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hulldmg 04-11-16 04:53 PM

Had to sign up after all these years of reading subim and vent (in a good way)

October 1939
Near British Isles, Daytime, wind 15m/s, good visibilty

Found myself right in the middle of a large convoy path in my Type 7.
It had ships from at least 3 different nations (allied & neutral)

With a Revenge class battleship right in the center of the convoy with 2 destroyer escorts (found that out later), mind you I still have orders from the Führer not to engage British capital ships... But the temptation is too high!

I position myself very close to it's path (in hindsight too close) and hope that the forward sweeping destoryer just barely misses my periscope.

I'm nervous as the battleship lumbers slowly closer and I'm cursing this weather and the dud magnetic torps I keep hearing about. I can't wait any more and fire 3 magnetic eels at +1000m right under it's belly.
Against odds, all 3 detonate and the battleship goes down fast!

I dive in mid convoy and wait for the right time to pop up again.
As I listen to hydrophones I can only detect one destoryer.

Hell with it! I go peri depth and see he is sweeping about 1000m behind me... Perfect!
I raise hell with my engines, trying to bait him but it doesn't work. I don't have time, only choice is to surface and hope the shells miss. They thankfully do! Another magnetic on the way, under the keel!
Stopwatch goes over the estemated time, just as I'm about to crash dive the torp goes off at the stern.

I now see the ships ahead of me and another destoryer heading through the convoy straight at me. Dangerous, but the best chance I got to take him out! Time to play chicken with 2 more magnetics as shells start flying past me. I fire off first at about 1200m... First dud? Missed? No time! I launch the second as he is 700m away. I give up and crashdive just as he goes up in flames!

With 6 eels and more than enough of 88mm shells left, I get to work on unarmed allied ships. Wish that damn weather would ease up though!
I start ruthlessly attacking the ships, trying to take out as many as possible as fast as possible as we are quite close to the British shores.

I literally felt like a wolf going through a herd of sheep and picking off the weakest prey. It wasn't as enjoyable as I though it would be. Especially their last ditch efforts at ramming me. Those I couldn't finish off, I hoped the weather takes care of their damaged hulls.

After 11 years this sim with GWX can still scare the **** out of me.
I don't remember why I bought it back in 2005 (having never played any subsim before it), but I do know why I still keep playing it!

Having worked up to enabling no map contacts and no external view, really makes you visualise and constantly trying to assess the situation you are in.

And while i'm no expert on this compared to some of you here I'm really suprised how much I have learned about this period in time and the paticular warfare.

Feeling 1/millionth of the terror those poor souls felt back then...
Testament to this Sim and the men who served in these war machines.

Thank you!

Aktungbby 04-12-16 10:38 AM

Welcome aboard!
hulldmg!:Kaleun_Salute: Great first vent!

Jimbuna 04-12-16 01:04 PM

Good to learn you're enjoying your GWXperience

g8rk0k 04-17-16 03:11 PM

I always join the flotilla that has the type 7b available right away and head for the area W. of Gibraltar strait. Then I just sinking ships and heading to Cadiz when I need to resupply. I have patrols that average 6 days each and there are so many ships passing through the area early on that are not in convoy. It's April 1940 and I just finished an 8 day patrol ~133k tons. I am using GWX 3.0 and found the sweet spot for those Large Merchants. Set torpedo to run at 5m and fire at the front of the ship, (there are two little funnels that stick up in front, I fire at a point right between them. The ship almost always goes down head first in 15-30 minutes tops. Rarely does it take longer.) I have all the renown I'll ever need for upgrading my boat as soon as the French Ports become available and level my crew up to elite status well before then

ivanov.ruslan 04-28-16 12:22 PM

Khm, little to revive the topic
Night, duty officer reported that he saw the shadow of the back board
Gun group was lifted on alert and shoot the enemy, medium transport, from distance of two miles

Suddenly we were literally inundated with projectiles It turned out that submerged ship from us, there is another heavy transport that taking advantage of the darkness and flames from the other ship, managed to take us on sight

The battle was hot, even after the first few shots, it turned out that transport can be teeth But our gunner managed to deal with it, bursting into flames, trudging to the bottom

In the morning we plunged and receivables peleng to different targets, but nothing that worth, for now

bstanko6 04-28-16 12:58 PM

Currently west of Ireland after being transferred to the type IX.

