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Skybird 09-11-2018 07:32 AM

Updating gfx driver
First update of my grahics card driver on my new rig is due, because ACC gets released tomorrow and nVidia 399.24 contains optimizations for that.

I use to have Windows Update switched off most of th etime, and I donot want Microsoft messing with updating my hardware drivers, even more so since today is patch tuesday and when I open the gates that currently are shut I fear much of the brandnew garbage they did with patches and updates gets pushe don my hd as well. Dont want that before the grass has had some weeks to grow over it.

So I download the file manually from nVidia, and will install it manually. My only question is this: in the good ol' time of older Windows, the reocmmendaiton was to manually deinstall any gfx driver before installing a new one, even using specific tools for that to make sure no remains still ive on the HD.

Now under W10, is this still the way to go, or is it even explicitly advised not to do so? In other words: do I just uodate over the existing driver, or do I better deinstall the old one indeed before installing new driver from scratch?

The web gives me contradicting feedback on that, some say this, others say that, and most say "Trust Microsoft, let them do it". Which I have no intention to do.

Fubar2Niner 10-25-2018 01:41 PM


A little late in replying I fear but here goes just in case. I use DDU Uninstaller on both my win 10 & Win 7 boxes. I have never had an issue.

Hope this helps and I'm not too late!

Best regards.


Skybird 10-26-2018 08:07 AM

In fact, I meanwhile changed the driver via Windows deinstall - and had sound issues with the new and latest one after installing that one. I then had used DDU to deinstall that one, and installed one version number older. That way it worked again, and I had the second-newest driver, which was good enough for my need.

I tend to change drivers only when need arises, never just because a new driver is out.

Late? Yes, but thanks nevertheless! :up:

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