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bacon117 01-07-2021 04:47 AM

Enemy Detection
Was playing the Gulf Breakout mission. Can't use vlads so I placed a bunch of DIFAR's with the two Helos. Saw the buoys go hot, but before they could pick up an actual direction of the signal, I suddenly had a very confident solution on the enemy. The source was "Link (0004)" which was my Helo.

Just trying to learn the dynamics of the game, but why would the Helo pick up a sub with high confidence. The sub wasn't surfaced...

Any thoughts? I was just using the Helo's and hovering them to keep contact with my buoy's, but maybe having them fly around would help pickup subs.

Perhaps the Helos did get a visual because the water depth was only ~300ft?

p7p8 01-07-2021 07:16 AM

Hoovering AI helo always deploys dipping sonar - not visible on 3d window

bacon117 01-10-2021 05:52 PM

Got it, thanks!

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