Received a radio contact of a convoy just northwest of us. We are on intercept course. Should make contact in 10 hours.

The worse feeling is the wait. I know it is in a shipping lane, but the lane is turning towards Britain. This convoy could be anywhere in 10 hours. I can't stand burning fuel with the idea I may not see a convoy!

This is my crew's first convoy in 4 patrols. I just know they are up to the task.

Von Due 04-28-16 03:58 PM

U-47. Patrol 4, November 1939.

Port raiding, Dover and Dunkirk. Took out a Southampton at Dover, using 2 torpedos at close range.

Set course for Dunkirk. Encountered an Aelybryn merchant while enroute. Attack commenced. Target stopped by torpedo but did not sink. Use of gun interrupted by incoming enemy ASW ship. Stepped back until the enemy ceased searching. Returned to target and fired 1 round. Target sunk. Back on course to Dunkirk.

Arrived Dunkirk at night. Sailed on the surface under cover of darkness into inner harbour by the eastern entrance. Observed ships in port and targeted a large British tanker, a French large troop ship, a French medium C2 cargo ship, 2 V&W destroyers and a French Bourrasque destroyer.

Attack interrupted by passing Tribal destroyer. The Tribal was targeted before continuing the main attack.

All targets sunk. Left Dunkirk before noon.

1 torpedo left and almost full on gun ammo. Setting course for the east coast of Britain. Enemy task force reported north west heading south east. Unable to attack. Attempting intercept for sight report.

Von Due 05-04-16 12:37 PM

Patrol 5. Started mid February 1940. Mid March now. After the last patrol I was given the opportunity to try out the IXB. Got some more men and set out. So far I have to admit I prefer the higher submerged speed, longer submerged range and shorter diving time of the VIIB and although the IX carries about 150% of the torpedo load of a VII, I'm not sure if this is one to keep.

Cruising the Mediterranian to give the boys a break from the grey, rainy atlantic. Visited the port of Gibraltar to deliver Berlin's best wishes to another Southhampton there, alongside a Tribal and an A class destroyer. Stumbled across a very small French convoy of 3 escorted by a lone minesweeper and got a large merchant and a C2 cargo ship.

Weather was great the first 3 weeks but turned for the worse. Got a radio message about a small convoy. Intercepted and found a rare sight, a German 4 ship convoy. By now the wind was 14 m/s and clouds were rolling in. Hours after we waved them off, a heavy storm hit us and it has been going on now for 2 weeks.

Almost got rammed by a French large merchant in a 2 ship convoy. We were less than 10 meters apart when she sailed past me. Surprisingly neither she nor her company spotted me in the night and heavy fog. Turned hard starboard to hide in the fog and took a parallell course at full speed and got into attack position. She was hit under the keel at short range and stopped but it took another torpedo to her boiler room and almost an hour for her to go down. Her company was a small merchant I let slip away.

Headed back to the strait hoping for better weather but the storm is still going. I took up a spot near Morocco at 60 meters waiting for traffic.

A large convoy is coming in from the west. Zero visibility. There are more than one warship there. It looks like they will pass not far from my spot. Intend to shadow until weather clears up or I can get more information on those warships. If they are British, they are probably headed for Alexandria, about 2 weeks away.

They got closer and it turned out they only have one escort, class unknown. The other I picked up were probably patrolling the western entrance.
The convoy is a 9 by 9 with an extra 2 ship southern column. Got in between the 2 southernmost columns. Too dark to see the ships to the south but north there are 2 Aelybryn class merchants and a medium C2 merchant. Moving into position to see the 2 remaining columns.

This may be the biggest disappointment yet. They took a sharp turn north and are now headed for Gibraltar, only a few hours away. I am not in position to attack. If they really are going for Gibraltar then I will call Berlin and have them level that town once and for all.

