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Castout 11-25-10 11:37 PM

Some models from the red side,

Castout 11-26-10 02:30 AM

Today's mission suppression of enemy air defense

Objective accomplished

Raptor1 11-29-10 01:20 PM

Russian aircraft return to base in a perfectly airworthy condition.

Lionclaw 11-29-10 03:48 PM

Frogfoot blew its nose.

Kptlt. Neuerburg 11-30-10 02:32 AM
It doesn't matter whoes swastias on it the G2 still rules!
Emil meets LaGG, LaGG wins.
MK.IX at dawn over the Argonne.
Tomahawk chopin' some Stukas.:D

HunterICX 12-01-10 07:20 PM

Forming up on Task Force and Raptor:

after taking down a few target I became a target myself and one cannon round found it's way in and out through my hull :o:

Raptor's Vikhr vs Leopard:


Raptor1 12-01-10 07:35 PM

A nice boat...full of Belgians...

But not anymore!

Alas, Task Force soon becomes a boat himself.

Task Force 12-01-10 08:40 PM

It makes a horriable boat at that.

reignofdeath 12-19-10 10:43 PM


Originally Posted by TarJak (Post 1472252)
Far to few screenies in the screenshot threat at the moment:

Some from my recent II/JG53 sorties

Someone please tell me what sim this is and where I can get it?? :)

Arclight 12-19-10 11:29 PM

It's Il-2 Sturmovik, and you should be able to get it just about anywhere for $5,-.

darius359au 12-20-10 12:29 AM

I just discovered that you can set fire to your own plane in Rise of Flight - I've just bought it and discovered that if you let the engine over heat on and SE5 then there's rather bad consequences:cry:
By darius359au at 2010-12-19

TarJak 12-20-10 06:33 AM


Originally Posted by USNSRCaseySmith (Post 1556835)
Someone please tell me what sim this is and where I can get it?? :)

IL-2 1946 to be precise patched to 4.09 with mods. And you can get it for about $5 from the link at the top right of the page.

reignofdeath 12-20-10 03:35 PM


Originally Posted by TarJak (Post 1557016)
IL-2 1946 to be precise patched to 4.09 with mods. And you can get it for about $5 from the link at the top right of the page.

ok if I get it is there a certain joystick you guys reccomned? I have one its a Saitek ST290 Pro (got it at wal mart) but it works fine for me in FSX10. as well as what mods would you guys reccomend?? Im really interested and I think this game would run fine on my comp ( I checked recommended requirements and the intel chipsets are 'supported' in the recommended area)

Schroeder 12-20-10 03:46 PM

You should try it out without mods first. After that it's all up to your taste. I would go with one of the super mods.

Highbury 12-23-10 12:09 AM

A non-shooting one but I thought it looked good :yeah:

CP Air 737-300 taking off from Comox BC (CYQQ). FTX NA Blue Pacific North West scenery.

Castout 12-23-10 03:47 AM

Tanker escort mission

Edit: I scrapped the Viper's tail upon touchdown :-) reckless me . . . . thought I had it in shallow angle...I'm always a bit distracted by the flight cue on landing.....

Highbury 12-26-10 02:09 PM

Experimenting with Real Environment X for FSX.

CC-138 Twin Otter. Dawn of Dec 25th over Yellowknife, N.W.T.

CF-18 over Vancouver Island/Gulf Islands, British Columbia. Sunset Dec 25th.

yubba 12-28-10 09:27 PM

Mmmmmm where could they be ?

Schwieger 12-29-10 02:05 AM

A little MiG fun :)

Bort 01-01-11 05:28 AM

A few shots from a nice little VFR cruise in an American Aerolites Falcon.

Took off from Bankstown YSBK outside of Sydney at Dawn and started flying towards the city.
A nice view from the cockpit and sunrise.
A look at the bird.
Sunrise behind the skyline.
View off the left wing.

Had a great time just flying around the city. :yeah:

P.S. TrackIR just makes things so much better.

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