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SmokingHeadStudio 07-04-2019 09:27 AM

Questions and Wishes from you
Here i want to do a Place, there you can:

- Ask Questions that you have for Seahunter,

- or ask for Wishes, you want to have inside.

* Wishes is a thing i need to see, if i can develop it in the Time i set up for the Project until Release. Critic or Wishes are everytime welcome.

For this, use this Thread please, because i want to keep the Things sortet here, so that for every "part" of the Information,at the End 1 Thread is here.

so we got at the End ~ 5 - 8 Threads, and all is sortet, and any one knows there he can find what Information :)

Happy to hear from you.

Andy, Smoking Head Software.

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