So that one didn't go well. Convoy scattered, some went to Gibraltar, others went separate ways. Going to try to find a lane west of the strait where distance to nearest port will give me the time I need, and hopefully better weather. Down to 66% fuel. There is a supply ship up north but I think I'll find some targets for the remaining torpedos then go back to Wilhelmshaven. Been out for a month now and there is still 2 weeks to get back, including getting through the channel.

Von Due 05-05-16 09:32 AM

Weather finally cleared up as I reached Ireland. The wind is medium but the waves are high. Strange. Going around to the north into the Irish sea for some revenge after the vacation fiasco in the Mediterranian. All storm and no play makes Due a dull boy.

Caught up with 2 C&D destroyers north of Ireland, Got the lead from 6.700m. His buddy was not happy. Crawled south and west and around him until he left and got to a safe distance an hour later.

Caught British 2 merchants during the night and used the deck gun on them. 1 round left now. The first one was reportedly going medium speed but if so then medium is relative. The smoke from her funnel was at near 20 degrees. She took some 10-15 shells while the other shells went far off courtesy of the 8 m/s wind and 3 meter waves. The last one, a small merchant caught one in her fuel tank I believe. She broke in two.

Running low on fuel now. 50% left but if I can stay around the entrance to the Irish sea then I'm fine and the remaining 10 torpedos should find some work. Plan is to stay put at the doorstep out of the main lane then head back after I've run out of torpedos, go around Ireland then the channel. Alternative route around the Shetlands but it's a longer trek near Scapa Flow. Would need to go outside the Hebrides too.

Would be nice if I reached the channel at night with good weather. I'm getting seriously homesick now more than a month into this patrol.

Fahnenbohn 05-05-16 12:06 PM


Originally Posted by Von Due (Post 2402265)
I'm getting seriously homesick now more than a month into this patrol.

And i think that your crew begins to be thirsty from drinking dehydrated water ! :rotfl2:

Von Due 05-05-16 01:15 PM

1 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by Fahnenbohn (Post 2402298)
And i think that your crew begins to be thirsty from drinking dehydrated water ! :rotfl2:

How they manage I don't want to know. In the 6 weeks they haven't touched the food. I swear the bananas and steaks are still untouched. Is this boat still fully manned?

Lucky shot. I overestimated the speed of this La Cordillera merchant, aimed for the bridge up front from around 1100m, missed by about 25 meters towards the bow. The silly girl drove herself down to a crawl. Still took the last shell from the deck gun, and a bunch of shells from the 3.7 before she made up her mind and sunk.

Von Due 05-06-16 06:03 AM

This ended on a rather intense note.

Decided to take the northern route home, around the Hebrides and the Shetlands. Left the Irish Sea with 2 torpedos. North of the Hebrides I received a contact report on a large convoy heading towards the strait between the Hebrides and Scotland at 7 knots. Not too far away and in my general direction, I intercepted and made contact around 6 in the morning. Weather was very good with little wind and low waves, excellent visibility. It was still dark. I went decks awash for the watch crew to scan for trouble. Depth under keel around 124 meters.

I must have been tired. I only spotted the lead destroyer and what I assume was a 4 by 4 convoy, or possibly 4 by 5. Picked what looked like a British tanker in the second column from 3500 meters and took up attack position for a 90 shot at 3750m, both torpedos set to impact at 4.5 meters.

Time to impact a little over 3 minutes I backed off towards the 4000 meter mark, depth set to 110m.

First torpedo hit and destroyed the target. 2nd torpedo hit the wreck. Within 1 minute the hydrophone man called out incoming destroyer. I forgot to do the scan for flanking escort! No more than 2 minutes after, the destroyer started pinging us. Silent running and continuing a slow descent towards 110 meters. Within 3 minutes the lead destroyer came up and they began triangluate me.

Now started 1 1/2 hour of cat and mouse game. Frantically trying to determine which one was pinging to turn the narrow side towards him all while trying to keep an overall western and northern direction, away from the passing convoy. They must have been as tired as I was. They depth charged 100-300 meters from me. At first. Then one of them got lucky and damaged both periscopes, the radio antenna, and flak gun 1.

