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boonie 05-29-12 12:50 AM

Boonie's 5th patrol log:

Boat : U-53, VIIB
Assigned Grid: AN13

Destination is just adjacent to previous assigned grid, very nice location as it is just at at the hebriden channel north opening. Arrived at destination after scoring 2 merchant on the way. Made a few more merchant kills, all using dg except 1 merchant that cost me a rear torp.

Received target location recon from BDU, "warship at AM35 heading NE speed 18knot". Very interested at what this 'warship' comprised of. Plotted a guestimated intercept location using merchant routes previously encountered. Have noticed a tanker that i killed in previous mission seems to be using pretty much the same route except in reverse direction so i followed that path and found them.

There are actually 2 battleships, HMS Hood and HMS Nelson unescorted. Though i did sink Hood in previous mission.. nevermind that, will sink her again hehe.

Following the previous mission's experience dealing with bb's, they are very vulnerable once torpedoed in the rear (causing them to slow down alot which gives enough time to reload to finish them off. So I decided to shoot 2 torp to each rear section with my front tubes. The SO detected them early this time giving me good times to creep very close to their path on port side, fired all 4 tube at them. Hood took 2 very near the rudder and sank in a minute. Both shots aimed at Nelson missed.

HMS Nelson is the second ship so increased to flank speed running parallel to her while i desperately try to reload. Fortunately 1 of my officer has pro torpedo training, shoving him and 3 other pettyofficer with torp training along with a few other grunts made loading time only 7.5 min. Nelson was temporarily blocked by Hoods half sinking wrecks, giving me enough time to load 1 front torp, yanked the rudder full right fired the 1 front torp, yanked rudder full left and fired the rear torpedo, this time both hit target, 1 under the rear superstructure, 1 near the rudder. But she is still going strong, although speed is abit hampered. Continued to race the engine at flank, only 1km apart from Nelson, she still has higher speed than me but however she chose to do her gigantic zig zag maneuver HAHAHAHAHA. this allowed me to stay really really close to her and reload yet another torp.

7 more minute passed. 1 more torp ready :D, while zig zagging towards me, i shot a torp at her rudder at extreme close range.. I can hear her propeller wash inside my observation scope post LOL, very up close and personal. The torpedo landed square on her props and here she is dead in the water:

total tonnage : 107k
reward: no medal for me :O: just a promotion, maybe i missed too many torp heh.
crew got 5 iron cross 2nd class, 4 iron cross 1st class, 1 golden badge, 1 clasp and 4 promotion.

CurtisSlade 05-29-12 01:04 PM

"Boonie's 5th patrol log:

Boat : U-53, VIIB
Assigned Grid: AN13"

What date was this?

boonie 05-29-12 02:28 PM


Originally Posted by CurtisSlade (Post 1890912)
"Boonie's 5th patrol log:

Boat : U-53, VIIB
Assigned Grid: AN13"

What date was this?

mission start date: oct 31 1939
mission end date : nov 4 1939

CurtisSlade 05-29-12 03:17 PM

very nice.. I've been looking for some of the big ships early in the war and can't seem to find 'em.. :/

boonie 05-29-12 05:24 PM


Originally Posted by CurtisSlade (Post 1890975)
very nice.. I've been looking for some of the big ships early in the war and can't seem to find 'em.. :/

erm.. i am using GWX3 gold fyi. You might get different missions without GWX.

good hunting :arrgh!:

CurtisSlade 05-29-12 10:03 PM

yea, me too.. and wouldn't you know it, the night I say that I can't find them I actually do.. The HMS Nelson was sitting in a convoy off BE 13 and I put two in her and she didn't sink.. talk about frustrating... :damn:

boonie 06-03-12 11:41 AM

Boonies 6th patrol log:

Boat : U-53, VIIB
Assigned Grid : BF-17

Got sent to the other side of the channel again. Remembered during last mission BDU sent me a radio message re: the English Channel getting mined. So i guess i will have to take the long way. Will probably use up all me ammo way before reaching there anyway so it wont be a 'long way' anyhow.. lol

Just about reaching the pass btwn Scapa and Shetland, SO picked up a merchant steaming down from the pass on a SSE course. So i setup camp infront of it and while waiting for the slow merchant, SO picked up a small convoy of warship speeding up from South using pretty much the same route as the merchant. :D

The small convoy was made up of 1 Southhampton and 2 Auxiliary Cruiser. Very nice tonnage according to the recognition manual (10k + 13k + 13K) hehehe, sent them all down under and continued to wait for the merchant:

The rest of the trip was pretty standard turkey shoot, took care of a few destroyers/ASW trawler as well as some merchants. Resistance was scarce even in the Hebriden channel. As expected, used up all ammo before reaching assigned grid:

total tonnage: 72k
reward : Knights Cross for me, crew got the usual assortment of gold cross, 1st and 2nd class crosses and promotions.

boonie 06-07-12 06:43 AM

Boonie's 7th patrol log:

Boat : U-53, VIIB
Assigned Grid : AM34

Pretty delighted on getting AM34, its near Hebriden North again. I am getting fond of that place. However this time around i have this urge to hurriedly rush through the torp delivery as the mission starts on Dec 18th.

