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ET2SN 08-23-2020 06:38 PM

Understanding Red Flag with Mr. F111.

Don't let Jeff Guinn's "aw, shucks" attitude fool you, the guy was really good at flying F-111's and for the all the stuff he does discuss, there's a lot he doesn't cover. Searching YT with his name will bring up other interviews he did, and all of them are outstanding. :salute:

For the (military) sim pilot, there are some mis-conceptions about Red Flag at Nellis AFB that get covered. If you don't spot them at first, watch the interview again. :yep:

- Air-to-air combat is a support mission. Air-to-air is neat, but air-to-ground is what wins the war. :yep:

- Aggressor aircraft look really neat, but the whole point to aggressor air craft is lost if they win the fight.

- The FB-111 (a variant of the F-111 that looked mostly identical) dominated SAC bombing competitions due to its accuracy.

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