I then decided this was no good and it was time to try something new.
Staying at 110, as soon as the pinging stopped for his attack run, I went flank to 80 meters hoping his depth settings were accurate and that the 30 meters would do the trick for me. Apparently it did so from there I stayed at the current depth and as soon as they stopped pinging I flanked to 110 again. Back and forth between 80 and 110.

Somehow I managed. The convoy had traveled further into the strait and about 90 minutes after the attack, both destroyers turned around to catch up with their convoy. I waited another 30 minutes before surfacing.

Luckily, the damage wasn\t bad and the repair crew had it all patched up in record time, which was good. The sun was well up now and I was expecting spotter planes any moment.

A look at the fuel status and the planned route told me I could afford full speed around the Shetlands and back to base. The rest of the trip was uneventful. Spotted 2 lone merchants at 15000-16000 meters but did not pursue. Priority was to get this boat home.

ivanov.ruslan 05-06-16 06:18 AM

Successful hunt it was!
Greetings !

Von Due 05-06-16 06:59 AM


Originally Posted by ivanov.ruslan (Post 2402472)
Successful hunt it was!
Greetings !

Thank you. Yeah it went rather well albeit a little long. 110,000++, 18 merhants and 4 warships. But I'll be damned. One of the last merchants in the Irish Sea took 3 torpedos before she went down. First one lit her on fire and had her speed down to no more than 0.2 knots... for the next 12 hours!! I swear that boat was possessed. Burning for 12 hours and refusing to stop. The second torpedo hit the boiler room and shut down the engine. By now she was a heavy smoker but she still refused to sink. Had to withdraw for a couple of hours due to passing destroyers. On returning I was cursing like an abominable sailor. Finally, on the 3rd torpedo, she gave up. In the meanwhile I did a C3 and another merchant, that took 2. After the first hit and she still was going, I was almost shouting. 2 possessed ships in the lane of passing destroyers, this was getting silly and infuriating. Luckily she only took one more or else I would have hired their constructor on the spot.

Now a return to Africa. Grid just off the strait of Gibraltar. Wonder how the bars on Gran Canaria are.

Fahnenbohn 05-06-16 09:47 AM


Originally Posted by Von Due (Post 2402494)
One of the last merchants in the Irish Sea took 3 torpedos before she went down.

When you have a closer look at the ships' zones, it's sometimes astonishing how bad they are simulated ! This results in totally unreal behaviour.

See here :

Von Due 05-06-16 10:35 AM


Originally Posted by Fahnenbohn (Post 2402546)
When you have a closer look at the ships' zones, it's sometimes astonishing how bad they are simulated ! This results in totally unreal behaviour.

See here :

Oh, I have looked and I shook my head in depressing recognition. I've seen tankers, fully ablaze, the captain to his knickers in sea water shooting off at 18 knots. Still, I keep getting surprised.

Speaking of ship zones. Is memory playing tricks on me or was there a way to have the zones show up in the rec manual? Or was that SH2? I need memory more than my computer needs it.

Fahnenbohn 05-06-16 11:12 AM


Originally Posted by Von Due (Post 2402558)
Speaking of ship zones. Is memory playing tricks on me or was there a way to have the zones show up in the rec manual?

Oh yes, that's possible, but under certain conditions :
- the target must be between 350° and 10° in your periscope
- you must not be too far, maybe you must be less than 1 km from the target
- maybe i'm wrong, but iirc, the angle of impact must be around 90°
- to select the zone you want to shoot at, you must have locked the target.

Try this in the torpedo training mission, and let me know !


Von Due 05-06-16 11:55 AM


Originally Posted by Fahnenbohn (Post 2402568)
Oh yes, that's possible, but under certain conditions :
- the target must be between 350° and 10° in your periscope
- you must not be too far, maybe you must be less than 1 km from the target
- maybe i'm wrong, but iirc, the angle of impact must be around 90°
- to select the zone you want to shoot at, you must have locked the target.

