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hawk2495 12-07-11 10:59 AM

Very nice CCIP. The Betty, and Dauntless seem a bit out of place, but nice none the less. FS2009 or X?

CCIP 12-07-11 11:09 AM


You're right about out of place, though actually the shots are taken not at Pearl but in the Solomons and New Guinea :)

I'll have to fix that today though and actually add some of Hawaii.

hawk2495 12-07-11 11:12 AM

Beautiful models none the less. Freeware or pay?

CCIP 12-07-11 11:16 AM

All freeware, actually! The nicest of them, the P-40, is formerly payware, but has long been released for free:

Iris have made some really nice warbird models that are are now free, but still good by FS9 standards. All their FSX models are payware though.

[edit - actually I'm wrong on that - they also have a free Warhawk for FSX: ]

Herr-Berbunch 12-07-11 11:47 AM


Originally Posted by CCIP (Post 1801238)

[edit - actually I'm wrong on that -

And Pilatus PC-9, F-20, and a T-6 Texan II (US var. PC-9) :up:

eddie 12-09-11 12:08 AM

Great model, The Enforcer!

CCIP 12-09-11 01:35 AM

I got bit by the IL-2 bug again, largely from my current interest in the Pacific :D

TarJak 12-17-11 02:25 AM

Nice shots CCIP! Particularly like the first 5.

Are you a screenshot artist? Are you interested in making art from your shots? Are you interested in learning more about how to make great screenshots? Check out

It's a great community where you can learn a lot and have some fun showing off your artistry.

We have set up a specific thread for Silent Hunter series but there are also threads for flight sims, sci-fi and other games. Some great art coming out over there that is worth a look.

CCIP 12-17-11 04:25 AM

Yup, I noticed your links to the community before. Some lovely stuff there :yep:

I've not really had the time or interest for heavy screenshot retouching lately, but someday perhaps.

Meanwhile here's a few more.

TarJak 12-20-11 07:34 AM

hawk2495 12-20-11 12:31 PM

MMMMMM. Skyraider...... Doh!!

Biggles 12-20-11 01:25 PM

I really hope they'll turn their eyes towards the Pacific after the BoB business, or maybe Italy, that would be truly awesome! :D

hawk2495 12-20-11 04:26 PM

I personally hope, someone else does a new WW2 sim like or even better than IL2, the real IL2 that is. After CoD, I think the 1C team needs to step down and keep on with their other projects.

CCIP 12-21-11 01:05 AM

A little bit of pretend fighter-jockeying in FS9 :)

TarJak 12-21-11 08:18 AM

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