Christmas is close and i wouldn't want to deprive my crew of the event by wasting their time on rolling sea. AND more importantly i am very anxious on getting the IXB ship which should be available at the end of this patrol..

Rushed to AM34, did alot of kills around scapa flow as usual, that corner around outer scapa flow is like hotspot of the year.

Went to the Northern end of Hebriden for more kills and discovered that they have stepped up ASW patrol by alot since the last patrol. Tracked and killed 1 passenger/Cargo ship and immediately the whole village of 4 ASW trawler and 1 C&D destroyer came to investigate.... Very nice since i am really in a hurry to dispense my torp and head home for Christmas and new ship upgrade. Lurking in the passenger/cargo wreck area @ periscope depth and 0.5knot i managed to kill 2 ASW Trawler and the C&D class destroyer.

Decided to head home after the small exchange there, having only 2 torps left for the journey home i had no problem dishing them out on some poor merchants on the way.

Reached Wilhelmshafen on 23rd Dec, everyone should still have time for a bit of shopping i guess :D

Total tonnage : 43k
reward : oak leaf on my knight's cross, crew got 2 2nd class cross and 1 1st class cross..

Pretty bad catch compared to previous patrols but now i have the IXB boat :D. had like 13k renown and boat cost 9k, additional crew cost around 1.5k and installed new hydrophone for the IXB.

sublynx 06-10-12 04:22 PM

U-331, patrol 4, August 1st, 1941
U-331, type VIIC
1. U-Flottille, Brest Theodor Wald
Orders: Transfer boat to La Spezia

Statusbericht 1.8.1941

CG7917 clear, medium vis., sea 8. One 1700 GRT merchant sunk in grid CG7869. Course 279, 7 knots. Armed with a 75 mm gun in the stern. Submerged shot, rohr 5, range 2280 meters, lagewinkel 89 stb, schusswinkel 355, bearing 162, running time 2 min 40 sec. Impact pistol, depth 3 meters. A hit under the bridge. Sunk in 12 minutes.

Reported convoy in grid CG7936 not found.

Seven G7a's and 2 G7a's left. Four torpedoes missed because the weapons officer who has not sailed for six months forgot what switch indicates an opened torpedo tube.

Continuing towards the straits of Gibraltar.


WolfyBrandon 06-12-12 02:03 AM

U-759 Patrol 17 Highlights
Just Finished Patrol 17...


boonie 06-17-12 08:17 AM

Boonie's 8th patrol log:
boat : U-64 IXB
assigned grid : AM34

It's AM34 again.. what can i say. This time I have a new toy IXB :).

Initial impression on embarking is that the boat is alot larger, but esthetically not very pleasing as its not as sleek looking as the VIIB, standing on the conn tower the whole boat looked like one big slab of dull iron with only flat surfaces. But as they say thou shall not judge a ship by the hull..

This thing has a huge torpedo hold, very very nice. A bigger DG, bigger AA.. They say this boat is not very maneuverable but i hardly felt any difference.

Also discovered having just 1 crew with flak training is not enough for this boat. By default the 1st dude with flak training seems to get assigned to the 20mm gun, the rest of the untrained crew will get assigned to the 3.7cm making the 3.7cm reload horrendously slow. Having a 2nd crew with flak training solved this. Not sure if a third crew with flak trainng will improve the reload time further though.

Took the boat to AM34, sunk only 3 boat around skapa flow.. pretty disappointed, they are getting smarter perhaps, but still there is not much destroyer encountered around that corner.

Wanted to spend 24 hour at AM34 to complete mission objective but a few hour before completion received recon update from BDU stating a convoy is due North from liverpool through the Irish channel. Immediately set flank speed and rushed down South to meet it. Sunk 3 more merchant with the new DG, very lovely firepower but ammo seems limited.

On arriving at the Irish Channel North, received another map update of another larger convoy arriving from the West, seems to have past me abit so decided to give chase as intel says its only doing 5kt and its almost dusk.

managed to get ahead and parked my boat in front of the convoy at starboard side, diagonally facing the convoy. Alot of small merchant, 3 fattest merchant are 2 ore carrier and 1 large cargo. 2 black swan escort; 1 at front and rear. Time is just past midnight, very nice.

Decided to take a shot at the front swan despite distance of 3km because its doing straight line at 6kt. Managed to kill it with 1 torp at mid-ship. No time to watch the firework. Being at a diagonal angle my torp managed to avoid the small merchant and found their mark to the large cargo and 1 ore carrier, 1 missed. Immediately went hard rudder port with 0.5knot to avoid getting detected by the other swan at rear of convoy. By the time the convoy just pass me by the tail pipe aligned with the ore carrier, sent both tail torp at it but 1 missed and 1 just impact on the hull and didn't explode... not sure why coz i didnt enable dud torpedo...zzz.

