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Furia 09-30-2019 10:07 AM

Playable destroyers??
Last saturday I got a mail from onkel Neal announcing Wolfpack Single Player mode, but the thing that really got my attention was this sentence "and that Holy Grail of all u-boat sims--playable destroyers for massive player vs player convoy battles"

This not only got my attention but got me really excited :subsim:

I know the sim is still in early access and that this possibility is nowhere near yet however I have tried to find in the forum any mention about playable destroyers and I have found nothing of relevance on this sense (maybe I have missed it)

Is there any information about the plans regarding playable destroyers available?
Will this be within Wolfpack or it would be another sim that can "connect" with Wolfpack as we did with SH2 and DC.
Would we have only playable destroyers or also corvette like the Flower class?

Any info is more than welcomed! :Kaleun_Thumbs_Up:

Stormfly 09-30-2019 08:23 PM

yes, i got it too ....thought allready nobody would ask that, but now there is a very good chance that this dream come true as the devīs are very close to us !

btw, can you renember project "Messerwetzer" :arrgh!:

regarding discussions about additional rooms, i want mine on a sloop or destroyer, bridge/radio and step down sonar room, this will add a huge gameplay element, the escort-sim itself and of course pvp.

...hmmm where did i put this table which give you u-boat`s dept, when the active sonar breaks up while approaching it slowly, that with this this special angel hmmh... :D

i realy hope for huge sales so more man power could help, there is so much to do first.

Raptor_341 10-01-2019 09:09 PM

Honestly, I have very little interest in U-boat only simulations, as I have a personal aversion to playing Kriegsmarine only. For some reason, Allied and even other nations like Italy often get overlooked in simulations. All this to say, I have been standing off from Wolfpack until the recent announcement reference playable destroyers. Ever since Destroyer Command, I've been waiting for another good surface combatant simulation, and if Wolfpack can get there and really simulate both sides of the Battle of the Atlantic I'd support it 100%.

Standing by for details, but if this is a serious effort I'll be buying in.

PeterS 10-02-2019 07:18 AM

I will probably not make any friends here with this statement, but I'd rather have the team to focus the available non-infinite resources on perfecting the U-Boat simulation instead of adding playable surface vessels resulting in a half-baked neither-is-perfect tries-to-be-everything game.

I'm also dreaming of such a game, but I'd rather get one aspect finished than an overpromising feature-creep "Marine Citizen" game.

Superesse 10-02-2019 07:51 AM

Agree with PeterS!

Pisces 10-02-2019 09:42 AM

Yeah, it's not on the roadmap. So don't count on it. It's great that someone is doing the prep-work in modeling (escort channel in Wolfpack Discord). But there is a looooooooong way to go before this is going to be added.

Furia 10-02-2019 01:27 PM

Well if onkel Neal mentioned "playable destroyers" on his mail I guess it is because there are plans for this to happen. Long term plans, for sure, but I give it all credibility.

I have been here for long time and played most subsim sims available however I do not remeber more exciting times for the comunity than when we had SHII and Destroyer Command and we played really exciting battles with teams of human destroyers and submarines. It was our "happy Times season"
We even had tournaments and a lot of activities and flotillas participating in activities.
For me battles againts the IA are simply boring, after a few missions, you got it figured it out and it is no longer atractive. However in sims like SHII vs DC or in Dangerous Waters when you are fighting against smart and skilled humans you are in a different game.
I have no rush for this, I have been in dry dock for long and can wait but knowing that we may have playable destroyers here makes all the difference to me.
Like Neal said "Holy Grail of all u-boat sims--playable destroyers for massive player vs player convoy battles"
Cannot get better and it is worth the wait :Kaleun_Salute:

sober 10-02-2019 07:38 PM

I would use playable destroyer . For those people that dont like team play for what ever reason . Join in a multiplayer session as one of the already AI destoyers . Basically single player mode on a destroyer but in a multiplayer session .

Stormfly 10-02-2019 07:50 PM

...well i dont fear the nagger`s :Kaleun_Cheers: but would think they just fear a dangerous opponent :timeout:

Furia 10-05-2019 11:14 AM

As I have already mentioned I am not much fun of sims where you only fight against the IA, however I have decided to support Wolfpack and purchased it.

It will be interesting to try multicrew in the sub and I will patiently waiting for the playable surface escorts.

I just first need to learn how to operate in the new U-boat :)

Onkel Neal 10-05-2019 12:41 PM

Thanks for your support, that's a big help towards continued development.

Fidd 10-18-2019 09:38 PM

I am completely in favour of playable destroyers/corvettes, but as important in my view will be progressive damage and disorder within the U-boat, so fused electrics, blown light-bulbs, smashed instrumentation, reparable leaks and so forth. I'd particularly like to see a prolonged period of difficulties countering visible flooding leading to sinking excepting where catastrophic damage occurs from ramming or a near direct depth-charge hit. I also miss the German speech that SH3 used to have, and the sometimes prolonged periods evading escorts.

Onkel Neal 10-19-2019 09:29 AM


Originally Posted by Pisces (Post 2630366)
Yeah, it's not on the roadmap. So don't count on it. It's great that someone is doing the prep-work in modeling (escort channel in Wolfpack Discord). But there is a looooooooong way to go before this is going to be added.

You certain? :ping:

blackswan40 10-19-2019 10:02 AM

May be Christmas will come early this year Human Controlled Escorts

and A Mission Editor for Wolfpack best Christmas ever

Pisces 10-19-2019 05:12 PM


Originally Posted by Onkel Neal (Post 2633111)
You certain? :ping:

I went by the image officially called the roadmap. And the progress of KojiMori in the Discord #Escort channel. But I will admit I didn't read the email that you sent (announcement of solo-play update) well enough. That pretty much is a promise alright. :up:

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