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Usurpator 09-25-20 02:32 PM


Originally Posted by skipjack578 (Post 2696268)
May i suggest to remove underwater "wavy effect" when watching your submarine through the scope. (sub appears to be wavy and curved)
They also did this in SH series but that is something taken from spongebob and other cartoons.
If you watch your submarine through a scope underwater it would be seen normal, only if you watch a sub from above the water then it would appear to be wavy and curved because of the refraction of light.

Keep up the good work!

Thank you, you are correct. This is temporary and will be taken care of. We'll stay clear of the Spongebob look xD

Usurpator 09-25-20 02:32 PM

Weekly update
Hello everyone!
This week we've been improving the under water effects for the new water asset. We've also made a chronograph, it will be added to the game with the next update.

Catfish 09-30-20 06:13 AM

Only saw it now, thanks for the update! :salute:

Usurpator 10-02-20 04:00 PM

Weekly update
Hello everyone! Here is a short video showing some progress on the new water asset we are working on. The next step will be adding foam and wakes.

blackswan40 10-02-20 05:40 PM

Hi Usurpator Oscar and Einar Onkel Neal do this mean we are getting a gods eye mode view for Wolfpack or am i jumping the gun a tad

Onkel Neal 10-02-20 06:58 PM

Haha , no. You will only get a sailor's-eye view from us. But it will be a damned fine view.

What the devs did not mention, Oscar took a lot of time to get a really authentic transparency scheme, where the water is more transparent from a higher angle, such as above, and more translucent from a more acute angle. We've all seen naval games where the water seems clear and transparent around the ship regardless of the viewing angle, right? He's found a way to manage that more realistically.

Completing the new water asset, all inhouse so it is designed for the game, is a big step and will clear the road for the next roadmap items.

There will be further refinements on the wave crests and contours, as well as the long-awaited foam/spray/wakes. :up:

PL_Andrev 10-03-20 07:36 AM


Originally Posted by Usurpator (Post 2698815)
Hello everyone! Here is a short video showing some progress on the new water asset we are working on.

Lol, it looking great!

But wait a moment... after few times of watching this video it looks for me like plastic model on heavy waves.

Have you implemented inertia forces in your model?
Inertia is a "resistance" of massive object to change its position.
And I'm quite sure the uboat has a mass.

Not sure but for uboat on big waves there is momentum of inertia (forcing to rotate uboat of X, Y, Z axis) too and maybe is should be implemented.

JuanLiquid 10-03-20 10:12 AM

I cannot wait to navigate these waves! (much better in a close night :P)

However take your time!

Usurpator 10-09-20 12:20 PM

Weekly update
Hello everyone! This week we have been working on adding foam and wakes to the new water asset.

Usurpator 10-23-20 03:50 PM

Weekly update
Hello everyone!
This week we've done more work on the wake and foam simulation.
This is a debug screenshot of the simulation at it's current state.
The green channel is velocity, red is positive wave height,
and blue is negative height offsets.

Usurpator 10-30-20 01:43 PM

Weekly update
Hello everyone!
This week we have continued working on the wake simulation.
Here are some work-in-progress screenshots.
Next week we will start adding foam, particles and other effects.

Usurpator 11-06-20 01:06 PM

Weekly update
This week we have added water/particle interaction
to the wave deformation system. The particles in
the video are placeholders.
If you have questions regarding the project, we're doing a Q&A on Discord November 10:th 10-18 GMT.

les green01 11-06-20 10:07 PM

wow looking awsome have to test it out on this 80 inch tv

Superesse 11-07-20 04:02 PM

Thanks for really good work on the water asset! Looking forward to seeing it in the game!

bigbear 11-11-20 04:31 PM

Monitor support
I bought this game a few months ago but found that it doesn't support 3440x1440 widescreen monitors when in the conning tower. Seemed to work just fine elsewhere. So I was wondering if anyone knows if there is any chance of fixing that soon. I am pretty keen on playing this game and it seems like such a small fix.

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