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33lima 01-31-2016 01:11 PM

Steel Fury - the British are coming!
Work's under way on a new addition to the Steel Tank Add-on for SF. STA has added an increasingly-wide selection of British WW2 troops, AFVs, soft-skins and towed guns. But so far, there are relatively few missions which feature them. Those that do, mainly use them as Tiger fodder.

Having finally tried my hand with the SF Mission Editor, I decided it was time to try to do something about this. The initial result is STA-Britpak, inspired by Aldo's Brit44 mod for Panzer Elite.

Phase 1 will only have one mission - featuring the Shermans of the 23rd Hussars and their accompanying infantrymen of 3rd Monmouths, during the early stages of Operation Bluecoat in Normandy, 1944 - but it will include a set of modified unit and other files. These do stuff like adding 4-tank medium tank platoon options, removing Mediterannean Theatre markings and lowering the height of tank commanders and loaders so that they are just 'heads out', when unbuttoned.

Release date is NYA - it may come with the STA 2.0 update, or if found compatible, be released earlier, with the current STA 1. The mission and basic files are complete, just needing the addition of a British-accented voice pack.

Some further details are here...

...and on the STA 'Game editing' forum:

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