Slipped out without getting detected. Set course to overtake while the crew go crazy with reloading the 6 tube + taking 1 tube from the external store. No time for taking more from the external storage. Setup my position same as before, in front of the convoy at its starboard side, diagonally facing the incoming convoy.

Decided to take out the 3 merchant at the far side of the convoy to lure the rear swan to the other side of the convoy, all 3 torp hit, I am saving 1 front torp for the rear swan. The plan worked, the rear black swan went to the far side of the convoy and began its circular search lol. Meanwhile i take careful aim at this side of the convoy, sent 2 rear torp at the ore carrier again, this time both found its mark at 1km range, amazing close range explosion. Convoy then went pass me with the black swan still searching at the far side, waited abit for the swan to rejoin the convoy, usually after a search they run straight back to rejoin the convoy without any zigzag, making them easy target. The swan did exactly the same as predicted but something very amusing happened when it gets torpedoed:

After taking a torp at the bow, the swan began to go ape-****s with its deck gun and i was wondering what/who/where its shooting but then i suddenly realize through the observation scope that my immediate area was all lit up like broad day light... the swan is pumping flares on top of my observation scope..

with the 2 swan both dead, i was able to massacre the rest of the convoy single handedly, there was a small s-class sub in there but my 10cm DG is superior :D. Only 1 coastal freighter survived along with 2 neutral mechants.

total tonnage : 85k
reward : swords on my knight's cross, promotion to oberleutnant (not sure of spelling)
crew reward : butt load of medals, 3 promotions.

Vince82 06-20-12 11:55 AM

11th December 1943: Tracking a large convoy near AM72. Hopefully I wil find it and manage to sink some ships.

Shkval 06-20-12 03:56 PM

Well it's mine 8-th patrol, first in new IXB, weather is terrible, it's April 5. 1940 and I can tell you the heat is building up, Tommies are tightening the grip... my usual routes are above Scotland, trough Hebrides passage, trough Irish sea, St. Georges canal and back... the number of encountered patrol crafts and destroyers is much much bigger than in previous patrols.
But nevertheless... so far so good about 25 000 tonnes, I can't use my gun :wah:... so I had to spend more torpedoes on bigger targets... I got 11 torpedoes left... let's hope this verdammt wind will ease a bit... although I doubt... planning to sit and wait in front of Liverpool.
This tub really sucks the batteries dry in the blink of an eye, I can't wait the improved model of batteries ... oh, she's big and fat and slow and somehow the famous AC/DC song "Whole Lotta Rosie" comes into my mind when aligning her to 90 degrees attack course...

Dive! Dive! Dive! 06-21-12 01:56 PM

Currently stuck on the bottom of the north sea after attempting to take on a battleship with a deck gun. Previous attempts to escape were futile and as we speak the damage control team struggle to fight against the ever growing tide of water as our U-boat turns into a swimming pool. My trusted sonar man which I nicknamed "sonar guy" was tragically killed. There are currently no men in the quarters as everyone is doing there bit to get home. Hull integrity is very low and much of our equipment is damaged and at this rate we are all going to drown, well that is if the water beats the air supply. :hmmm: how to get out of this one?

aj906 06-26-12 02:32 AM

25.10.1939: U-30 (Typ VIIB)

Cruising my way to AM19 when I happen across the Rodney escorted by one C & D class destroyer and two Southampton Class vessels that I can see. They are doing 22knots and have a range of about 4,200 metres in clear weather but moderate seas. They are literally crossing my T and all I have to do is grow a pair and do the necessary calculations (albeit...quickly!) I dive to periscope depth, cross my fingers (I only have 70 metres under the keel), open all four forward tubes, set depth to 12.5m, magnetic fuses, with a spread of 0.8 degrees and let loose. Three minutes into the run two premature detonations - surely that would alert the British...apparently not.

I move to the hydrophone and start lestening. I listen...listen some more....keep listening...STILL listening...start cursing the waste of four eels when, 4:47 seconds after firing, I hear a single detonation. Up periscope: it's the Rodney in the midst of a fireball. It appears the eel detonated under the boiler room and just smashed it pieces. In under two minutes she's disappeared beneath the waves and her escorts are not real happy about it. Thankfully that at such a long range, the escorts have no idea where to look.

At this point, I double back on my course at silent speed secretly wishing I had externals on to take some shots of it. End result: one eel = 36K tons of battleship to the bottom and one VERY lucky Kaleun. :arrgh!:

Currently loitering in the Rockall Bank region (as per orders) and there is nothing but rubbish weather upstairs. :/\\!!

Gotta say, I think I used up all my luck with that one eel. :hmmm:

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