Try this in the torpedo training mission, and let me know !


I might, after I have done an exhaustive search on the internet on solutions to the drifting gun aim. I couldn't make this up if I tried but the gun aim camera was 20 degrees off. To hit the target I had to aim so far to the left I couldn't see the bleedin ship and it kept getting worse.

I remember there was an issue with that gun but this bad? At least now I noticed an early indication the gun sight is off. Normally you will see the nozzle of the gun when lookin through the sight at max zoom. If I can't see the nozzle, the aim has drifted to the right. This time I saw not only the nozzle but 1 more degree off and I would be staring into the face of the gun crew. Almost the entire gun was visible. This is def a camera issue. I am willing to bet it is related to the binocular camera/obs deck camera issue, when you use the binoculars and go back to the deck camera, everything is tilted and only way I found to fix that on the fly is to find some orientation where the horizon appears level, use the binoculars and hurry back to the deck cam.

EDIT: There is definitely something not right about the obs deck camera. Its position floats around. Spin the camera around 360 and you shift its position. Sometimes by quite a lot. One moment I was sniffing the scalp of the guy on the left, a few turns later I clipped into the guy on the right. They might start to question their captain if this camera doesn't get its act together. That, and use the binoculars and everything on the obs deck is tilted like some German expressionist film. It might very well be the gun sight shift is due to something similar, that its position isn't fixed along the relevant axis. Wonder what they linked it up to? Torp spread angle perhaps? Who knows but this is just plain silly.

Von Due 05-08-16 09:14 AM

U 123, the new type IXB, Patrol 6, started April 24th 1940. Today is May 13th, about 4.40 in the morning. Current location Strait of Gibraltar.

Just done reloading the tubes and getting the last torpedos from external to internal stores. 2 British armed trawlers passing at 1200 meters while the operation went on. Went decks awash until they passed.

So far it hasn't been all eventful. Was lucky in the Channel with rotten weather allowing me to cruise the surface only doing the occational listening for warships. Weather cleared up with 8 m/s wind as I cleared the Channel, allowing me to use the guns on the few merchants I encountered. Out of deck gun ammo and running low on machine gun ammo. Shells for the 3.7 still plentyful but so far it hasn't impressed in effectiveness.

11 merchants down and 10 torpedos left. The last 2, both French medium C2 cargo ships caught in the strait, drove me to shout in fury. Both took 3 torpedos. One kept 2 knots for 2 hours before the 3rd torpedo stopped her. Another hour went before she went. What is it with these French and their ships? Are they transporting helium? If they could make their destroyers the same way then they would have won the war by September the 4th, 1939.

Weather right now is dead calm, light clouds and medium visibility. The prolonged attacks on the French ships has delayed my planned approach to the port of Gibraltar. Next attempt this evening. The enemy has only been sending armed trawlers to investigate. They are of little concern. Mine fields are a concern though. I might need to go in during the day to plot down any obstacle.

Time is 9.26
Daylight and I just spotted 2 Southampton with 2 destroyers, and the big gold nugget, it's either Nelson or Rodney, too early to tell yet but I am maneuvering in for a shot at her magazine. It will be a tight one, land not too far off where I need to be. Plan on electric at 3500 meters, hopefully I get a few meters more. Then off to see if I can get those cruisers.
Nelson the hotheaded. Took 2. Look closely under the A turret. I forgot to link up the TDC and was 0.5 degrees off... 2nd hit bullseye.

About 45 minutes later
Each took 2. I need to reload the last 4 torpedos now so it's time to hit open water. Well worth the 6 torpedos.

Going in at daytime is going to push my oxygen supply and batteries. CO2 at 1.6 and charge at 4300A and about 10-12 hours before I consider it safe to surface, but I sure as helvetia wasn't going to let those off the hook.

