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Akula937 11-19-21 03:18 PM

Question about the development of the Dot Mod
Hello Uboot Captains, :Kaleun_Salute:

I like to play the DOT mod and was wondering about its development. I haven't found any news about it on the net yet. Can someone from the developers involved say something about it? Which features are planned or is the development going on at all?

Sorry for my bad English but I am German and use a translator.

Firebar 11-21-21 02:36 PM

Hi Akula,

I'm a part of the DotMod team, we're not really on SubSim that much, a couple of us lurk occasionally.

We're currently in work on the next version of DotMod, likely to be 0.3 due to significant code changes. Coming up is also a bunch of new models and additional submodding support.

If you want to keep more up to date with us we have a Discord here and we also post updates on Reddit occasionally.


Aktungbby 11-21-21 11:29 PM

Welcome aboard!
Akula937!:Kaleun_Salute: after 14 years on silent run!:up:

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