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Dowly 01-26-08 08:45 PM

Go ahead, just follow the rules and you'll be fine.

tater 01-26-08 11:26 PM


Originally Posted by tater

I'm surprised I got no comment on this shot (I messed with the levels in PS, that's the only edit).

Anything look odd?

Biggles 01-27-08 07:11 AM

Not really, I recon it looks good, but I'm no expert.

BTW, you must've used timedelay on those bombs right? Otherwise you'd go down under yourself! That's all I could spot...

HunterICX 01-27-08 08:59 AM

@Tater: The only thing I can notice is that the ship/water/aircraft look what you normaly would expect on a Box art cover
good effect :yep:


Dowly 01-27-08 09:22 AM


The bomb(s) looks odd, or is that photoshop effects?
Water sprays on the bow of the ship?
Camouflage skin on merchant?

Tell uuusss!! :rotfl:

NiclDoe 01-27-08 11:31 AM

Yea what the Ferret said! and I like Pacfic storm and cant wait for the new add on!!! and that is the Crimson tanker right?

tater 01-27-08 11:35 AM

Dowly wins. The bow spray is stock, but the dazzle painted tanker...


NiclDoe 01-27-08 11:50 AM

so is it the Crismon tanker class?

tater 01-27-08 12:18 PM

What is a crimson tanker?

Is that something from pacific storm (looks horrid to me).

That is an il-2 screen shot.

Dowly 01-27-08 12:46 PM

The ships definitly could use a reskin on IL2. The textures are very low resolution. I did start to reskin the M-Boat, but never finished it.

tater 01-27-08 05:06 PM

That was vpmedia's first try at a ship, BTW. Pretty damn nice.

Dowly 01-28-08 07:21 AM

Another 3 for JG53 :up:

Kratos 01-28-08 11:28 AM

Another three notches on the joystick handle for you ? ;)

Jimbuna 01-28-08 12:15 PM


Originally Posted by Kratos
Another three notches on the joystick handle for you ? ;)

Cash em in and buy a mic :p

NiclDoe 01-28-08 03:57 PM


Originally Posted by jimbuna

Originally Posted by Kratos
Another three notches on the joystick handle for you ? ;)

Cash em in and buy a mic :p

:rotfl: :rotfl: he should and pigs fly now so buy that mic!

CCIP 01-31-08 08:31 PM
Brothers in Arms

(also titled "Stop Trying to Take My Kills You Pesky Hurricane! :damn:")

HunterICX 02-01-08 04:32 AM

Nice screenshot :up:
tell the hurricane to F$%" off :lol:


Skybird 02-01-08 06:03 AM

Looking at the pics here, I must conclude there is no more love amongst man :lol:

Anyway, some snapshots of me and my new love, Condor:

that is no sim - that is meditation! :D

Skybird 02-01-08 07:47 AM

CCIP 02-01-08 10:19 AM

Just wondering - the first one vs. the second one = photoreal scenery vs. normal scenery? I do like the look of that first one...

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