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Mios 4Me 07-03-2019 08:10 PM

Event camera askew
Once again this issue has popped up but under differing circumstances. It's happened on each career and I'd come to assume it was simply a memory defect related to multi-barrel patrols and dozens of sinkings. This time it's only my first assignment and maybe 10-12 kills, mostly by shellfire.

I'm running stock 1.5 with hacks to create a 1945 Balao in 1941, complete with Mk 16 torpedoes, two 5" guns, and no crew limitations. I don't see how any of that should be related though. I had briefly installed some of Berbster's GFO megamod but shut it off several patrols ago.

Historically, the event camera issue precedes time compression issues above 1500 or so. I've restarted the computer but the issue remains.

LAA has been activated since the career began.

Any thoughts?

propbeanie 07-04-2019 08:12 AM

Well, adding and removing mods in the middle of a career can cause issues with the Save game, but what do you mean by "askew"? Does it not pop-up reliably? Or are you talking about that when it's following your torpedoes, you'll see the torp, and then you won't, and the screen goes to like a light blue, but still shakes? Or are you referring to it constantly shaking and / or having unrelated content in it, like the camera is facing the wrong way?

The camera showing something, like a torpedo traveling, and then doing a shaky blue screen can mean that the torpedo has breached and is out of the water. Also, the camera will sometimes "rotate" its view, and not be pointing at the subject very well. Sort of like an incompetent cameraman, all too common on today's TV shows... :roll: - Excessive shake of the camera is a setting in the camera's cfg file. The 'triggering' of the camera popping up is part of the game code.

All of these can be influenced by (as mentioned) altering the mod configuration, but also by leaving the game with either a click on a Windows background, or using the <Alt><Tab> or <Windows> key combinations. The game basically loses its "handles", if you will, to where the computer's resources, such as sound and video, are. The game might then start over-writing portions of itself and other aspects of the computer stored in the RAM. These situations will sometimes corrupt your Save file also. Don't shell out to windows, if you've been doing that. Also, the game has a nasty habit of not releasing all of the computer's resources after it closes back to Windows, but you do mention having restarted the computer. However, if you run a Quick Mission or Patrol, or run the Museum, be sure and exit the game before you load your career, since the computer doesn't release its own resources back to itself very well either, and should be restarted when switching between "modes"... old tech... :salute:

Mios 4Me 07-04-2019 10:03 AM

Wow, had no idea file commands were so fraught in this game. I've been doing all the things you mentioned. THanks for the warnings.

It's the external camera views of ships within radar or sonar range, not the event camera - apologies for the brain freeze when i wrote that. I'll rotate through the images of a convoy, for example, and it will suddenly display the individual ships, if at all, from very odd angles and planes.

propbeanie 07-04-2019 02:58 PM

Yeah, the external camera does the same stuff when the game gets "confused". Avoid the shelling out to Windows, and you'll eliminate a good portion of the troubles. Not all, but most. Changing mods, even ones that shouldn't affect game-play, can mess with the Save files sometimes. Then again, the game itself can mess up the Save file, with no human intervention required... :roll: - Sometimes, the game is practically bullet-proof, and will keep going when other game engines would roll over and die. Other times, the game gets a "splinter", ie: a mis-placed comma in a text file, and ends up dying in short-order... :arrgh!:

Mios 4Me 07-14-2019 09:16 PM

Is there a geographic component to these errors?

I'd been running without issues as long as I stayed out of Empire waters, but after finally being transferred back to Pearl, I'm running into it every patrol now. The oddest part is that I'm running at TC 8100 with no issues until I approach Iwo Jima. Then one or two blinking destroyer-only task forces approach, ones I've come to recognize as harbingers of game instability, either three or four ships, and the game starts lagging badly above 512 TC.

This is coming at the beginning of a new patrol, no kills, no prior encounters, nada. I've done full computer restarts twice but it repeats.

propbeanie 07-15-2019 06:33 AM

What is your mod list now? There are issues with what I describe as "run-a-way spawns" in a few mods, where a couple of DD Random Generated Groups were supposed to be an anchored destroyer, but the "anchor chain broke", so to speak, and the DD instead circles the "globe" at 5 knots, joined by more and more of its sisters, each spawn cycle. This is what generates the DD-only "Task Groups" that are seen. These will eventually grow too large for the computer system to keep up with, and you will see performance degradation, eventually to the point of a CTD.

Mios 4Me 07-15-2019 07:26 AM

Zero mods, other than the originally installed Balao systems hacks, and no recent changes other than the transfers to Brissie and then Pearl. No issue on the Brisbane patrols but noticed the askew issue when I hit Hiroshima after a photo mission to Osaka.

I've been very careful regarding the file commands you mentioned earlier; however, the laptop manufacturer thoughtfully pushed an upgrade notification, which I declined, right in the middle of a patrol. I suspect that may have corrupted not only the patrol but the game as well.

If memory serves, the DD issues way back in unmodded 1.3 occurred off the Ryukyus and continued under 1.5 GFO.

Speaking of oddities, what's with the unescorted carrier patrolling the Kii Suido? One doesn't always get credit for its sinking and there may be an association with the problem above as it's virtually assured when encountering the CV.

propbeanie 07-15-2019 10:46 AM

Unescorted CV (and other capital ships) were not at all uncommon in "home" waters, in other words, close in to shore, as the IJN would transfer ships between bases sometimes, and would rely upon regular local shore patrol vessels to guard them. They were also known to do shakedown cruises in home waters, preparing a vessel for missions, again relying on local patrol vessels for protection - at least until they realized the US subs were actually able to "sneak" into the "home" waters.

My guess with the run away spawns you encountered in GFO, those were probably from using the previous Save folder with the v1.3 files still in it. Even if you do not create a Save, the game writes to the Save folder, and uses the data there to pull most of its information from. Then, as you mention, the interruption from Windows "shelled" you out from the game, and that can lead to corruption in all things in the game, especiall 3D. I was just doing a "test" mission for PhotoTargets I'm doing for FotRSU, and I was also interrupted by Windows 10 update, and lo and behold, the 3D artwork for the shore that I was about 3500 yards off of completely disappeared. All I saw after that was water. If I looked on the NavMap, there was land, still being the same distance from shore - but when I looked through my periscope, there was no land visible. I could still target the PhotoTarget and take a picture, but even the "picture" that goes to the Captain's Log was nothing but open water... very strange, and unfortunately, "normal" game activity. I Saved the scenario, exited the game, came back in and loaded the scenario, and my "land" is back, and the pictures now look fine also - except that one... There is still just open water in it... weird :salute:

Mios 4Me 07-16-2019 01:48 PM

Those are good points, especially in the Inland Sea, though I would have expected one DD on at least routine pilot rescue duty, if not ASW. This is December 1943 and the CV is still cruising solo around the margin of the Pacific. Wish I could find a Yamato as easily.

The 1.3 installation was on the old laptop; the new one started afresh with 1.5, yet I had the TC/destroyer TF/camera askew issues on both. After this career is over, I'll wipe the laptop, reinstall with GFO and the 1945 Balao adjustments, and pay very close attention to the file issues you've so kindly listed. I suspect that's the common thread.

I went back to the end of the previous patrol and started Patrol 20 anew, then passed the Volcano Islands far to the south with no issues before heading to my ECS patrol zone. I'm surprised glitch survived ending Patrol 19 in previous attempts and that a circuitous route may have been the key to avoiding it.

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