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Stewy1 05-21-22 05:03 PM

Help - Flickering lines across my monitor in DW!
G'day guys,

Hope you can help - I've just noticed that, when I'm playing DW, that the outside environment (sky and underwater) has faint flickering horizontal lines across the monitor - a bit like TVs did in the 80s!

The panel screens (sonar, periscope, etc.) seem to be fine. It's just the outside environment - and only in DW.

I tried to take a screenshot - but the screenshot comes out crystal clear.

It's weird, because the monitor is only a few years's a cheapie (AOC 2470W1E at 1920x1080) but it does (did?) the job.

Thanks fellas - any advice appreciated!

Stewy1 05-22-22 03:00 AM

Also my refresh rate can only be set to 60Hz and ModeID is 3...

Seems better now, after restarting the computer, not sure what the problem is/was...

Edit: it came back again after I'd minimized DW to watch some Twitch, and then maximized it again...

Alcon2009 05-22-22 01:47 PM

Ok i have no idea what that is, did u test reinstalling the game, btw are u in stock game? or using a mod?

EDIT: well the monitor being not too old, it can still be damaged, so we dont know.

Stewy1 05-22-22 03:28 PM

Thanks Alcon for your help, sir! I'll give those a try! :Kaleun_Cheers:

Alcon2009 05-24-22 10:16 PM

Good :), did u fix it?

Stewy1 05-25-22 03:34 PM

Thanks Alcon,

It seems to be ok if I don't 'minimise' the game so much. It might be a thing because it's such an old game?

I was wondering whether it wouldn't happen on an LCD monitor - just deciding whether should I treat myself.

Thanks for your help - really appreciate it!

Alcon2009 05-25-22 08:01 PM

No problem, hope you got rid of it.

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