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mapuc 01-19-2021 10:40 AM

Superstition or prejudice
Some of these superstition or prejudice has lived through century, many of them has change throughout time.

There are national superstition or prejudice and there's what I would call national superstition or prejudice.

One of these national is:

If a black cat cross you path it means bad luck.
Then there's a varying method to remove this.

In Denmark you shall spit three times over your left shoulder. In Sweden you shall through salt over one of your shoulders.

Here are some old Danish superstition

If the firewood pile over, means someone will die before the year is over

The ringing in the ears means that now the church bells are ringing for burial

The itching in the left hand means that you get to (get) money.

Would love to read about you countries own national superstition or prejudice.


Platapus 01-19-2021 11:21 AM

In the USA I don't think we have any national superstitions, primarily because we are a mixing bowl/salad plate when it comes to culture.

Von Due 01-19-2021 11:47 AM

The black cat crossing the road is well known in Norway as well although I do prefer Groucho Marx's "a black cat crossing the road means it's going somewhere".

Never wish a fisherman good luck fishing as it brings bad luck fishing

Never enter someone's home wearing a hat or cap as it brings misfortune to everybody

Whistling at the sun causes rain

A farmer should, around christmas, put a bowl of porridge in the barn for the local gnome, so that he will continue to protect the farm, the crop, the animals, the farmer and his family. If that fails, do not send porridge to the agricultural dept. for financial aid.

Jimbuna 01-19-2021 12:32 PM

Lucky to meet a black cat. Black Cats are featured on many good luck greetings cards and birthday cards in England.

mapuc 01-19-2021 05:00 PM


Originally Posted by Platapus (Post 2722713)
In the USA I don't think we have any national superstitions, primarily because we are a mixing bowl/salad plate when it comes to culture.

That's true. Many of these superstitions and/or prejudice is somehow(not 100 % sure) based on culture.

I sad to myself it must be some kind of superstition in the States.

Found this


Platapus 01-19-2021 05:03 PM

Yeah, I can see the Knock on Wood one as being popular here in the USA.

Jeff-Groves 01-19-2021 05:12 PM

In the U.S.A. anyway.
Tall buildings don't have a floor 13.
It goes from 12 to 14
The belief 13 is an unlucky number dates back to the Knights Templar betrayal by the Pope and King of France.
Who both suffered that betrayal.

Jeff-Groves 01-19-2021 05:31 PM

Having a rabbits foot is considered lucky by many.
Unfortunately that foot was not lucky for the donating Rabbit!

Jeff-Groves 01-19-2021 05:34 PM

In the Irish story of the blacksmith and the devil, one day a blacksmith was working hard in his shop forging horseshoes.
Suddenly, the devil appeared and demanded his own shoes.
The blacksmith, recognizing the devil, took a burning hot shoe and nailed it deep into the devil's hooves.
After walking away, the devil was in such excruciating pain, he ripped the horseshoes off and swore he would never go near one again.
Thus, the tradition of hanging a horseshoe over the entrance of a house to ward off evil spirits was born.

Jeff-Groves 01-19-2021 05:39 PM

Breaking a mirror.
7 years bad luck is credited to the Romans, who are said to have believed that life renewed itself every seven years. Damaging a mirror was tantamount to damaging one’s health and therefore brought about a calamity that would not be fully righted until the next seven-year cycle had passed.

mapuc 01-19-2021 05:58 PM

Interesting input you have posted.

Let start with the last-About horseshoe.

In Denmark and Sweden hanging a horseshoe above the entrance door means Luck

In one of the country-the opening has to hang down-wards so the luck can come out of the shoe-while in the other the opening has to be upwards so the luck can be contained and not escape.

Number 13-Is also consider a unlucky number here.
Here the story is quit different.
Here the story behind 13 is based on Jesus last supper.

The Number 13 as an unlucky number is mentioned in many religion, such as Nordic mythology and the bible.

Knock on wood is also popular here in Scandinavia.
It is used when you say something like "I will never-something" after this you may say knock on wood and most do use their fingerbones and knock on the table.


Jimbuna 01-20-2021 10:33 AM

Lucky to find a clover plant with four leaves.

Threadfin 01-20-2021 11:00 AM

It's considered bad juju to rename a ship.

When a ship is given a name it is registered in the Ledger of the Deep. If one changes the ship's name, Poseidon will see this as an attempt to slip one by, and misfortune soon follows. Never rename a ship.

I'm not a superstitious man by nature, but I do stick to this. For example in Elite Dangerous if I want change a ship's name I will sell this one and buy an identical one, taking a bit of a hit in the wallet. But far be it for me to tempt fate! :)

Platapus 01-20-2021 07:19 PM

August 01-20-2021 07:24 PM


Originally Posted by Platapus (Post 2722713)
In the USA I don't think we have any national superstitions, primarily because we are a mixing bowl/salad plate when it comes to culture.

Yeah whatever beliefs an ethnic group brings with them there are a dozen others who would declare it to be superstitious nonsense.

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