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Marriott 07-28-2008 08:36 PM

good job guys. I'm hoping to try it out sometime within the next few days

nirwana 08-01-2008 04:29 AM

Was i just lucky or is it a suitable way to run from escorts in NYGM?
After spotting a juicy large convoy heading to gibraltar i took out the leading black swan as usually and unload my eals onto the helpless cargos. Cause the 4 remaining escorts start zigzagging zeroing onto my position i decided not to engage them and going deep.

Inspite being directly below a c3-cargo until im deep enough for a runaway they dropped wabos like they give a damn about the health of it so i dived to 210m (im using a type IX) just a notch above where i get panicking comments from my helmsman. I could only stabilize the depth by going two third which enabled the foes above to keep in touch with me. After 10 min i didnt even use evasing maneuvres anymore and set TDC to x32 cause none of the dozends of wabos they dropped were close enough to even scratch my expensive 6 color airbrush hull. :o

After almost 5 hrs of wasting wabos of the last remaining escort chasing me and the sun went up it finally gave up or ran out of wabos and trolled back to his convoy.

Since i still have a full set external eals im gonne run after the same convoy and check if i can replicate it again.

Stiebler 08-02-2008 01:10 AM


You have described the 'crash-dive blues', when you have to go at 2/3 ahead submerged to avoid sinking.
This occurs when you interrupt a crash-dive before it has completed. For example, you extend the crash-dive depth from its normal depth to a much deeper depth while still in the crash-dive. Your U-boat settles in a stern-down position, which makes it hard to control. The only solution is to rise again to a depth *above* the crash-dive limit (80 meters for NYGM), then crash-dive again, this time allowing the crash-dive to complete.
The 'crash-dive blues' is a bug found in the unmodified game, but, owing to NYGM's damage model, it is much easier to notice (and much more serious) with NYGM.
The long-term solution is: Never interrupt a crash-dive until you have completed it!
I recommend the following approaches:
1. Crash-dive (key 'C') if an aircraft attacks.
2. Deep dive (key 'D') at full speed if a warship approaches (assuming that the warship has already detected you - otherwise dive very slowly).
The crash-dive goes a little faster to a depth of 80 meters, but the deep dive is much easier to control with warships around.

I do not know of a list of NYGM-specific mods. Mods made specially for NYGM are usually incorporated into the next release.
I would advise very strongly, however, that you do not add new ships casually to NYGM. Our damage model for slow ship-sinking has made big changes to file zones.cfg, with unexpected results for new ships. If we like other designer's new ships (eg those of Iambecomelife, Sergbuto), we make changes to the zones to fit our pattern.

NYGM is compressed with the 'ultra' setting in 7-zip. This is to reduce downloading times for those with slow internet connections.
It would appear from your comments that WinRAR does not open files compressed to such an extent. Perhaps in future I had better compress with default settings in 7-zip. But this program is free anyway, so no one is forced to use WinRAR.

It would take an enormous effort to transfer NYGM into SH4 + U-boats release 1.5.
At the end of all this effort, we would have the existing NYGM, a little prettier.
That's not much of an inducement to start, is it?
Lurker's Atlantic campaign mod for SH4 uses many NYGM mods and ideas, with our permission.


goggy 08-02-2008 04:22 AM

8k scenery ?
Stiebler, thanks to you and your team for continuing and improving this mod. Its nice to see that there are still alternatives to GWX.

Is there any way to get the "old" 8k scenery? Like in previous versions of NYGM? 16k is too much workload for my computer and playing convoy games with 4fps is no fun at all...

kranz 08-02-2008 04:57 AM

You can change the value of crash dive depth in cfg files of each u-boat.I reduced it to 20m for each.When it reaches 19 I set it to e.g 80m.Of course I can make the maneuver slower but it works good enough.
Actually I meant that I've never managed to open NYGM 2.5 (dl-ed from Der Teddy Bar file front page) with this 7 zip free software. I had to use Power Archiever every time.Besides 7 zip uses the disc space to decompress the file and since I have it reduced I encountered problems with it

nirwana 08-02-2008 07:27 AM

umm no crashdive used
Originally my post wasnt about the issues of using crashdiving or trimming in general. I dived regulary with engines off. In general below 80m i have to go one third and below 150m two third with this boat in NYGM to trim it.I dont have any prob with it. It makes it more challenging.

My was:
Is it by design of NYGM that no wabos will come close enough to cause any damage at critical depth at two third (after wabos explosions i even was forced to run temporarly full ahead to get back to my desired depth of 210m) or unintended and therefor a cheat to use it.

