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Panos1221 09-20-2016 01:50 PM

New tank/armoured car Simulator for Android
Greetings guys,
I am Panos a student from Greece who has a big passion about tanks,apcs and everything that has armour :P.For about 2 months I have been working on a new tank/armoured car simulator for android for sure and later for windows most probably.The game on launch will feature the sdkfz 222 and on early updates I plan to add crew and a basic interior.On later versions(not too late I already am making the 3d models so they wont take long after launch) we will see some panzers too :) with maybe an interior which is early to say.
The game is based on the african front with a big desert mao for you to explore.The gameplay will be like silent hunter you get a patrol grid and go hunt allied vehicles and infantry as also raid some bases.

What does the game have atm?
-Fully working sdkfz without interior atm
-Gun elevation
-Realistic penetration still in WIP
-Fully working mobile controls
-A huge map to explore and hunt-WIP
-Working enemy AI -needs improvements
-Orders menu like speed and heading
More to come...

What the game will have at launch?
sdkfz 222 in player command
-The map with an axis base as starting point
-Enemy AI
-Realistic gun elevation
-Realistic weapon sights from this period.
More to come...

Thats all from me for now below you can see some screenies.Please not that the terrain you are looking at is only for demonstration purposes and its not the terrain you will get at the final product.The terrain you will get will feature sand hills,dust,fog,time of day and many more to come.

As this is a part time project donations are greatly appreciated.All the funds will go towards the development and if there is a sufficient amount the game will also be available in iOS devices as I am a student and I cant afford an iPad at the moment.

Donation Link:


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