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Fifi 03-23-21 09:46 AM

Would be nice to have some radio messages covering important war news, kind of same as in others megamods :03:

Knowing we always can bring those ones into LSH3, would like yours specifics ones :yep:

blackswan40 03-23-21 09:57 AM

Re War News in radio messages that would not be too hard i am doing that for the Steel Sharks new LSH2020 Campaign
you would just slot war news messages from Radio Berlin or the BBC inbetween normal radio messages.

Re Radio Messages date time date time (100=% chance of radio message sent message length 20mins so message start time 1809 finish time 1829 @From@^recipient^Message .................................................. .................................................. ......................
the reason you have date and time twice is that if the radio message posted at 2358 would finish at 0018 the next day

propbeanie 03-24-21 03:29 PM

Be sure and run your messages.txt files through Hebe's "mySH3-TooL_v1_9" at the least, or a favorite tool of your own choice, to check for proper conformity to SH "standards". We had messages in FotRSU that would not "show", or display in our mod. Hebe's tool pointed out that the dash character ("-") is not valid in certain locations of a message, and if it was in a message, it would only display the text "Message content", which is the "header" of the comment column at the top of the file. I am certain you are aware of the way dates work in the file also, but be sure and double-check yourself there also... Just sayin'... :oops: - and yes, I am guilty also. :O:

By the way, this is definitely a plug, and endorsement of Hebe's mySH3-TooL_v1_9 tool... lol

lederhosen 03-26-21 09:35 AM


tested 3 times now...same thing.

have a go and crash dive. See if your uboot doesn't get crushed. was able to catch my boot once by blowing tanks but when I levelled out at 40m she started to sink again.

edit: did not happen with type7 in the naval academy. Here I could stop the crash dive at any depth I wanted to.

In career I have a type2A. Crash dive sent me into the ground (60m). Next attempt in deeper water, CD and the Uboot had to go the full 70m before being leveling out and then able to choose another depth.

Subtype Zero 03-26-21 12:04 PM

Hi, lederhosen! BuckeyeBob from the simhq forum (I have many names)! :)

This is the well-known crash-dive bug. I thought that LSH had cured this bug, but if not, I think it can be cured by enabling H.sie's patch and Steibler's add-on. If I am incorrect, someone more knowledgeable than I will be along shortly to straighten both of us out.

Happy hunting!

lederhosen 03-28-21 02:40 AM

same thing happened even with a VIIB. So I decided to use the HsieOptionsSelector.exe, and tick the "Crash dive fix (for NYGM).
Back in career (both) and that fixed it.

Funny this didn't happen when using Naval Academy.

blackswan40 03-28-21 02:50 AM

nice to know you fixed it mark Salute :Kaleun_Salute:
Ps work progressing on the LSH2020 steel sharks campaign

Macgregor the Hammer 04-02-21 08:27 PM

I have a basic question for installation requirements for LSH3-2020. Is Win 10 and a 4 core processor an absolute must? I briefly looked at LSH about 3 years ago but never installed it. I've been mostly in the Pacific with SH4 and the various megamods available.

I installed SH5 about a year ago and it runs well on my rig. I have a GTX 660 Ti, an I5 2 core @ 2.93, 8 Gig ram on a Win 7 64 OS. With SH5, I actually had to cap the frame rate at 60fps! I have antialiasing maxed out and it's really smooth.

Should I give LSH a shot or will I be disappointed?

Thanks in advance,
MacGregor :Kaleun_Cheers:

Urmel 04-05-21 01:28 PM

Hello McGregor

You ask a good and justified question about LSH3 Edition 2020!
I also play SH4 and SH5 and know all the advantages and disadvantages.

Our "LSH3 Edition 2020 - Minimum Requirements" are deliberately very high.

In principle, LSH3 V20 can also be played with/from Windows7 (64Bit).

Only one thing is important: at least 8GB RAM!

You can play LSH3 V20 with only 2 cores, 4 cores or more.
The speed (loading and in game) is only decided by the CPU frequency!

