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Dowly 11-26-08 01:52 PM

A Spitfire of the 303 Squadron flown by Sqn.Ldr. Jan Zumbach. Photo taken just as he had taken off to his 4th combat sortie.

Dowly 11-27-08 04:37 AM

Pencil drawing portraiting Adolf Galland's Messerschmitt on final approach.

TarJak 11-27-08 06:12 AM

I finally got round to making a skin for the 109G TBH I think it's pretty rough but I learnt a bit whilst making so hopefully my next efforts won't be as bad. (Thanks dowly for the assistance with the prop). ;)

HunterICX 11-27-08 06:15 AM

Doesnt look bad to me, it looks good
whats that under the canopy?


Dowly 11-27-08 06:41 AM


Originally Posted by HunterICX
whats that under the canopy?


Dowly 11-27-08 10:18 AM

Luftwaffe pilot watches as three RAF Spitfires begin their dive towards the formations of bombers below.

TarJak 11-27-08 02:16 PM


Originally Posted by Dowly

Originally Posted by HunterICX
whats that under the canopy?


Actually "TarJak!" :D

Rilder 11-27-08 02:38 PM

Actually its TarJack! :p

Oberon 11-27-08 03:46 PM

Well, if we're putting sketches in's one of my more popular ones, and yes, I know that the flight panel is a bit crook ;)

Kptlt. Neuerburg 12-06-08 03:59 PM

As promised here are some screenshots of the ETO add-on for CFS3
Combat over France.
Lysander and Stonehenge.
RAF Collage Coltishall
Site of London's Heathrow airport.
Shots of London

Stealth Hunter 12-06-08 05:19 PM

Death in the Air

Verdun Patrol

Down in Flames

Stealth Hunter 12-06-08 05:21 PM


Silver Hawk


Seeadler 12-11-08 04:32 PM

FSX shots with the new payware addon's:
- Real Environment X
- PMDG 747

PMDG's 747 VC Cockpit

MD-11 departing Vancouver

MD-11 on Hannover ground

MD-11 over South China Sea

Rilder 12-16-08 06:05 AM
LOW-lunar Orbit.

porphy 12-20-08 05:52 PM


Today I did some more Black Shark Ka-50 flying. I have started to dig in to flying in simulator mode and with simulator avionics. Yes, it's a bit daunting doing both the flying and the shooting... :-?

Anyway, after fiddling on the runway with all the buttons and doing a less than stellar take off (somehow I yawed and banked away to the left a bit to violent and almost slashed the ground with my rotors...), I approached the targets for today. Four Abrams tanks that where put as sitting ducks on the road. No shooting back or moving around allowed today, I'm a learner.

After struggling a bit more to get in position and engaging the auto hover, it's time to try out the toys hanging of the stub wings. Success! I managed to hit all targets. Close up look in the Shkval monitor. :up:

You might see a very small dot between the smoke. Thats the Shark.

Then I played a bit with the cannon as well. :)

Later I did some playing around with the editor, and went for a early morning/ late night and foggy flight. Very scary and did not end well.

cheers Porphy

Task Force 12-20-08 05:58 PM

what year did Combat flight simulator 3 come out?:hmm:

Good shots all.

Seeadler. those screenshots are great. That add on looks real good.

Oberon 12-20-08 06:02 PM

Overhead cables and rotors don't mix, learnt that many times in EECH :lol:

Great shots :up:

iambecomelife 12-28-08 04:05 PM


Originally Posted by Oberon
Overhead cables and rotors don't mix, learnt that many times in EECH :lol:

Great shots :up:

Next time, teach your chopper to perch on the wires like a bird!

@Stealth Hunter - good to see someone else is still interested in RB3D. I think I still have a dormant career on my HD - a French flier who has amazing luck & lots of kills. He's the exception; most of my Red Baron careers involve me jumping over the trenches from 5,000 feet with no parachute.:nope:

Biggles 12-28-08 05:06 PM

The most beatiful airplanes are the old ones....

Oberon 12-28-08 05:32 PM

From one era to another...

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