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Bubblehead1980 07-19-22 01:18 AM

Depth Charges
Curious if we are going to have realistic/historically accurate depth charges in this sim? Different models with appropriate depth settings, explosive power, etc at correct times. Early on will have racks only? Joined later by the throwers? Will we have hedgehog, squid at at appropriate times?

How about aircraft? Will the "air gap" exist until appropriate times? Will there be interaction with aircraft, radio messages, signals etc?

Just curious, hoping for solid ASW naval sim. Immersion matters in these sims, something always try to push to devs, in case not aware :har::Kaleun_Salute:

Artur Salwarowski 07-19-22 11:06 PM

Hi there :Kaleun_Salute:

Right now we only have the Mk 6 depth charge, the barrel-shaped type, albeit quite realistically modeled (in terms of targeting, blast radius, sinking time, etc.). As far as our research confirmed, that was the most suitable type for 1942.

As regards aircraft, we already have the PBY Catalina - it can patrol and attack enemy U-boats, and has all sorts of radio messages to report its activity to the player.

All in all, we are nearing the final stages of development towards the early access, and we will soon be announcing closed beta tests for those of you who would be willing to give us a hand in terms of balancing and general feedback.

Please stay tuned, more info regarding the beta is coming soon!

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