Stiebler 08-03-2008 03:55 AM


Besides 7 zip uses the disc space to decompress the file and since I have it reduced I encountered problems with it
Are you saying that you have insufficient hard-disk space for 7-zip to open NYGM 2.5?
If so, there is nothing we can do about it.

I doubt if the old 8km horizon can be restored, because all the sensors are configured for 16km horizon. Sorry.

NYGM has not been fixed so that running at two-third speed at critical depth. Indeed, it is normally very dangerous to do so, although if you keep turning you might be able to avoid the depthcharges (the faster you turn, the easier it is to evade depthcharges at any depth). However, it will be very difficult to escape detection by the escorts, and, the more times they attack, the more likely you are to be hit by a depthcharge.


sergbuto 08-03-2008 05:04 AM


Originally Posted by Stiebler
It would take an enormous effort to transfer NYGM into SH4 + U-boats release 1.5.
At the end of all this effort, we would have the existing NYGM, a little prettier.
That's not much of an inducement to start, is it?

I have to disagree. The SH4 engine is better than that of SH3, especially Campaign-wise. Additional possibilities provide an opportunity to have even more immersive and more realistic gameplay.

Not to mention, it would be great to have in SH4 a group of creative people, such as NYGM team, who in the process of working on the NYGM mod came up with a number of pioneering ideas which were later repeated/adopted in other super-mods/mod compilations.

kranz 08-03-2008 06:51 AM

Upss, my English sux. There are two kind of problems.First-unknown error while trying to open NYGM 2.5 using this freeware.I've dl-ed the file at least 5 times from the page. Second problem is the space.

Stiebler 08-07-2008 01:25 PM


It is certainly very gratifying to receive such generous praise from you, one of SubSim's most talented modders. Thank you very much indeed.

However, although I take the points you raised, a version of NYGM for SH4 + U-boat add-on would definitely fall into the category of 'too much effort, too little return' (speaking only for myself).

It seems to me that there is a problem with your downloading system, if 7-zip will not open the files after several downloads. There is certainly not a problem with the original file, which is byte-identical to the one which I uploaded to FileFront. (I always check with a file comparison utility after downloading files I have uploaded, in order to make sure the download is identical to the original file).

With regret, then, I believe that I cannot help. Sorry.


kranz 08-07-2008 02:23 PM

yeah-it's really strange because Power Archiever opens this file without any problem.

nirwana 08-10-2008 05:59 AM

During my current patrol its now the 6th enemy vessel which disappears like it has a cloaking device. They dont appear on the map or in the log.

Stiebler 08-12-2008 02:20 AM

Ghost ships?

That is a new problem for me. I have never seen it before, and I have played two complete careers (1939 to 1945) with NYGM 3.0, as well as numerous test patrols.

The ship you have illustrated in your three pictures is one of Iambecomelife's new merchant fleet. As stated in the download documentation, some of these ships have been properly rezoned for use with NYGM, and have good zone properties, some have not been properly rezoned but their existing sinking-zone properties have been altered to give them slow sinking times.

It is true that sometimes those ships not properly rezoned do not appear in your log after you have sunk them - however, this is rare.

Can you provide more details about ghost ships? For example, what are the weather conditions? Have you attacked them with guns or torpedoes? Do they ever vanish without being attacked? Thanks.

On a related subject:
Sometimes you may receive a radar-warning of an imminent attack by a radar-fitted bomber. However, the bomber never arrives. Instead, a 'ship-sunk' symbol appears on your map, because the aircraft has suddenly crashed before you saw it.

I have been trying to discover the cause of this behaviour, with no success yet. Unfortunately it happens so rarely, and the effect is not reproducible in controlled missions. It is particularly noticeable when passing on the surface north of the Faeroe Islands (Torshaven) late in the war, and it seems that strong winds are also required.


nirwana 08-13-2008 01:57 AM

Alright here we go:

for the loner merchant in the screenshot:

- perfect wheather conditions except waves at 15m/s
- therefore only torpattack possible (1 eal only was necessairy to sink it)
- i repeated the attack on this ship about 3x with a saved file being 50km away from its actual position
- it started vanishing only just before its going down each time

above criterias applied to the convoy i attacked 1 day gametime earlier as well except it was nightime. i downed 8 cargos. 3 of them vanished in the same way. 1 of the 3 survived approx 3 hrs before it was finally unlockable, destroyed and vanished like the others.

zombiewolf 08-14-2008 10:53 PM

I cant find El Feroll.
Help down to 10% fuel!
F1 says go there to meet Max Albrecht
Captain Peachfuzz is lost again

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