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Onkel Neal 07-07-21 09:33 AM

Demo Announcement & Video
From IronWolf Studio

Dear Destroyer fans,

Upon further consultation, we have decided to release the demo to a closed group of testers so that we can start gathering external feedback. Users will be able to get it from the Steam page, *when released, stay tuned.*

If you are interested in taking part in the test, please visit the Destroyer steam page and click on:

to download the demo. There is a limited number of downloads available, so please make sure to download as soon as possible.

As far as feedback is concerned, feel free to discuss anything demo-related on Steam or on our Discord

If you wish to report bugs, corrections, or suggestions, please write to and we will do our best to address each reported issue.

We hope that you will enjoy the demo and that your feedback will help us tailor the game to your preferences.

Sonarman 07-07-21 01:10 PM

Great news, very much looking forward to the demo and game's release.

Onkel Neal 07-07-21 01:31 PM

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Fletcher class destroyer, here I come.

Chiven303477 07-07-21 02:20 PM

Demo gone already :(
Just checked on Steam and no option to download the demo :(

If I'm missing the option can someone let me know.

Ship Hunter 07-07-21 02:21 PM


Originally Posted by Chiven303477 (Post 2756674)
Just checked on Steam and no option to download the demo :(

If I'm missing the option can someone let me know.

8th July, that should be tomorrow ;-)

Chiven303477 07-07-21 02:48 PM

Multi-tasking failure.
Thanks for the clarification on the date.

That is what happens when I try and multi-task... Catch up on the forums & watch live football.

Onkel Neal 07-07-21 03:55 PM

Tracking the enemy

Launching depth charges!

That wasn't supposed to happen :(

Onkel Neal 07-07-21 11:59 PM

Ship Hunter 07-08-21 06:02 AM

Nothing to find on Steam....

EDIT: When searching for "Destroyer Demo" their is an app listed but you will be redirected to the normal Store Page, but their is no download.

Onkel Neal 07-08-21 06:46 AM

THere may be a change in the demo release date after all. Stay tuned.

Sonarman 07-08-21 01:58 PM

Brilliant video Neal, showcases the tense nature of the gameplay very well and at the same time allays the fears about the complexity of the interface that the publisher has highlighted, it actually looks very intuitive and relatively easy to get to grips with.

The cat and mouse nature of play and speed of play very much put Red Storm Rising into my mind and that is a great compliment for any game. Lets just hope that Playway take a leap of faith here and allow the game to come to its full fruition, there is a big gap in the market for quality naval sims left by the SH series and this game certainly feels like it is ideally positioned to fill that gap.

Hopefully the devs can satisfy the publishers’ requirements by adding tutorials and ai asssistants rather than dumbing things down, if they cant come to a compromise then perhaps a deal could be struck to move the game to the newly ressurected Microprose i am sure they would see the great potential here and be more than happy to partner with Iron Wolf.

Jeffg 07-08-21 02:01 PM

Still nothing on Steam


Chiven303477 07-08-21 03:17 PM

Update on Steam (1 hour ago)
Update in STEAM "Discussions Channel: Demo?"
Message from Iron Wolf dev: "The demo is ready, but we have experienced an unexpected delay due to a technical issue. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience, we are working around the clock to resolve the issue."

Furia 07-08-21 03:38 PM

Fantastic video. This is exactly the kind of hunting I am looking for, :subsim:

Onkel Neal 07-08-21 03:59 PM

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I'm getting more skilled, I actually made the U-Boat commander drop his sandwich!

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