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U301 05-09-2020 02:42 AM

Single Player option.
Is there a single player option with this game?
Many thanks if you can help.

blackswan40 05-09-2020 02:51 AM

Hi U301 Yes there is a single player option with bots controling dive helm
sonar and radio but you as kaptain can take over those stations as you see fit then when you leave that station the bots will take back control of that station .
One thing to note though when it gets a little hot in the kitchen so to speak and the escorts come looking for you and you order crash dive the bots will do that by going full down on both planes but they dont fill the negative tank to pull down quicker also they level you off around 70mtrs.

Pisces 05-09-2020 02:53 AM

Single player is multiplayer with 1 player minimum. So yes, just start a lobby and play by yourself. Optionally lock the lobby with a password or make it invisible to others to prevent intrusion. And optionally enable bots to help you.

Onkel Neal 05-09-2020 09:53 AM

Yes, you can play solo, manage the sub from any position using a menu of the controls, similar to many of the previous subsims like Aces and Silent Hunter.

You can play solo yet still benefit from wolfpack action, here's an example how:
You can start a mission and password protect your U-boat so no other player comes into you boat. Once the mission begins, you initiate locating and stalking the convoy. Other captains may see your game and elect to join the wolfpack in other U-boats. They cannot speak to you vocally, because they are not in your sub, but as you are playing you may hear the beep-beep-beep of the wireless telling you another U-boat is hailing you!

So then you can read his message, much like a real u-boat commander would have done and if you wish, reply with your strategy on attacking the convoy, point out where the escorts were last seen, and work together as a wolfpack.
Best part, if the other players come and go, if they are any good or not, etc it does not really affect your game. You can still play solo.

U301 05-09-2020 03:51 PM

Many thanks guys!

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