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THE_MASK 10-19-2019 06:56 PM

Mission start option idea
Now we have a quick encounter option for the mission start .
What about a long distance encounter (2x start distance ) option .

Lost At Sea 10-19-2019 07:24 PM

+ 1

No hydrophone and no immediate visual contacts.
Briefing could be in the form of a radio transmission / Enigma message with rough convoy position, heading and speed.
We plot the initial intercept along with frequent hydrophone checks :)


gurudennis 10-20-2019 03:40 AM

+1, would love it too.

Pisces 10-20-2019 05:48 AM


As it is now, it is no hunt.

THE_MASK 10-20-2019 06:46 PM

There are complaints on the steam forum about always being too close to the convoy . Its making the game tedious .

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