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woofiedog 11-27-2015 02:25 PM

The Upcoming Steel Fury STA 2.0
For those of you who are still interested and play the "Steel Fury: Kharkov 1942" tank simulator game or for some of you who have not dusted off their copy of the game in a while. :)

Here is a preview of the "WIP Steel Fury STA 2.0 update" status so far, that will be coming our way in the future once the work on this project is completed.

Again this is a Work In Progress mod, but it contains not just new tanks, vehicles, objects for the maps, but overall it makes some very important changes and needed corrections to some of the mods and game.

Just as a reminder, this "read me" may also have changes in the future.

So here is the recent beta Read-Me of the "WIP Steel Fury STA 2.0 update".

Also a quick reminder that this game is still available in a download version. :D


STA (Steel Tank Addon) is a new mod for the game Steel Fury, which was made on the base of the NTA mod.
This is version 2.0

1. fixed gunsight BM-13
2. added APC M3 half-track to GBR side
3. updated insignia 101 PzD SS
4. added icon moto-bike
5. added 2 and 3 LOD's to the object "railroadstraight"
6. added mission No3(RKKA) for "Kutuzov" Campaign
7. added new mission "Stark raven mad" to the Campaign "Orel" (RKKA)
8. added new objects: "Dead horse", "Dead cow"
9. added new destroyable object: railroad semaphore (in/out)
10. added new undestroyable object: Junk tires
11. added cockpit to Sd.Kfz. 251c/10
12. added cockpit to the tank T-34/43
13. fixed missions No7,9 "Campaign Barbarossa"
14. added unit "radioman" to Wehrmacht
15. some fixes applied to T-34/85 (desant/no desant)
16. changed uniform for the British soldiers
17. created new 3D model of the shell BR-350P
18. fixed gunsight reticle for the tank JS-2
19. Replaced gunsight 10T-17 on TSh-17 for the JS-2(late) and JS-3
20. updated gunsight reticle "TZF. 5f" for the tanks: Pz.IV/F2, Pz.IV/H
21. fixed 3D model of the JS-3 (removed "open edges")
22. fixed armor map of the tree "Alder"
23. added new building "Big tent"
24. fixed third default training mission "Commanding" (Mk.II "Matilda")
25. tanks Pz.IV/F2/H updated with a new gunsight T.Z.F 5F
26. mission "Tiger driving"(from GMP2.x) moved to the Campaing "Teaching"
27. added new uniform from the mod "British Infantry Western Front" by kapulA
28. mission "Stark raving mad"(T-34/43) moved to GMP2.x
29. added new bush "Cacti" (desert missions)
30. added new tank M4A1/76(W), early/late, (USA side)
31. re-adjusted destroyed model of the "Haystack"
32. added "8x captured soldiers" (GER)
33. added new object "Speakers-post"
34. added new object "Wounded soldier" (USA side)
35. KV-2 apdated 3D model and added 2 LOD's
36. added new house "Plant saw-bench"
37. added new tree "Platan" (desert mode)
39. added new house "Ambar"

Some screenshots from one of the WIP upcoming "Fury [M4A3/76 E8]" mission.

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