You have:

- Intel I5 2 core @ 2.93 (a bit slow)
- 8 Gig Ram (OK for LSH3 V20)
- Graphics GTX 660 Ti (a bit outdated but OK)

Conclusion: LSH3 Edition 2020 will work!

My tip: Install L/SH3 on an SSD hard drive (if possible).
SSD is the perfect solution to make old computers a bit faster!

I hope I could help you :-)

Best regards, Urmel

Translated with (free version)

Yolo911 04-11-21 08:02 PM

You are awarded most complicated website in the world trophy
I can't figure out how to make a search, I can't figure out how to start a new thread I am going to post his in the blind and hope for the best.

I am trying to play LSH3 2020. I installed it just fine. It works. Only issue so far, except for the fact I can't read German, is at night it is so dark I can't see ships if I am right next to them. Is there a fix for this?

Aktungbby 04-11-21 08:56 PM

Welcome back!
Yolo911!:Kaleun_Salute: You've been absent on silent run since 2009:o

Yolo911 04-13-21 02:09 PM


Any help would be appreciated. LSH3-2020 installed successfully. GTX 960 graphics card -- no problems. I noodled thru the JSGME and a couple of other MODs I found scattered around the LSH3-2020 folder.

But the nights are so dark I can be alongside a ship and not see it. Nothing is visible thru the periscope or the UZO. And I know there are crewmen on deck with me but I might be getting a little too familiar with them and not know it.

Any solutions to alleviate the blackout issue?

Thanks from an old swab from the USS Long Beach back in 1969. (Radioman 3rd)

Fifi 04-20-21 06:19 AM

Quick one: is there any CAM ship in LSH3 2020?
Functional of course...:hmmm:

VONHARRIS 04-25-21 02:08 AM

Good moring to all
I would like to ask if there is or isn't any traffic in the Indian Ocean in LS3 2020.
It is June 1943 game time , and I just enter into the port of Durban (hostile) in SE Africa which was empty.
Also I haven;t found any ship or plane on the way either.
I have checked in the LSH3 2020 manual but I came up empty handed.
Am I missind something?
Thank you in advance.

I found traffic in the Indian Ocean so everything is in order.
The empty port remains a mystery

Sangamon Taylor 04-25-21 08:58 AM

Some observations on LSH3-2020
Hello Kaleuns -

I started playing SH3 and SH4 at the start of the pandemic. I love these games. In my opinion SH3 is far superior to SH4 and I've stopped playing SH4 entirely.

Before installing LSH3-2020 I had a good and stable version of GWX running well. My version of SH3 was purchased through UBISOFT so all along I was tied to the UBISOFT Connect app to launch the game, which I found veery annoying. Thanks for fixing this. I tried installing the HSIE hard coded fixes but no joy, the installer BAT file would not comply.

I've managed to get LSH3-2020 running well and I love it. It brings the game to a whole new level. The graphics are superb, far superior to anything in any of the previous versions, and I love that the HSIE patches are pre-installed.

I have a couple of observations and wishes.

1. The HSIE patches don't all seem to be working. After installation the HSIE Options Selector reported only a few of the possible patches were activated. I have tried activating more of them and some are working and some are not. The Oxygen Fix does not work as advertised. I have run my boat completely out of oxygen and the CE reports that we are out of oxygen and must surface, but I see no distinction between renewable and non-renewable. Also the Periscope Fix isn't working. I can cruise along at 8 knots in a Type VIIB and the image is completely clear and the periscope stays up. I was also able to reload external torpedoes on the surface with 15 k/s winds, fog and rain. The fixes that came pre-installed all seem to be working.

Any ideas what's happening?

2. Is there any way to remove that annoying orange marker on the surface when the boat is submerged? It seems to have been added to SH3 from FOTRSU and was one of the reasons (along with the colored contacts) for my abandoning FOTRSU. (And thanks for including a MOD to make the contacts all black).

Thanks in advance for any advise. :Kaleun_Salute:

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