The allies are getting up to speed now. When I enteredthe Mediterranian,all I saw was armed trawlers and MTBs. Leaving after the Gibraltar visit, suddenly there were corvettes and a Hunt I patrolling the strait. Cleared the Strait with 3 torpedos left and encountered 2 French ships west of the Strait. A passenger/cargo and a small merchant. The passenger ship was in lead and with a greater top speed I let it have one set at 3.5 meters in the engine room, to little effect. It kept more than 6 knots and showed no sign of slowing down. Attempts were made using the 3.7 on the small mechant but that gun is a goner if I have a saying. It is as useful on a submarine as a Ferris wheel, at least for sinking smaller ships. Out of machine gun ammo and deck gun ammo, I estimated their speed now that they were zigging, and set up for a short range shot at both. Aimed at the passenger, at the engine again, magnetic pistol and hit near the bow. Aimed at the small merchant closer to stern and hit something big because it blew up immediately. The passenger ship slowed down and eventually drove itself down.

Out of torpedos and gun ammo, I set course for the Channel and base. That place has gotten a bit crowded since I sailed through there some weeks ago. MTBs everywhere, single and formations but managed to dodge them, thanks to darkness and poor weather.

Eventually made it back to Wilhelmshaven.

The Netherlands have surrendered. It's only a matter of time before the army secures the French ports so we can have easy access to the Atlantic. I won't miss the Channel.

Von Due 05-09-16 10:46 AM

U 123. Patrol 7. June 9th 1940.

What on Earth is BdU thinking, sending a long range boat to patrol the coast of Great Brintain? Patrol grid AN18... This is a job for the type II boys.

Enroute I received a contact on a taskforce moving SSE then turning SSW heading for what I guessed was Firth of Forth. Full speed on intercept course. Did not encounter the taskforce. Arrived the coast at grid AN51 on June 13th. Weather is good with medium wind.

Spotted a lightship and its towing ship to the NW at 15000 meters. Lookout reported we were being attacked. No sighting. Dove to periscope depth. No contact until 30 minutes later. 40 minutes after the initial warning, an armed trawler was spotted heading for us. At 3000-4000 meters away it changed course.

1420. Contact incoming eastbound from the inlet. Warship and merchant. Course to intercept.
Spotted an armed trawler escorting a lone Temple Mead, 4000 tons. Set up for stern tube attack at around 1100 meters. Target and escort changed course towards me. Moved forward to maintain range.

1505. Target hit at around 700 meters by single torpedo, exploded and sunk. Escort continuing after about 30 minutes. Did not come close to my position.

Stayed submerged waiting for nightfall. The boys will be busy this evening getting 2 of the stern torpedos from external to internal stores.

Submerged. Picked up another contact. Course to intercept. Spotted a Dalblair, 4000 tons at close range struggling up against the wind. Plotted target course and speed. No warship activity nearby. Flank ahead to take up position.

2053. Target hit by torpedo to her boiler room. Stopped completely. Did not sink.

Surfaced about 1200 meters from the Dalblair hiding in the fog and night. 2 hours to bring the torpedos inside and reload the tubes. Good thing two of my petty officers in the torpedo room earned their star. I need all the bunks I can get for the other crew to keep them from getting fatigued. Weather has turned for the worse. Heavy clouds, rain, zero visibility and 15 wind made the operation hard for everyone.

Returned to target, still afloat and showing no sign of sinking. Only a slight list to port. Hull below waterline mark still clearly visible. Not moving. Set up for single shot at front mast area.

2314. Target destroyed.

The boys are tired now. Most sound asleep. Staying on the surface now to move north towards patrol grid.

June 14th. Arrived patrol grid. No events enroute. Oberfahnrich z.S. Henning Emmrich, torpedomen stabsoberbootsmann Gerhard Shultz and August Eick moved one torpedo from forward external to internal. 1 hour but they are beasts. No fatigue drop on those. I need more of that kind. Sound contact single warship, small one probably another armed trawler, long distance to port, kept course. Morning. Clear skies, moderate visibility, 11 m/s wind. The wind might allow me to stay surfaced until I reach my planned point for submerging. The boys are still tired but most of them are now fit for duty is I rotate them often.

1141. Submerging to 40 meters. Funkmaat Stabsoberbootsmann Alfred Hertin is at the hydrophone. If anyone can pick up contacts, he is the one.

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