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Skybird 11-17-2021 07:21 AM

Steal Beast5s Pro now with several different payment methods
This is only to spread the information that at some point during the past 4 years they must have changed their payment policy.

Until 2017 or so, the game could only be ordered via in Germany, or directly form eSim, but eSim only offered credit card payment. Okaysoft since 2017 is no longer an available option, since several years. Credit card payment may be more common in some countries than in others, but if you had no credit card like Visa or Mastercard, you were out as far as SBP is concerned.

They have since then added Paypal and some more, after originally not intending that (due to the fees).

That means I am back in business, I have skipped several versions in the past four years and was away from tanking in general, due to VR and racing sims. My last version was 4.023 and I think I did not play it a single time after buying it four or five years ago.

Next week they say they release version 4.268. I will update to that for 30 coins, due to my old license I can upgrade, must not buy new.

Im really getting back into the mood for some heavy metal rumble.

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