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Sniper297 04-17-2017 01:41 PM

Das Boot empty conning tower?
After installing the 1.5 ransomware (payware patch) I decided to download OM and try a German career, since I haven't been in the Kreigsmarine since I uninstalled SH3 10 years ago. First thing I noticed was the deck gun and damage control slots reversed - only two slots for DC and six for the deck gun? Then I saw that the conning tower had the same six slots as the US fleet boats but they were empty. I left them empty and ran the first patrol with nobody in the tower (real VII had all the detection and tracking electronics in the hull and there wasn't much space in the conning tower for anyone but the captain at the attack scope) with no problems.

So the question is what are you supposed to do with the conning tower slots, if anything? Do they serve any useful purpose?

hcs53 04-19-2017 12:01 PM

I think in the case of depth charges, you must place the twelve (topside) in the conningtower (six men) and crew berthing (six men).


Sniper297 04-20-2017 05:43 PM

Too weird. On a type VII there are 6 slots for the deck gun (a little excessive for an 88) and two for the flak gun, along with the 12 lookouts you'd need 20 places inside the hull. Jamming six men into a type VII conning tower would be difficult, you'd need a shoehorn to get them packed in and a can opener to get them out. :eek:

hcs53 04-22-2017 03:55 AM


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