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Amizaur 09-15-2005 08:46 PM

LuftWolf 'n Amizaur's Mod 2.0 - acknowledged bugs and issues
I want in this thread to do something I would like to see for DW. You report varius bugs, things to correct or other issues in the main thread, here you can find those which were really acknowledged as bugs or simply things to change/improve. I'm going to edit this post all the time to keep it up to date, so please not reply in this thread, here it's only a bug list edited by me, any discussions are on main thread :)

So here we go:

Current version: 2.01

Things to check:

Acknowleged bugs that need fixing:

- The Mk46/Mk54 and helo issue ?
- Torpedos become too quiet in 2.01 because of my error

Things to change or improve in next version:

- better documentation!
- corrected descriptions in USNI reference !
- add Maverick fix and reduce it's range
- improve AI subs torpedo evade doctrine
- new platforms (non-playable Lada class 677 for sure)
- try few ideas for auto sub missile launch warning :up:
- reduce the 95% effectivenes of submarine sail launched SAMs, you know even Stinger probably is not one-shot-one-kill monster in sea enviroment, even less likely older and less reliabie Striela stored in Kilo sail...

Bugs fixed for next version relase :) :

- too quiet torps are simple to fix :)

LuftWolf 09-16-2005 11:47 AM

LW's Short List of Features for Addition and Review:

-AEGIS ship missile intercept behavior

-Torpedo.txt doctrine: randomized AI torpedo search depths (review)

-AI Active/Passive Sonar, models and assigments (review)

-CM effectiveness (review)

LW's List of Resolved Issues:

-Torpedo feedback removed

-Expansion of Active sonar mod to all platforms.

-Readme: credits to Molon Labe (testing, multiplayer testing) and Deathblow (torpedo doctrine depth issue). Add caution about saved game incompatiblity between database versions.

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