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CCIP 01-17-12 10:58 PM

Just another day of doing routine 737-300 operations :D

GSpector 01-17-12 11:10 PM

I too still like to fly FSX:yeah:

As for X-Plane 10, it looks great down to the smallest detail such as the road traffic wil actually drive routs on the road and I think the roads will be modeled after real roads but the cities will all be auto-generated, so not modeled after any city :down:

I am still waiting for more info on MS Flight. That one sounds promising.

Biggles 01-19-12 02:25 PM

Okay, I know this is hugely Off Topic, but I just found this amazing thing on Wikipedia. It's quite large, so I will link it rather than post it as a picture. What is it? Well it's a visual representation of the number of British aircraft used during the big raid on Dresden in 1945. Imagine seeing that in a flight sim one day! :o

Herr-Berbunch 01-19-12 03:01 PM

Similarly off-topic, at Brize Norton's civvy flying club they have a photo of some 30+ (a guess, it's been a while since I've seen it) Horsa gliders all vying for the same airfield. :o No go-arounds, just land, and if the glider just in front stops quicker than you :doh:

CCIP 01-19-12 03:17 PM

Not quite that big, but BoB II's major raids can be really breathtaking in scale - we're still talking hundreds of aircraft. And it actually doesn't require a supercomputer to run and looks darn nice :yep:

As far as I know, big raids aren't a 'new' thing either, it's actually that most newer games (like IL-2) have regressed in terms of numbers lately. EAW for example, from what I recall, was also known to have supported massive packages.

[501]Otto 01-21-12 03:37 AM

The last and desperate fight of German pilots to defend the motherland against the USAAF bombers. So desperate, that even a damaged plane, that has lost a landing gear, has the engine damaged and is leaking fuel rolls towards the combat, ready to fight till the last bullet.

Dowly 01-21-12 08:54 AM


hawk2495 01-21-12 03:02 PM

Gorgeous as always Otto.:rock:

TarJak 01-21-12 07:37 PM

Control, I think I have a problem...

Biggles 01-22-12 11:37 AM

Rainy day in November. The boys on the ground must be really sick of it...

[501]Otto 01-23-12 06:33 PM

Dowly 01-23-12 08:50 PM

Excellent as usual Otto. :up:

Herr-Berbunch 01-24-12 07:17 PM

[501]Otto 01-25-12 02:16 PM

A beauty of a shot, Herr-Berbunch

Biggles 01-25-12 04:14 PM
Another bombing mission in the rain...this time a rail-station! Unfortunately, we didn't really hit anything of importance (unless you count grass as a vital resource for the war industry) but at least we made it back unscratched! Curiously enough, the next day we were tasked to attack the same place! A consequence for not being able to raze the place the first time, or pure randomness? I hope the first, but think the latter :haha:

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