping Soviet tanks columns on tha bridge and setting them on fire:up:

That being said I suspect that considering hwo primitive the Ukraine was during those days by all descriptions, it is likely that the bridge was indeed a log and timber type of pontoon rather than a Western European type of contruction such as the one you depicted. I will google it and I think we can find pics of the real thing somewhere.


ZeeWolf 03-24-10 12:55 AM

I hear yeh man! :up:
It will be awhile until my city structure library is built up but now would be
good to do some research though. I would welcome the help and suggestions
on a battle that would 1). Be inline with the Eastern Front theme and
2) Would be in the former USSR during 43-44.
and 3). Include Tigers :DL

ZW :salute:

BennoBoom 03-24-10 09:03 AM

Frinik !
Thanks for your advise, it was what I feared :timeout:
I got an AGP port on my MoBo, so this will be a new PC for me :wah:

ZeeWolf 03-24-10 05:03 PM

New trench and gun placements :)


morttheslayer 03-25-10 09:41 AM

Love the trenches especially the big one
Zee Got any ice modelled yet :haha::yeah:

For Info ZW and tankers from (Janes) War on the Eastern Front by James Lucas
Although not the ('43) period you were interested in, the Germans constructed an "ice Bridge" due to the Soviets
destroying all the Dneiper bridges during their withdrawal, including the giant railway bridge which linked Kiev,
Poltava and Kursk. Zee What you have designed could be used for an earlier period prior to the winter of 41/42
maybe the heavy rail bridge described below.

There was in fact only one useable heavy bridge, a 22-tonner for the whole area between Kremenchug and the Pripet
Marsh. (There is much information on the German engineers construction techniques for the ice bridge, it was
successful and supplied the 6th Army during a critical period from February until the thaw in the first week
of March via rail lines for rolling stock). It was 1600 metres wide and built of dressed ice blocks
(15,640 in number) and timber. It took 12 days to construct.
Unfortunately I cannot find any reference to the '43 bridge but earlier in the summer of '41 the Germans built
wooden bridges in a day!. Of course these were under favourable summer conditions.

Just polishing my shell cases (Auto gunner not very good at this job!)
ATB Mort

morttheslayer 03-25-10 09:45 AM

Doh!! I meant above
The heavy rail bridge described "above" not "below" aaaaaggrh what a mistaka to maka!! (Age again)

PS still like the trenches!!!:D


ZeeWolf 03-25-10 10:11 AM

Thanks Mort,
I actually built the bridge for experimenting with in tvt
Your history account is fantastic, like so many others
here in America I have never heard about the "ice bridge"
The enormous struggle on the "Ost Front" has been a mystery
for to long but that is slowly changing and that is a good
thing. Although the Deniper area mission is still a ways
away I am always open to those incredible stories that
help bring to light the un-told history of the Eastern
You are a champion Morttheslayer, :up:


ZeeWolf 03-27-10 01:07 AM

Finishing touches
Well Guys I am in the mission programing stage and
the last of the real challenging stages. And I have
to tell you there are almost 700 Soviet troops just
manning the artillery. I do have a few more environmental
objects I can add for the finishing touch so-to-speak,
and so much more in the line of AFVs(not built yet) but
they will come later. The main thing I have to stress
now is: This Kursk release is REALLY going to require
some CPU and GPU power. I will try my absolute best
to optimize what is possible at this level but please
understand T34 vs Tiger with my add-ons will demand
a very fast computer.
I am working at completion by the end of the month.
and I appreciate truly your patents and support thru
the last few months. I plan on releasing first to the
Foundation ZeeWolf Members then I will set up a plan
for all you guys how would like to jump on board.
That means there will be a membership charge plus the
addon charge and that will be established after the
Foundation Members are satisfied.



frinik 03-27-10 01:48 AM

slow but easy
I for one ain't scared Zee.It means with things running in slow motion more time to see those shells coming at us, those T34s coming ever so slowly.It will give Lc plenty of time to bat away at the shells with his crutches.|You have to see the bright side of everything you know?

Seriously what kinds of specs are we supposed to have CPU and GPU-wise to cope?

How many tanks & guns will be involved both sides?


ZeeWolf 03-28-10 12:31 AM

Well frinik I just odered a new Video card, a Radon 4770. I am sure that will
do the trick. I have an Nvidea 8600 GT Twin Turbo, of course I would love to
have what LC has but I can't afford it. The specs on the 4770 are probably
more than sufficient, almost twice the HP of the 9800 GTx's - that is on the
benchmark tests. So any way, I still will lighten up on the demand for a real
highend card for guys like your self. Although I think when the real changes
planned for T34 vs Tiger's future the computing power demand will only
go up and up and up. :yep:
As for the actual count on the artillery I think the final tally will be around
100-125 guns from 122-152mm. The anti-tank guns won't be as bad taking
Village C as they will be from there to Dubrova and beyond.

Cheers :salute:

frinik 03-28-10 05:22 AM

The HD4770 has 512 mb dedicated right? My ATI Radeon 3650īs got 512 mb dedicated as wel and itīs got up 1024 shared so hopefully it will be enough....My problem is that I have got laptops so they canīt be upgraded gc wise..

100 to 120 guns??????:dead: How many tanks????

