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Stiebler 07-14-2008 02:06 AM

Thanks for your feedback. Glad you like the new version.

You should contact Onelifecrisis for his horizon fix mod -makes the horizon be sharp and allows a correct visualisation of tops of masts-, as after playing some time with it I now miss it a lot in NYGM

JSGME-compatible Mod to restore original weather: OK.

Thanks for the links. I've downloaded and examined the ASW mod. Most of what it offers is already installed with NYGM, including aerial depthcharges which explode at 35 meters. The Catalina, Sunderland, Wellington bombers already drop depthcharges in NYGM.
The Liberator, which is used a lot, does not drop depth-charges. This should be pretty easy to alter, and I am testing it now.


Hitman 07-17-2008 06:35 AM

One more detail I have noticed: In 29th Flotilla careers started in March 1942 it is not unusual to get assigned to grid CJ26, which is in the north-east coast of Italy in the adriatic :-? Unless there is some historic action there I can't remember now, I would say that the assignement is an error?

I have customized my own Flotillas cfg replacing CJ26 with something more appropiate, and of course SH3 commander or SH3 patrol can solve the problem, but again it could be worth doing the 30 seconds job of changing it for the next NYGM patch/released fix :up:

Stiebler 07-18-2008 01:02 PM


Yes, being sent to the north-eastern Adriatic in March 1942 (or at *any* time!) is a pretty poor patrol area.
I wonder how it arose originally? Anyway, thanks for the information, and I shall correct it.

Incidentally, don't forget that SH3Patrol (included with NYGM) will reassign patrol areas for you (although not for the very first patrol of a career):

SH3Commander uses the devs' original tables in flotilla.cfg for grid assignments. These grids are assigned according to your current flotilla, regardless of how inappropriate they may be (eg being directed from Norway in late 1944 with a giant IXD2 into the heavily-patrolled English Channel!)

SH3Patrol uses its own table created from a sampled and verified selection of patrol grids, taking only the most common patrol areas. These grids apply to your current U-boat type, the date, and the base. SH3Patrol mostly alters files different from SH3Commander, so that the two mods do not conflict.


Hitman 07-18-2008 01:05 PM

Thanks yes I already mentioned it:

and of course SH3 commander or SH3 patrol can solve the problem
but the problem is exactly as described by you: This grid is assigned to you in the first patrol when starting in 1942 :damn:

Kaleu_Mihoo 07-19-2008 03:11 PM

I'd like to thank the NYGM team for their fabulous work! The XXIII is really so much fun :up: The only little disturbing thing I noticed is the position when on the bridge (F4) because of the UZO right before your nose. The way around this prob is adding

search,UseInitialLocalPos,2,byte,>2,UseInitialLoca lPosition
search,InitialLocalPos,4,single,>2,Captainīs viewpoint X-Value
search,InitialLocalPos,4,single,>6,Captainīs viewpoint Y-Value
search,InitialLocalPos,4,single,>10,Captainīs viewpoint Z-Value

to the minitweaker's NSS_Uboat21_cam.txt. Then alter the Y-Value to 0.1867 or whatever you want, making you see over the UZO.

The idea comes from the tweakfiles from DivingDuck and is only added by myself to the 21_cam, as this was the only file missing in his package.


nirwana 07-19-2008 05:58 PM

Making it with 14 knts surfaced in the night through a swarm of escorts, elcos and destroyers from the atlantic to gibraltar harbor and attacked the anchored southhampton and being shot by every available gun (include the cooks dirty knives) of it caught by surprise since o am not used to anchored ships biting back in other supermods. So i went back to a saved game 1hr back in time and still 20 km away from the cruiser surounded by forts and lots of small warships previously not detecting me. As soon as the game finished loading every gun and searchlight in a 7 km range zeroed in unloading their weapons.

It is intended that u cannot save a game being surounded by enemies without being attacked after reloading the game when u exchanged fire before ? I tried another save just at the entrance of the straight with 4 escorts close by and they acted in the same way.

Stiebler 07-21-2008 10:39 AM


What you are describing is stand behaviour in the original un-modded SH3 game.

It is always a risk to save a game when other ships are nearby.
It is a bigger mistake to save a game if there is a convoy nearby - you often get a Crash-to-Desktop (CTD) when you reload.
It is the biggest mistake to save a game if there is more than one convoy nearby - you will often get a CTD after reloading the game.


caspofungin 07-22-2008 07:05 AM

been away from sh3 for positively ages, thought i'd reinstall and give it a whirl -- an lo and behold, there's a brand new version of tonnage war out. sweet. nice work, stiebler and co, your efforts are appreciated.:up:

are any versions of the longer repair time mod compatible with this?

also, are you considering making u-boat mods for sh4 at any point in the future?

Stiebler 07-22-2008 12:37 PM


Thanks for the information concerning the _cam.txt file. I shall try it soon.


Thanks for the kind words. NYGM already incorporates a longer repair time mod. I don't know whether any other version might be compatible.

There is unlikely to be a version of NYGM for SH4. If there is, I shall not be part of the team, since I am largely ignorant about US fleet boats.


caspofungin 07-23-2008 03:25 AM

but you're decidedly well-informed on u-boats -- what i meant was, now that the ubm add-on has brought u-boats to the sh4 engine, will you consider porting the work of nygm to sh4/ubm? ie a realism-oriented mod for the u-boat afficionados out there?

Hitman 07-23-2008 06:19 AM

Well I hope there could be at least a limited version of NYGM for the U-Boat missions expansion :up: and who knows, maybe in the future add other small theatres like the Mediterranean and Arctic, or the so well worked "Inshore Campaign" for late war periods :rock:

rascal101 07-26-2008 05:15 AM

POroblems with downloading files
Hi to all I wonder if some one can help, I've just downloaded both the Fulon and latest NYGM3 via Flashget

I just tested both files before installing them via JSGMe and both report that they have broken files.

Now I have been having a lot of trouble downloading items from the net, not just games or patches, so I dont think its a problem with your site or where the files are lodged for people like me ot download them.

I wonder if there is someone out there with decent computer experience who can say what may be going on or suggest a sollution. Whenever I download a patch or mod, 7 out of ten times its corrupt or broken, whatevfer is not usable.

There is nothing about my computer not my internet that seems to be at fault, I use XP and Kaspersky anti virus.

Any ideas


kranz 07-26-2008 05:59 AM

while trying to decompres 7z files from filefront-nygm etc using 7z software i got this message-try using power archiever, u may use it free for a few weeks-it always helped

rascal101 07-26-2008 08:21 PM

An interesting comparison
I just tried the same files with 7zip as you suggest and no problem. Is there some issue with rar?


Originally Posted by Mikhayl
What's your decompressing program ? With winrar, quite often I have the "archive corrupted" message on opening, and when I open the same file with 7zip no problem at all.

rascal101 07-27-2008 06:09 AM

Finally SH# modded to lates NYGM 3 and all working!
Now for a second request, is there a list of NYGM3 compatible mods so those of us who cant refrain from fiddling can have something to fiddle with


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