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Chock 07-07-07 11:41 AM

Yup the PMDG 747 is without doubt THE best PC-based simulation of an aircraft ever, gotta love that thing. Trouble is, it aint up and running for FSX yet though is it? I shall certainly be buying it (AGAIN) when they manage to get it into FSX.

:D Chock

Chock 07-07-07 08:38 PM

But before Boeing made the 747, they made this baby, which is even cooler, especially when you are smuggling and flying below the Radar to avoid customs!

:D Chock

STEED 07-08-07 11:40 AM

Not the plane the colour of it. :lol:

Seeadler 07-08-07 02:06 PM

DeHavilland Beaver DHC2

DeHavilland Vampire T11

XabbaRus 07-09-07 05:46 PM

A series from a mission I just completed.
Bombers make the strike.

Hunting down a Bf-110.

Kill for the Rodina.

Closing in on wounded prey.

Close for the kill.

Closing in to finish the job.

Seeadler 07-10-07 02:12 PM

LOL, I did a test flight in FSX over New York at the Dec. 31 around 23:59 and saw some fireworks effects near the Liberty Statue:D

XabbaRus 07-10-07 03:28 PM

That is cool.

Jimbuna 07-11-07 05:42 AM

@XabbaRus.....great sequence :rock: shot mate :up:

HunterICX 07-11-07 05:35 PM

HunterICX reports on Deck...sort off

Chock 07-11-07 07:32 PM

Actually, considering the wing damage (assuming it was like that before you landed), it's a good landing.

:D Chock

Chock 07-11-07 09:51 PM

More B-17 fun and games...
Stunting with a 109G over the target while my B-17G waits for everyone to form up, orbiting the base on autopilot:

Nice head on shot of the formation setting off:

Sneaky 109s engage the formation before the P-47 escort shows up and the top turret gunner gets a kill!

Navigator cops a flak hit (which also hit the number 2 engine oil tank) coming off the target after the bomb run:

:D Chock

HunterICX 07-12-07 03:32 AM


Originally Posted by Chock
Actually, considering the wing damage (assuming it was like that before you landed), it's a good landing.

:D Chock

If you consider destroying a German destroyer and flying over the tirpitz and comming back with that little damage , it was a good run:lol:

I start to like Rockets and Tiny Tims :up:

Stealth Hunter 07-12-07 01:49 PM

If you survive hordes of Focke Wulfs while flying a Pe-2 over Berlin in 1945 while being shot at by flak, tanks, and machine gunners while bombing, it is an exceptionally good run...:shifty: , especially WHEN YOUR WHOLE DAMN TEAM ABANDONS YOU IN AN ONLINE MATCH TO FIGHT ON THE WEST SIDE OF BERLIN...:damn:

Stealth Hunter 07-12-07 01:53 PM

Heinkel Lerche that I destroyed after blowing the nose-cone off...
Heinkel Lerche that disentigrated after I hit it with a cannon shot. The thing was travelling at about 800 km/ph!!

HunterICX 07-13-07 03:14 PM

:cool: P-38L

:doh: Wreck, aka BF110

Stealth Hunter 07-15-07 01:27 AM

"Killer was killed."

:D :rotfl:

Jimbuna 07-15-07 03:30 PM

I see the old magic is still there Hunter ;)

Stryker412 07-20-07 08:22 AM


Pics of NYC:

Stryker412 07-20-07 08:23 AM


CaptainChunk 07-20-07 12:53 PM

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