Is there still time to request a transfer to the Italian front????:06:

Cheers ( while I still have something to cheer about....)

animal 03-28-10 06:48 AM

I've got an intel corei7 920 @ 4.2ghz with hyperthreading on, 6gb of 2000mhz ddr3 and 2xGTX280's in SLI. This game runs really great on my machine though all I've played is the christmas gift from zeewolf and suspect the final game will slow things down somewhat. Nonetheless the game is more tehn enjoyable to play and I even can enable 16x anistropic filtering and 2x antialiasing and i still get 40+ fps at my lowest. Though I play at 1680x1050, when you play in 3d with Nvidia's 3d vision your computer is effectively doing things at double resolution (3360x2100 in my case :o) On account of having to render 2 perspectives. Without 3d and AA/AF my fps varies from 75-120+.

I dont post this as an E-penis thing, only to bring forward the idea that its unlikely anything will replace this game anytime soon, and we can expect to be playing the t34vtiger scene for a good many years. That being said those of you with slower machines will be able to run it one day. I remember things were the same back in the days of panzer commander. My little p166 struggled bigtime until I got a 3d accelerator, and it was a few years after the game came out before it ran at what I would now consider "enjoyable" speeds.

ZeeWolf 03-28-10 12:25 PM

Com'on frinik think positive man! :DL


Thanks animal that is good news you sure have Horse Power so-to-speak
and the tank sim interest. I think you would make a great Kamerad of the
T34 vs Tiger's Project ZeeWolf.

Onwards, :salute:


frinik 03-28-10 10:48 PM

Animal you can average 75 to 120 FPS with the 3d turned off and you are worried about Kursk slowing things down for you?????? :timeout:

I play the game fine with 14 to 19 FPS average at 1020 X 768 resolution.The only thing you have to worry about is you getting killed first on the battlefield because with your faster fps you'll get to the Soviet positions before the rest of us...

Anyway I am sure you'll have the time of your life with Zee's release.

ZW I am optimistic which is why I applied for a transfer to the Italian front; the food and the weather are better there....:88)


ZeeWolf 03-28-10 11:52 PM

Transfer denied frinik, to the eastern front! :yep:
although when we are in 44 - 45 we will be fighting
for the Fatherland in France in some King Tigers :salute:


LcSummers 03-29-10 01:31 AM


Originally Posted by ZeeWolf (Post 1338658)
Transfer denied frinik, to the eastern front! :yep:
although when we are in 44 - 45 we will be fighting
for the Fatherland in France in some King Tigers :salute:


Hi ZW,

these are the greatest news i ever heard for a tanksim. To fight in France or Ardennes in those late war tanks are my favorites. I ever loved the years of 44-45.

Man, thats fantastic. Its not only a fight against russian vehicles but also against britissh( Firefly maybe) and american ones. This means we have a really big tank park and choises of vehicles. Every Euro i invested and will invest is worth for it.


ZW if you make such kind of update news, you cant hold me any more, i cant wait to have these updates and surley discuss any problems (if there will be problems).

All members will enjoy and love your add ons (if we survive the first missions)



frinik 03-29-10 02:12 AM

France? I ain't entranced!
France 1944-1945???? Fighting with a 68 tons monster guzzling fuel at 500 litres per kilometre, unable to cross normal bridges and with a top road speed of 17 km/ph? While facing total Allied air supremacy( American carpet bombings or British jabos straffing you with rockets), being constantly on the retreat with shortages of fuel, supplies, spare parts, ammo, being outnumbered in manpower and material and with maquis partisans harassing you and blowing up your rail and road communications...:wah:Thanks Zee for the kind thought but I think I'll stick with the Ostfront...Vodka sounds better than Cognac.:shifty:

I am flattered that you thought of me but frankly there are worthier Tiger commanders than me like Chucky, Friedrich Wilhelm or LC Summers for that glorious assignement....:shucks:

However I'll gladly accept garrison duty In Norway or Denmark????

morttheslayer 03-29-10 02:32 PM

That's a lot of guns!
:o I have a 9800GTX+ so I will have to see how the battle goes.
I didn't expect to get away with the hardware I have for long but I'll see how other members report on performance verses rig but I have already started saving:wah:

Still as said before this sim could run for a long while (hopefully) so it's worth investing in the Hardware eventually - we'll see. Just keep yourself healthy Zee - early nights and strong coffee! I'll be interested in your own experience with the Radeon when you get it so grateful for a quick brief (if you get time:haha:).

Still love the trenches - but - that may change as they don't look healthy to be close to :nope:

Best Wishes - Mort

ZeeWolf 03-29-10 07:41 PM

Thanks you guys,
Yes LC I know you like the latest versions of AFVs. But you know the
population of buildings, factories and whole cities and towns will
have to be on the map so that means it will be awhile. However the
animated building and bridges are the simplest to create from
scratch and of course it's the kind of thing that can be really
enjoyable. But remember it is all possible even AI aircraft battles.
After all T34 vs Tiger was built on a helicopter simulation way
back in it's genesis.

And frinic if you ever built 1/35 scale models of the Panther and
King Tiger you will see that the hull dimensions are very close.
The high fuel consumption was due to plowing through the mud of
spring thaw and the fall rains otherwise no where near 500lts per Km.
I am glad you recognize the impossible task that the Germans faced
defending their nation against such odds. And I agree Vodka for me

Hey Mort, you should be ok. I will let all know how my new 4770
performs. The good news is it cost me total of $114.00 bucks.
And yes early nights would be wonderful and strong coffee is a

To The Front!:rock:

Village C defenders
German FeldGun Accuracy

The Soviet ML20 152mm (again)

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